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Nguyen Hue Walking Street -Tips for having fun and taking photos

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Ho Chi Minh ( Saigon )

Finding out where Nguyen Hue walking street is helps you proactively plan your travel and entertainment. This Saigon tourist destination impresses with its spacious space and attractive entertainment activities. On weekends, visitors can invite relatives and friends to come here to relax and relieve stress.

1. Where is the address of Nguyen Hue walking street, what district?

Where is Nguyen Hue Walking Street is an issue that many tourists ask when they intend to travel here. Nguyen Hue Street is located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, with a length of more than 670m and a width of 64m. The route starts at Bach Dang Park, extends to the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee headquarters, and passes through many streets such as Le Loi, Ngo Duc Ke, Ton That Dam, and Hai Trieu.

Nguyen Hue Street was invested in as our country's first walking square, with a modern style and a total capital of hundreds of billions of dong. Currently, this location is a quite famous sightseeing and entertainment place in Saigon. Not only attractive to local people, this street also welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every night, especially on weekends, holidays, and Tet. Besides Bui Vien West Street, Nguyen Hue Street is also an ideal place for tourists to admire the bustling scene of Saigon at night.

2. What days and hours does Nguyen Hue Walking Street open?

Currently, Nguyen Hue walking street is open all day. From Monday to Friday, vehicles can still move through this area. However, every Saturday and Sunday night, vehicles will be banned from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm to save space for pedestrians.

3. Nguyen Hue Walking Street, directions, transportation, parking

If you know where Nguyen Hue Walking Street is, don't forget to find out how to get there, what type of vehicle to use, and where to park. As follows:

3.1. Bus

Public transportation, such as buses, is the perfect choice for travelers who do not have personal vehicles. Some bus routes passing through Nguyen Hue walking street include 03, 04, 19, 93, 124 and 152. However, the bus stops do not stop directly on the street. Therefore, visitors should find out the nearest stop, then walk a distance to Nguyen Hue street.

3.2. Taxi

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is located right in the city center so it is very convenient for traveling. If it's your first time coming to Saigon, you can get here by taxi. Among them, the Xanh SM taxi is the vehicle chosen by many tourists. This is the first pure electric taxi company in Vietnam to serve the travel needs of passengers. 

3.3. Private vehicles

If you drive yourself to Nguyen Hue Walking Street, follow Nguyen Duc Canh Street towards the city center. Next, visitors turn right onto Ton Duc Thang street. After arriving at Bach Dang wharf, move a little further and you will reach the walking street.

3.4. Where do park the bus on Nguyen Hue walking street?

Where can I park on Nguyen Hue Walking Street? Near the street, there is parking for motorcycles and cars. As follows:

•Parkson motorbike parking lot
•24/24 motorbike parking lot, 35 Nguyen Thai Binh street
•Huynh Thuc Khang parking lot
•Parking lot on pedestrian street No. 8 Ton That Thiep
•Car and motorbike parking lot No. 8B Nguyen Trung Truc street

Note: Parking lots near Nguyen Hue walking street area may change over time. Therefore, you should research carefully before going.

4. What to do on Nguyen Hue walking street?

One of the issues that many tourists are interested in when finding out where Nguyen Hue Walking Street is is what to do here. Some attractive activities at this location include:

4.1. Visit and check in famous coordinates along the neighborhood

Walking along this street, it is not difficult to see beautiful photo locations in Saigon tourist destination such as the monument of President Ho Chi Minh, in front of the City People's Committee headquarters, the front of Ciao Cafe, apartment building 42 Nguyen Hue. These are all destinations that clearly show the characteristics of Nguyen Hue walking street that tourists should not miss, especially those who come for the first time.

4.2. Explore Nguyen Hue walking street at night

In the evening, Nguyen Hue walking street will turn into a bustling music stage, where street artists freely show off their talents. From modern music to traditional music, every street corner is bustling and vibrant. Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the jubilant music space and enjoy the unique beauty of Saigon tourist destination at night.

4.3. Walking on Nguyen Hue book street

On your journey to discover where Nguyen Hue walking street is located, don't forget to visit Nguyen Hue book street. This place has many good books, such as detective stories, children's stories, foreign language books, life skills books... The stalls are lined up close together along both sides of the road, creating conditions for visitors to easily visit and choose. Choose a good book that suits your interests. Besides, this place also sells many souvenirs and has a play area for children.

4.4. Have fun at Bach Dang wharf park

Bach Dang Wharf is just a few steps from Nguyen Hue walking street. This is a favorite check-in location for Saigon residents and tourists from everywhere. Bach Dang Wharf is located right next to the Saigon River, standing out with its spacious, green space and direct view of the gentle river. Not only is it a place to relax, this location is also an ideal place for you to "live virtually", saving memorable moments with friends and relatives.

4.5. Enjoyable shopping experience

In addition to having fun on the street, visitors can also comfortably shop when finding out where Nguyen Hue walking street is. Items ranging from snacks and drinks to souvenirs, fashion, etc. are sold all over the street. Therefore, visitors can choose for themselves the necessary items.

4.6. Participate in exciting activities and events

With its large space, Nguyen Hue Walking Street is often chosen as a venue for major activities and events such as Light Festival, art exhibitions, music performances, etc. Therefore, the atmosphere here is very bustling, fun and bustling. If you come to the city on these occasions, you can admire unique art performances and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere.

5. What to eat on Nguyen Hue Walking Street?

Nguyen Hue Street is a destination not to be missed for food lovers. From modern restaurants to traditional sidewalk eateries, you will have the opportunity to enjoy diverse and distinctive cuisine. Not only does it help visitors satisfy their taste buds, the culinary space here is also an opportunity for you to explore and experience the rich and unique culinary culture of the city.

5.1. Enjoy street food

Besides famous restaurants, walking along Nguyen Hue street, you can also enjoy many delicious dishes. In the morning, the walking street is quite quiet, the most crowded are the coffee shops. You can choose to drink on the spot or take it home.

From late afternoon, the shops begin to get more crowded and bustling. Milk tea, Saigon mixed rice paper, Saigon grilled rice paper, bingsu, ice cream sandwiches, cheese tarts, etc. are some Saigon snacks that you should not miss. In the evening, this area has more street vendors. Therefore, visitors can freely choose their favorite dishes.

5.2. Sip coffee at apartment building 42 Nguyen Hue

Apartment 42 Nguyen Hue is an old apartment complex renovated to operate restaurants and cafes, attracting a large number of young people. The apartment building is 9 floors high. Each floor contains many restaurants and cafes. Sitting here, you can sip a rich cup of coffee while watching the bustling street scene.

5.3. Delicious restaurants and eateries around Nguyen Hue walking street

After walking around Nguyen Hue walking street, you can go to the following restaurants and eateries to recharge your energy:

•Xom Nha La: 82 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe, District 1
•Michi Sushi: 7th floor, 42 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe, District 1
•Kissho Restaurant: No. 12, 14 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe, District 1
•Chai Village: No. 77 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe, District 1
•Noodle Noodle Restaurant: No. 20 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe, District 1

6. Notes when coming to Nguyen Hue walking street

To fully explore Nguyen Hue Walking Street, please note the following issues:

•The walking street prohibits motorbikes on Saturday and Sunday nights, so visitors should be careful to choose the appropriate route.
•You should wear comfortable shoes, sneakers, or flat shoes for easy movement.
•Prepare a camera and a phone with a full battery to comfortably take pictures.
•Pay attention to preserving personal belongings in crowded places.
•You can rent a self-driving car to conveniently explore places near Nguyen Hue Street.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street has many attractive entertainment activities. This is a great place for you to relieve stress after a stressful and tiring working week, and learn about the unique features of Saigon tourist destination. Hopefully, through this article, visitors will find the answer to the question "Where is Nguyen Hue walking street?", and, from there, make detailed travel and entertainment plans for the upcoming trip.

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