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The dishes tourists must try when coming to Vietnam

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Referring to Vietnam, foreign tourists often think of the wild beauty, beaches with long white sand, majestic mountains, or world heritages. However, Vietnam also possesses cultural beauty accumulated over thousands of years, the cultural beauty of this place is expressed through the simplicity of people, the diversity in culture and art, and the unique characteristics of the people in each dish.

Foreign guests when coming to Vietnam not only love the food in the restaurant but also love the simple street food. The characteristics of the street food here come from the simple, unfussy life of the people here. The culinary quintessence of Vietnam is also the cultural quintessence that foreign guests highly praise. Here are the top 6 dishes most loved by foreign tourists.

1. Pho ( Vietnam Noodle)

When asking foreign tourists what is the dish when coming to Vietnam they will definitely try? Then the answer will be Pho. Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people, a typical dish, and the pride of Vietnamese people with international friends. Processing broth is an important step as well as requires the high skill of the chef. The broth accounts for 90% of the deliciousness of a bowl of pho, the broth is simmered from beef bones along with some spices such as cinnamon, star anise, ginger, red onion, etc. However, each chef will have their own recipes, and the taste of pho brands will also have different features.

2. Nem ( Vietnam Spring Rolls )

Nem is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people, often appearing during Tet holidays, and full moon days... Nem is the perfect combination of simple ingredients such as ground meat, vegetables, vermicelli, and mushrooms. flavor, ... but it is these simple ingredients that create a wonderful dish.

To have delicious spring rolls, it is indispensable that the dipping sauce is combined with Vietnamese traditional fish sauce ingredients to create a sauce full of sweet, salty, and sour tastes. Today, during the Tet holidays, some traditional dishes have been changed or replaced, but Nem is still a dish that many Vietnamese people love and make on these occasions.


3. Banh Mi ( Vietnam Bread )

Bread is a popular dish in many countries around the world, this dish is very popular in European countries. It is easy to see the image of banh mi at luxury restaurants or sidewalk shops in the US, however, Vietnamese bread is a different concept compared to friends around the world.

In Vietnam, Banh Mi is a traditional long sandwich with some herbs, pate, meat, and sauces. The bread used is a type of bread made from wheat flour with a hard crust. This dish is also considered a simple and popular dish that anyone can enjoy.


4. Bun Cha ( Vietnam Grilled Meat Balls with white vermicelli noodles ) 

Bun Cha, a dish imbued with traditional art, makes a feature of Hanoi's cuisine. A simple dish with a plate of soft, white vermicelli noodles served with minced spring rolls, combined with a plate of raw vegetables all blended together with a bowl of signature broth. The broth is a combination of traditional fish sauce with spices such as minced garlic, sugar, chili, pepper, ... are all simple ingredients but create a strangely attractive broth.


5. Broken rice

Broken rice is a very popular breakfast dish in the South of Vietnam and has ingredients including rice, ribs, skin, egg rolls, and vegetables, pickles are eaten with dipping sauce (fish sauce) or soy sauce. The name broken rice comes from the fact that the type of rice used to cook rice is broken, which is broken rice grains that fall out when the rice floor.

But today, broken rice dishes are less using broken seeds, but using delicious rice, so the quality of rice is better than before since then the name broken rice is also used, but instead of "rice with ribs", "rice with pork ribs".

The way to prepare a plate of broken rice is not too fussy, but a good plate of broken rice usually has to be delicious, flexible, not dry or mushy. Meat must be cut medium and marinated, grilled well. The shops usually remove the termites from the market, so the quality is usually the same. Vegetables and pickles have different flavors depending on the homemade shop.

As for the dipping sauce (fish sauce), Southerners like to eat sweets, so the sauce often has a sweeter taste than the sour taste combined with garlic. Finally, there will be more onion fat sprinkled on, which looks very eye-catching.

6. Milk Coffee

Milk coffee is a popular drink in Vietnam. Milk coffee is a combination of filter coffee with sweetened condensed milk to create a mildly bitter drink combined with the sweetness of condensed milk. Iced milk coffee is a familiar daily drink to all Vietnamese people. Many people also have the habit of having a cup of iced milk coffee every morning to start a working day awake and excited. This is an "addictive" drink of many generations, especially office workers.

Coffee beans came to Vietnam following the footsteps of the French in the mid-19th century. Thanks to inheriting favorable conditions that nature bestows, Vietnam is an extremely suitable country to develop good coffee varieties. Robusta. And from that advantage, Vietnam has been at the top among the world's largest Robusta coffee exporters.


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