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Hue Nightlife and Things to Do In Hue At Night
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Hue-Travel Tips

You might not be familiar with the Hue Nightlife because of other popular things and places in Vietnam. 

Many people think that there are just cultural activities and limited activities to keep people awake at night during their Vietnam tours. The place has been a popular destination due to its heritage and rich culture. 

What makes Hue different?

It is located in central Vietnam, specifically in Thua Thien Hue, with a wide range of World Heritage properties, rivers, and imperial palaces. When you plan holidays to Vietnam, add the lush green hills and mountains in the list that call for bike rides. At the same time, the rivers take you to look at the great views of local fishing using traditional boats. 

Hue is famous for its Royal cuisine with over 1000 special dishes. If you can find the right places, we ensure that you will get to look at the traditional methods of cooking which are pleasing to the eyes and tongue.

What are the must-do things in Hue Nightlife?

Listen to the folk songs 

Hue Folklores

You get to hear the folklores of Vietnam if you cruise along the Perfume River, which is added to the list of destinations in the Vietnam tour package. There is also an amazing performance of Hue Art that has been persevered for more than a hundred years. 

You can take the glorious dragon cruise, listen to the sweet voices of girls dressed in Ao Dai, the traditional long dress, and view the lit-up Truong Tien Bridge. The folk songs are dedicated to the spiritual culture, and passengers can have a chance to release lanterns which are done to pray for good health and a peaceful mind. 

Cannon Shooting at Ky Dai 

Also known as the Flag Tower was built in 1807 under the reign of King Gia Long. Many tourists gather at the place to see the re-enactment performance of the cannonball shooting. You will see 4 cannons placed on the flag tower shoot 21 times on holidays and only 9 times on normal days during the program. This is a new experience for the tourists and a valuable event to enjoy the majesty of Hue in the past times.

Western Area in Hue 

The 29 Chu Van An, Phu Hoi is located on the three major roads in the city. The Western Area is one of the popular nightlife spots when you visit Hue. This has changed the perspective of tourists that Hue is the city of an early bedtime. 

The Western Area gives cultural experiences, lively entertainment, and finger-licking dishes. There are rows of stalls that display great cuisine. You can also buy some souvenirs or have some food and drinks while enjoying the music. 

Take a stroll on Ironwood Bridge 

Hue Bridge

This is a great achievement where people have made great sacrifices. It is situated at the foot of two famous bridges, the Phu Xuan Bridge and Truong Tien Bridge. Tourists prefer to visit the spot when they are strolling the city of Hue at night. You can stand on the deck and look at the enchanting view of the Perfume River.

  1. Go to Hue Citadel 

This will be something you will never be able to experience in the daytime. The tourists will witness the amazing scenery of the ancient capital from The Mieu Temple, Trung Dao Bridge, and Thai Dich Lake to Dien Tho Residence. 

Moreover, you will experience the royal practices like the performance of artists and change of Guards ceremony. There are some fun activities in front of the Ngo Mon Gate. These might be rollerblading, kite flying, and more things that are worth trying. 


Hue citadel

Try the best cuisine 

While discussing your Vietnam holiday packages, it is mandatory to at Hue to try the city's diverse cuisine. Foodies can visit the Dong Ba Market, The Communal House, and Truong Tien Bridge in the central province of Hue. You must try the sweet soup at Truong Tien Bridge. also, check the dishes your must try when coming to Vietnam.

There are many street vendors where you can try the local dishes, such as the cassava sticky rice with coco milk or balut. 

Be a part of the Ao Dai Show 

This is exclusively made for the tourists visiting hue during their Vietnam tours. The main aim of putting up the show is to promote traditional Vietnamese clothes and the brand Vietnamese Ao Dai. The tourists admire the fascinating performances with imperial plays, royal martial arts, and folk dancing. 

Bars and Nightclubs 

When you connect with a genuine travel agency Vietnam, you get to know that Hue still has a wide range of streets with nightclubs and bars with royal tombs and temples. The famous streets wear a new dress every night and become highly active with great lights, tastes, and sounds. 

People looking for fancy places can visit the elegant bars in five-star hotels located in the city centre. Some must-visit bars are DMZ Bar, Century Beer Garden and Bar, Why Not Bar, and Secret Lounge Hue. 

Take a Cyclo 

Cyclo in Hue

This is an interesting means of transport that lets you explore Hue's streets while enjoying the ride. The cyclist will be your tour guide and take you to places. They will also wait at every location to let you explore the place. It ensures that you learn something new during the tour and chat with the locals that have better knowledge. 

The Last Secret of Nightlife at Hue!

While planning your Vietnam tours, take a sip of coffee. Hue is famous for some wonderful cafés with tasty coffee and amazing views. You can visit Coffee Shop on the 16th floor of the Imperial Hotel, Co Huong Coffee, Vi Da Xua Coffee, or Sky Café in Midtown Hotel. For more hidden secrets you might want to connect with Threeland Travel now as they have the best list of destinations which are suggested based on your taste.

We hope the list comes in handy on your visit and makes Hue's nightlife even brighter.  


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