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Myanmar Our pick: At least two-week tours to Myanmar to visit religious relics, palaces, treasures at Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Golden Rock. You can get far from crowded locations, staying longer, go walking and biking as much as possible to contribute to sustainable development.

  • Culture and Historical sites

    Visiting brilliant National museum, Gem museum, golden temples and pagodas in Yangon, Mandalay and visiting thousand vestiges of Bagan by horse cart.
  • Natural sites

    Booking a hot air balloon trip in Bagan. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset at Bagan and Mandalay. Discovering utmost North Myanmar.
  • Beach Relaxation

    Having sunbath and great swim at Ngapali, Chwangtha or another beach in the West.
  • Boat Trip

    Boat trips in Inle Lake with local fishermen, cruise by riverway between Bagan and Mandalay, between Hpa-an and Mawlamine. 
  • Hiking and Climbing

    Hiking around Inle Lake, Indein and Kalaw, mountain climbing at Mrak-Ou and Zwekabin (Hpa-an). Reaching the Golden Rock by truck and going down on foot through villages and mountain paths with breathtaking views. 
  • Cycling and Trekking

    New destination for cycling in both mountains and rural areas. Northern mountain trekking at Putao and Myitkina.
  •   MICE

    New destination for MICE, shopping at Scott market in Yangon, lacquerware shops in Bagan, and craft shops in Mandalay.

Best Tours In Myanmar

11 days / 10 nights


Too new, too exotic! Myanmar is one of the most culturally diverse countries, to explore once in a lifetime. From preaching about Buddhism to exploring wildlife you can get an exotic travel experience here in this golden land. Being famous to the world as ''The Golden Land'' for its fertile land, wealth of minerals, distinctive culture and 2,600 years of Buddhist civilization, Myanmar possesses too many ''golden'' treasures to combine in just one visit. Distinctive design, patterns and ornaments at temples or relics, the surrounding scenery will astonish you and leave unforgettable impression of the rich spiritual religious local life.

8 days / 7 nights


It's a new era for this extraordinary and complex land, where the landscape is scattered with gilded pagodas and the traditional ways of Asia endure. Benefit from different types of experience in only one trip through Myanmar - from visits to prominent religious sites to romantic boating on Inle Lake.

11 days / 10 nights


The unspoiled beauty in the tranquil setting of Myanmar will definitely offer you a honeymoon vacation full of sugar sweet memories. This new romantic experience will leave you and your beloved one with lingering memories of stunning, impressive temples and intimate dinner on tropical beach at the golden land. After a long period of inaccessibility, the country is now opened for exploration, revealing an untouched part of the world, where western civilization has yet to leave its footprint.

3 days / 2 nights

Visiting Kalaw lets you experience the heart of Myanmar in all its natural beauty. From hikes to delicious food, mild climate, colorful landscapes, interesting local lifestyles and the chance to meet local minority people going about their daily lives, Kalaw trekking has a lot to offer for a memorable Myanmar tour package. Take the three-day trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake to feel the countryside of Myanmar, at a slow pace.

4 days / 3 nights

Ngapali Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, is a great place to relax and recover after a busy tour of Myanmar's cities and cultural heritage sites. The artificial works and architectures here have blended with nature design to retain its pristine beauty. There are numerous methods for recreation for you and your family to explore nature and local culture. Your supporters will accompany with you to arrange the most flexible and pre-eminent Ngapali beach holiday in Myanmar.

9 days / 8 nights

Head to the south and enjoy mile after mile of majestic biking on this adventurous Myanmar holiday. Get out of the beaten tracks and learn about the real Myanmar as close to the daily life on two wheels. Ride through charming villages, unspoiled coastline, and vibrant farmlands. And more, you'll get a taste of colonial history and learn about the prosperous British colonial era in Burma. Let's join us on a fully-escorted Southern Myanmar tour on the bike to the most iconic destinations.

5 days / 4 nights

A short trip to Myanmar which covers from colonial and spiritual heritage in Yangon to natural attractions in Bagan.

4 days / 3 nights


Discover the top must-see destinations of Yangon from temples, pagoda to rural town for escaping from the glamour and noise.

Private Tour

3 days / 2 nights


Your good opportunity to discover the vibrant markets, impressive golden Buddha constructions and images as well as beautiful parks with this private 3 day tour in Yangon.

10 days / 9 nights


Travel overland across Myanmar to discover all the best attractions of the country, the landscapes, culture and local hospitality. Your expedition covers all big four regions of Myanmar comprising visits to the world famous Shwedagon Pagoda , an unforgettable journey to the remarkable Golden Rock, Mandalay - Myanmar's cultural capital and its surrounding attractions including Amarapura, Sagaing, and Ava, Bagan - the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins in the world.

15 days / 14 nights

Let’s get out of normal paths and try this luxury services, we will both have great leisure on board, and have time to enjoy normal life of Myanmar people from different cultural regions of the country.

Private Tour

1 day


Relish the gorgeous historical city of Mingun with its many Buddhist shrines and monasteries.

Discover Myanmar Tour By Styles

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For those who are deeply interested in cultural and spiritual events, choosing tours and taking part in festivals will be one of the best ways to enjoy holiday.

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Known to the world as The Golden Land for its fertile land, mineral wealth, unique cultures and 2,600 years of Buddhist civilization, Myanmar possesses so many treasures, requiring more than one visit to experience. For Myanmar tours and Myanmar Tour Vacation Packages, we recommending splitting visits amongst different expeditions, regions and seasons in order to experience the two countries to the fullest. 

Threeland offers you expertly designed Myanmar tour packages and vacation packages at affordable prices. If you can dedicate two weeks for your Myanmar tour to explore this country, we recommend focusing on the big four: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. The distinctive design, patterns and ornaments at the temples or relics combined with breathtaking surrounding scenery will astonish you and leave you with an everlasting impression of the brilliant and rich spiritual-religious life of the locals. 

A boat trip on the Inle Lake at the end will wrap up the trip with extraordinary peace and fulfillment while simultaneously opening the door for further discoveries, as the lake connects with top trekking routes. Our suggested Myanmar tour packages are designed to accommodate the most immeasurable value and the ultimate experience in Myanmar. 

For additional trips, you can either spend your time in the country’s Southeast, where the Golden Rock pagoda marks the most important pilgrimage point of Myanmar’s Buddhism, or head South for highlights of untouched beauty, magnificent seaside view and Myanmar delicious seafood of the Mon and Kayin states. In case you want to have an off-the-beaten-track experience, a long trek in the Kachin state in the far North, with snowy mountains, Crystal Rivers with boutique local houses and relic would be ideal. 

Nowadays, Myanmar tours are becoming popular with its distinctive features and the government under State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi is striving to improve its infrastructure and tourist safety in every region and providing stable jobs to the locals, whom provides the strongest support and care towards visitors, with their hospitality and kindness. 

The best Myanmar tour packages normally include culture expeditions and beach relaxation. With 135 different ethnic groups, Myanmar is also known as one of the world's most diverse countries which has a rich history and panoply of cultural and religious traditions. 

The Burmese have preserved traditional values, and are deeply devout in their religion, with a close-knit family system and respect for elders still powerfully observed. Myanmar people are fun-loving and festivals form the centre of Myanmar social life, with each month having its own festive occasion. Thus, before scheduling your tours to Myanmar, do not miss to check the Myanmar festival time in that month. 

Check weather before you go:

Before planning for a Myanmar tour, do not forget to check timing and weather. Myanmar is located in the monsoon region of Asia with three seasons in a year: the cool, relatively dry northeast monsoon (late October to mid-February), the hot, dry inter-monsoonal season (mid-February to mid-May), and the rainy southwest monsoon (mid-May to late October).

Fun Facts for your best Myanmar holiday:

  • There are no family or surnames in Burma
  • The giving of a name depends on the day of the week a child was born. The name must include one or more of the birth day’s consonants. There is one group for each day of the week (which incidentally has 8 days, Wednesday being divided into two days for astrological purposes).
  • Around Pagodas there are shrines for each of the 8 days and it is auspicious to worship at ones’ relevant shrine.
  • The Burmese lunar calendar has exactly 28 days in each month
  • Festivals take place according to the position of the moon – usually the full moon day. Better you can arrange your Myanmar tour in this time.
  • Pagodas (stupas) or Temples were conceived as visual monuments to Buddha. Generally, they don’t have an interior. They are cosmic symbols, their presence benefits mankind and their construction will benefit a donor’s rebirth (merits) … to eventual enlightenment. This is why Burma’s landscape is littered by millions of them
  • Burmese people put great faith in nats (spirits)
  • Every house (note every) has a family shrine to the Lord Buddha and household nats.

If you have two weeks or so, the very first Myanmar tour package should be for "the big four" of the country, situated nearby one another in the center of Myanmar: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake. Each one of these, though, is worth a private visit of several days. Distinctive design, patterns, details, and ornaments at any temple or relics, the surrounding scenery, etc. will astonish you and leave an unforgettable impression of the talent and rich spiritual-religious life of the locals.

Let’s browse through our best-selling Myanmar tour packages below to find your favored itineraries and attractions. Our experts make a tremendous effort to provide the best travel packages  to suit your needs and interests.


It is a “YES” answer.

You may worry about an ongoing, 70-year-long ethnic civil war, landmines, gangs, and the opium trade. However, the situation is not as serious as you think.

Since tourism bloomed, Myanmar had recorded 3.44 million visitors in 2017 and this figure has been increasing. Almost tourists feel comfortable after going on a Myanmar tour.

If you need more assurance, Myanmar tour packages including tour guides will cover and guarantee your safety.

If you have any inquiries, our consultants are always available to give free quotes and travel advice. Please leave your request to our email for the best and fastest support.

Myanmar is a hidden gem of Southeast Asia with cultural wonderland, a huge mix of ethnic groups, rich history, and stunning nature. Do you agree with us that discovering a country always takes so much time? Though, you definitely can have your own itinerary designed based on your timing for Myanmar vacations with Threeland Travel.

Be a local expert in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar for over 20 years, Threeland Travel offers the most appropriate private itineraries. Some top selling tours can be seen below:

1. Tailor-made MYANMAR REAL HOLIDAY 12 Days, from USD 1320

2. BEST OF MYANMAR 8 Days, from USD 1081

3. Tailor-made INSIGHT MYANMAR 10 Days, from USD 1250


5. MYANMAR AT A GLANCE 5 Days, from USD 553

If you can not find any of those suitable for you then please email us at to get the best advice, special deals and free quotes from our travel consultants or consider more Myanmar tour packages here.

You probably wonder how much it cost to visit Myanmar, that’s why you’re here! We understand that it is important to plan your travel budget before heading for holidays in Myanmar.

1 USD ~ 1340 MMK, 1 EUR ~ 1517 MMK, 1 GBP ~ 1729 MMK (updated on March 2020)

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia so that it is much cheaper than Europe, Australia and others in Asia. Myanmar tour packages’ prices depend on the level of services that you use. Consult our offers with from 3* standard:


2. SPLENDID MYANMAR 8 Days, from USD 1138


4. BAGAN MOUNT POPA Day trip, from USD 82


If you can not find any of those suitable for you then please email us at to get the best advice, special deals and free quotes from our travel consultants or consider more Myanmar tour packages here.

The best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February as the cool breeze blows most of the country. On the other hand, March to May is hotter, especially in the plains near Bagan and Mandalay. The temperatures also change by altitude so the hill stations, lakes and Himalayan foothills are far cooler than the southern lowland and coastal regions.

Others are in the rainy season, especially, sometimes at the peak of this season, some regions become inaccessible and some beaches have to suffer the high winds and heavy rainfall that batter the coast annually.

In Myanmar, the culinary style of the coastal region differs from inland areas. The coastal region, including Yangon, fish sauce and ngapi (fermented seafood) are more favored. For inland provinces, they often use more meat and sometimes fish and shrimp. Rice is the main course of their meals.

A traditional Myanmar meal includes a bowl of soup, rice, several meat curries, and ngapi yay with tozaya (vegetables for dipping).

Myanmar cuisine concepts are inspired by neighboring countries such as China, India and Thailand. The identity of Myanmar food is identified by their own cooking and processing methods. Moreover, the myriad local ethnic minorities also have their distinct culinary, which are worth experiencing.

Please leave your inquiries to our email or visit our website if you need more details.

Despite social issues, Myanmar is a worth-visit country for travelers with abundant exciting natural sites as well as unspoiled cultures of indigenous residents.

Myanmar’s landscapes are truly breathtaking from dreamy beaches, the lush lowland, immense Inle Lake, extensive Irrawaddy River to mystic jungles, majestic mountains and the rugged highlands.

History also creates a variety of idiosyncratic sites that are inscribed as UNESCO Heritages such as Bagan, Pyu Ancient Cities. Moreover, Myanmar is obviously the homeland to thousands of unrepeatable temples and pagodas. Cultural discovery trips are also favored by a lot of visitors.

Warmly welcome to visit our website to tailor-made your Myanmar tour through the most famous destinations. We are always available at to give you the fastest and best consultation and free quotes.

When mentioning Myanmar cuisine, it is a big mistake when we skip Tea leaf salad or Lephet - the most famous dish of Burmese. The dish is versatile to be eaten as a snack, an appetizer or, coupled with a plate of rice or even a stimulant to prevent sleep.

Locals use a repertoire of ingredients, transform and process them in diverse ways, creating unique dishes not found in any other cuisine. Besides Lephet, to have a perfect Myanmar tour, visitors should seek out Shan-style rice - rice cooked with turmeric, Tea shops, Burmese curry, Nangyi thoke, Mohinga, etc.

Thank you for choosing Threeland Travel to be your local friend in Myanmar.

In Myanmar vacations, visitors find it irresistible shopping eye-catching souvenirs, lacquerware, gemstones, handicrafts, silk, artifacts, etc set out in markets and attractions.

It’s quite pleasant to shop in Myanmar, where you can bargain with sellers to get the best price. For sure, you will not return your home before owning something for yourself and friends.

This table below summarises the necessary vaccinations by London Vaccinations Clinic before you travel to Myanmar.

Vaccination All Travellers Most Travellers Some Travellers Major Risk Factors Course
MMR Yes     Person-to-Person Measles, mumps, rubella, Course of Two
DTaP Yes     Person-to-Person Tetanus, Diptheria, polio, Single Dose
Typhoid   Yes   Contaminated Food and Water Typhoid, single dose
Hepatitis A   Yes   Contaminated Food and Water Hepatitis A, Single Dose
Cholera     Yes Contaminated Food and Water Cholera, for course of 2
Hepatitis B     Yes Body Fluids, Medical Intervention Hepatitis B, Course of Three
Japanese Encephalitis     Yes Mosquitoes Japanese encephalitis, Course of Two
Rabies     Yes Infected Animals Rabies, Course of Three

Another note when visiting high altitude regions, you should take care to avoid ill effects of Acute Mountain Sickness because Myanmar has some high or very high areas (2400 m - 3658 m or more).

Besides, the mosquito that spreads dengue bites during the day and is more common in urban areas. It is very important to apply mosquito repellent spray because there is no vaccine and prevention is through avoidance of mosquito bites.

If you still have questions about injections before planning for your Myanmar tour, don’t hesitate to contact your local friend Threeland Travel at for the most conscientious consult.

You can apply for e-visa before planning Myanmar package tours. The cost depends on which country you are applying from, you can apply directly at:

If you find any difficulty in getting an e-visa, you can have free advice from our travel consultants. Please email us at for more details.

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