Responsible Travel

Social responsibility is the key to success

Threeland is such a responsible DMC, whose mission is to make tourism sustainable and enhance more knowledge of social awareness and cultural reservation. We truly aware that trust and success are built by responsibility. “Being responsible” is not only to the environment but also to the people collaborating with Threeland including partners, staffs, and travelers. We aim to create a better place of living for locals and visiting for travelers in the long-term commitment. We have initiated good impact of cultural give-and-take on foreign visitors, give more investment in remote areas and cross-country cooperation among different industries with tourism.

Limit bad impacts to the minimum possible

Though natural core zones are often added to itineraries, we encourage our travelers to conserve the environment, socially and economically sustain the well-being of local people, eventually each trip will be meaningful and impactful. To make our CSR initiative success, we count on all parties involved who are still our partners, staff, travelers, and community residents. Hence, we have a sharp focus effectively on reducing the bad impact on the environment such as choosing carefully transport suppliers, hotel partner, limit footprint on green grasses and offer alternate green options for like-minded clients willing to reduce waste on their trip.

Children support, especially difficult living

Threeland Travel currently coordinates with dedicated partners and actively engages our partners and travelers to make a high volume of meaningful tours towards children who are having a difficult living or who are disabling by lighting up their smiles, improving living standards and education level. We pioneer and support projects related to children and follow strictly to Child Protection policies. Every year, Threeland also organized winter outing for staff and we frequently tend to travel to a remote area to meet local hill tribal children and raise donation by giving clothes, money, books and essential appliance too.

Sustainable & community-based tourism

Threeland focuses on enhancing the knowledge of the geographical character of a place such as an environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and well-being of its residents. We also can cater a Pro-Poor travel that helps to increase the net benefit for the disadvantaged people in a destination. Our customers can visit a destination where ethical issues are the key driver such as social injustice, animal welfare or the environment. Threeland maximizes benefits for local communities on conserving fragile cultures, their habitats, biological diversity, minimizes negative environmental impacts & helps local people to have higher living standard.

Our Responsible Policies

Threeland Travel creates responsible policy as our core commitment to define the way we work and perform with the highlight points as follows:
  • Fully aware of ecology protection.
  • Discourage smoking, garbage, disruption of local communities’ life.
  • Prevent the environment’s destruction.
  • Create long-term community-based projects.
  • Create jobs and support local economies by hiring locals, consuming local products and traveling with local style.
  • Develop tours with a positive impact on local community grassroots.
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts through alternative ways such as walking, cycling, and rickshaws.
  • Work with hotel partners to friendly remind customers of in-room power and resource saving encourage the adoption of eco option such as re-using towels and sheets.
  • Limit unnecessary waste and minimize consumption of paper, energy, and water at offices and during tours.