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Here is why Laos should be your ultimate vacation spot

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Laos Travel Guide

Laos used to be forgotten in the list of tourist attractions in Southeast Asian, visitors rarely choose Laos in their vacations for relaxation. But recently, Laos tour package has become more popular for those seeking for an extraordinary adventure and a fresh experience. With spectacular sceneries of mountains, waterfalls and a unique culture combined with exquisite cuisine, a visit to Laos brings to tourists a feeling of going back in time. 


Luang Prabang

If you are looking for the most charming town in Laos, Luang Prabang is the can’t-miss destination. Luang Prabang is also one of the most out-standing destinations in Laos tour package. The town is known for a huge number of golden-roofed temples, wooden houses which are located along the roads. You will find the most impressive image of Luang Prabang at dawn, monks from numerous monasteries carry their alms and walk through the streets to receive foods.

                                                                Night market in Luang Prabang

Vang Vieng

Located in central Laos, Vang Vieng is a riverside town. As soon as arriving in the town, you will be impressed by the dramatic karst hill landscape surrounding Vang Vieng. If you prefer outdoor activities, this town is amazing place for experiencing a variety of activities like kayaking, cave exploration, hiking and much more.

                                                                       Kayaking in Vang Vieng

This small town is known as a peaceful countryside with fresh cool air, you can relax by hiring bikes, motorbikes to explore the surrounding villages.

Wat Xieng Thong

Wat Xieng Thong is known as the historical symbol of Buddhism in Laos. The temple was built in 1560 by King Setthathirath under the patronage of the Royal Kingdom of Laos. The complex of Wat Xieng Thong has a unique architecture of Laos’s culture with sweeping roof extending almost to the ground. In every important holiday of Laos, tourists and Lao officials will gather to celebrate and witness the ritual of bathing the Buddha statues.

                                                                      Wat Xieng Thong temple


If you are looking for lands of festivals, Laos is exactly a must-visit place which has plenty of public holidays in year. If you want to have fun instead of sightseeing, you should consider visiting to Laos in April when Bun Pi Mai - one of the liveliest holidays takes place. It usually lasts three days in the hottest season, takes place around 13 – 15th April. They have fun by throwing water at each other. According to traditional Lao’s belief, this cleansing with water will help to wipe out all the mistakes in the past and will be forgiven. 

Here are some festivals in Laos, booking Laos tour package in these days is the best way to explore the culture:

January:     Bun Pha Wet
February:    Magha Puja; Tet & Chinese New Year
March:        Boun Khoun Khao
April:           Bun Pi Mai
May:           Visakha Buja; Boun Bang Phai
June, July:  Khao Phansaa
August:       Haw Khao Padap Din
October:      Awk Phansa, Bun Nam
November:  Boun That Luang
December:  Lao National Day 


Although Laos cuisine is not well known on the world travel map but anyone who has been to Laos certainly cannot forget the traditional dishes there.

                                                             Close up of sticky rice in bamboo box

In most of Laos tour package, at each meal, visitors can enjoy a variety of specialties but sticky rice is indispensable and the fundamental dish in the Laos’s meal. Sticky rice is often eaten with grilled chicken, boiled vegetables and jaew bong – a traditional kind of sauce in Laos. Laab, green papaya salad and Lao curry are the most famous dishes in Laos cuisine.