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Sometimes, merely a name can lure you to a place, and Cambodia is such a place. With holidays for three days strolling around the grand Angkor Wat, thick jungle traces at Ta Prohm or unbelievably huge stone smiles of Bayon, tours to Cambodia can make you end up calling it ‘’the capital of great temples in Asia’’. Regardless of how many times you visit the country, Angkor Wat with its alongside architectural, archeological and historical  treasures, it will always be a bewildering trip. Take a look at our Cambodia tour package and Book holidays to Cambodia and explore the wondrous sights.

The habit of marking Cambodia holidays as a short extension seems not yet exist and visitors nowadays are planning longer holidays for a week or more in Cambodia. Here’s what each traveler should be doing on Cambodia holidays, The country is feasible for all kinds of tours with hospitable locals, radiantly tropical sunshine and pleasant weather from October to February, as well as loosened visa issuance procedures, all favorable conditions for tourists. Create a customizable Cambodia Tour package today and make your Cambodia holidays memorable at decent prices.

The convenient and effortless romantic cruises connecting Saigon with Phnom Penh are listed amongst the best tours. Right after landing in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, you can easily take the land way trip to discover further attractions and indulge yourselves for weeks at isolated islands with crystal clear water in the South, escaping from the bustle and hustle. You will surely enjoy stylish hotels with outstanding architecture, cozy spas, bars offering superb night life, DJs, as well as mouthwatering food from both outlets or markets. Whatever your tour choices are, Our Cambodia tour package will definitely be able to satisfy you needs. We have got some of the extraordinary Cambodia tour packages and deals for you. Enjoy Cambodia holidays with your loved ones.

Among many legacies left by this empire until today, Angkor temple complex was the most notable one, considered as the most extensive concentration of religious temples in the world. With at least three-day Angkor Tour strolling around the grand Angkor Wat, thick jungle traces at Ta Prohm or unbelievably huge stone smiles of Bayon, a holidays to Cambodia can make you end up calling it “the capital of great temples in Asia”. The architectural, archeological and historical values of Angkor will always make your visit unforgettable.

Geography: Characterized by a low-lying central plain surrounded by uplands and low mountains with many forests and national parks home to diverse array of wildlife, the biggest freshwater lake in Asia (Tonle Sap), the upper reaches of the Mekong River delta and a long coastline along the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. The popular budget Cambodia tour package often includes a day tour to this Tonle Sap lake for culture and local life discovery.

History: Once the great Khmer Empire with its heyday from 9th to 13th Century. Witnessed the downturn from the 15th century until the first half of 19th with many wars against the neighboring countries. Felt under French colony in 90 years after that and gained independence in 1953 but experienced the darkest time of civil war from 1975-1979 also known as the Khmer Rouge which devastated the country severely. Your tour to Cambodia will be meaningful with some visits to historical sites in Phnom Penh.

Population and Culture: Largely homogeneous in population with majority is Khmer people (90%), some minor groups including Vietnamese, Chams, Chinese, and Khmer-Loeu or Montagnards. Majority of the population (95%) practice Theravada Buddhism which is deeply influenced by Hinduism and native animism. People tend to live in harmony and avoid aggression and conflict. If your Cambodia tour package includes a visit to Tonle Sap lake, you will learn more about the floating life of Vietnamese people in Cambodia.

Architecture: Angkorian architecture or religious architecture produced by Khmers during Angkor Empires which was influenced by Hinduism that featured in most of the Angkor temples. Therefore, your holidays to Cambodia can start with all gorgeous visits to Angkor temples, palaces and traditional architecture can be seen in rural Cambodia typically by house-on-stilts while French colonial architecture legacies are retained in Phnom Penh, Kep, Battambang, Kampot.

Currency is important fact to know before heading for your Cambodia tour:

The Riel.

USD is accepted everywhere like local currency (Riel)

ATMs are popular at mostly city centers. Money withdrawal rate at ATMs costs on average 3.3%.

Credit cards are accepted widely except in local markets.

Check weather before you plan for the best holidays to Cambodia.

Cambodia is a tropical monsoon climate country with the average temperature of 27 °C. There are two seasons, the monsoon season from May to October, and the dry season from November to April. December to January is the coolest period while the hottest time is up to 40 °C during mid of Mar to April. Start planning your Cambodia holidays with Threeland Travel.

Gear up for your next holiday excursion towards an offbeat destination which is a blend of serenity and adventure with our Cambodia Tour Package or Vietnam and Cambodia tours and has an unmatchable experience. You can try new exciting activities such as watching Fresh Dolphin in Kratie, planting a tree at Koh Trong island, etc. Avail our highly anticipated holidays to Cambodia and satisfy your wanderlust! Let’s scroll down to find more Cambodia package tour options with your wish-list of itineraries and attractions.


Tour By Style

Cambodia Our pick: Tours in Angkor complex with different durations and styles, including charter helicopter over Angkor, biking, hot air ballooning and night life in Siem Reap, followed by some days at an island in the Gulf of Thailand.

  • Cultural and Historical sites

    Angkor complex, Hindu and Buddhist temples and vestiges, great fine-arts museums and traditional dance shows.
  •   MICE and Theme

    MICE at Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, charity and educational tours, night activities and night market at Phnom Penh.
  • Cruising

    Mekong river cruise from Saigon to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
  • Natural sites

    Off-the-beaten track visits to less visited areas near the Little Circuit and beyond in the West; connection tours from Southern Laos to the East.
  • Beach Relaxation

    Beach relax and activities at Shihanoukville and other islands, notably at Koh Rong. 

Discover Cambodia Tour By Styles

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For those who are deeply interested in cultural and spiritual events, choosing tours and taking part in festivals will be one of the best ways to enjoy holiday.

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Top Cambodia Travel Destinations

Best Tours In Cambodia

3 days / 2 nights

After enjoying a cruise, take this nice combination tour of culture expedition to Angkor complex and the capital of the country Siem Reap - the richly historical, cultural and architectural at the untouched areas of Siem Reap will feast your eyes and bring you unique memories.

8 days / 7 nights

Let's reward yourself for a Mekong cruise tour from Cambodia to Vietnam along the Mekong river. Your tour itinerary lasts 8 days through typical lands of Vietnam and Cambodia such as Ho Chi Minh city, Sa Dec, Long Xuyen, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap with plenty of leisure activities along which shows you featured points of Mekong’s residents on water, orchard gardens, temples and definitely worth as a lifetime experience. Check details below for various cruise options.

  Eco Tour  

8 days / 7 nights

This Cambodia package tour is so good to be a true eco-tour. While sustainability is a new trend, Cambodia is such a true place for this kind of tour. We create this group tour for those are seeking for an authentic experience, they do not have to look far in Cambodia, it has a string of eco-tourism projects and sites dotted throughout the country as more remote areas of Cambodia are becoming accessible by infrastructure improvement.

5 days / 4 nights

Get along with Ang Trapeang Thmor, home of the largest-known flock of the rare Sarus Crane and almost 200 other species.

8 days / 7 nights


Enjoy your best honeymoon tour in Cambodia with the surprising settings and romantic activities to make your honeymoon special or turn your typical holiday into a beautiful love affair worth remembering. Dip in beach, culture and history of Cambodia is this inclusive packages.

5 days / 4 nights


A trip to explore marvelous Angkor World Heritage and Preah Vihear Temple for historically and culturally interested souls. A full day of pedaling around Preah Vihear Temple - The UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by lush jungle and a serene environment, comprising of four courtyards and five, ornate gopurams – entrance gateways to Hindu temples – the last vestiges of the Khmer Empire is truly a wonder to behold.

4 days / 3 nights

Sihanoukville, the center of Sihanoukville province, is the most famous destination for a beach holiday in Cambodia. From the beach and surrounding hills, many of the country’s small islands can be seen and easily reached. Sihanoukville beach will be an ideal destination for your 4-day Cambodia family vacation to relax and recharge your energy.

7 days / 6 nights

A nice combination of culture expedition to Angkor complex with beach getaway in Shihanoukville. Also an interesting add-ons of Phnompenh, the capital of the country.

15 days / 14 nights

Explore the magnificient cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and get close to the Angkor complex with its worldwide resounding reputation.

8 days / 7 nights

An exploratory trip that delves deep into Cambodia - a little visited but hugely rewarding country. Relax at beautiful beach.

On Request

5 days / 4 nights

A short trip from gateway of Angkor region to the capital and most populous city in Cambodia will bring you unforgettable memory.

On Request

4 days / 3 nights

A nice combination of culture expedition to Angkor complex and the capital of the country, Phnom Penh helps you have an overview about the country.


Cambodia is one of the most fascinating countries in South East Asia, which offer visitors unforgettable experiences with architectural, archeological and historical values.

For the best Cambodia Tour itinerary with 100% hassle free, you can book tours from a reliable tour agent like Threeland Travel, we can plan customized tour packages as well as provide various tours of Cambodia for the travelers. Please send your request to email help@threeland.com for more details about your Cambodia Tour Packages.

Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a relatively cheap tourist destination. Cambodia can cater every tour style from Cambodia sightseeing tours to street food tours, which will offer you exciting adventures with reasonable prices. A budget from $5 USD/day per person to $40 USD/day per person will get you a pleasant trip in Cambodia. You are offered a wide range of available hotels from dorms, hostels to deluxe hotels and some extra services.

Please send your requirements to help@threeland.com, Threeland Travel will give the best advice, special deals and free quotes for your Cambodia Tour within 24h.

For visitors who want to visit Angkor Wat, Threeland Travel offers a private tour package just from $90 USD in Angkor Complex, which gives you a chance to discover the massive temples and Angkor complex of Cambodia. To get more information about Angkor Wat tour, please visit: https://threeland.com/tour/angkor-complex-highlight-tour.html

To get familiar with all local traditions and have a joyful Cambodia tour , visitors should bear in mind some do and don’ts things:

Do: You should ask for permission before taking photographs of any local people or monks, put off your shoes when entering a religious sites, receive things from the other with both hands to show your respect and bow the head slightly with hands pressed together at the chest (known as “Sampea) as a way to greet Cambodian people.

Don’t: As Cambodia is “the capital of great temples in Asia”, temples and pagodas are attractive destinations. When visiting those religious places for worshipping, don't make loud noise to show your respect. Women do not touch male monks or sit too close to them. Touching a Cambodian person on the head is also impolite.

Our staff are willing to answer all your questions and feel free to give you consultation at any time. Send us your requirements then we will supply the most appropriate services for your Cambodia Tour.

Angkor Wat is a sacred tourist attraction, so you need to be careful of your dress code when visiting it. You should cover your shoulders and your knees with long clothes, ankle-length pants or skirt. You cannot also use a shawl or scarf to cover yourself up like many religious sites in other Southeast Asian countries.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your local Threeland for more details to your Cambodia Travel.

To travel to Cambodia, visitors including infants and children will need a valid passport and Cambodia visa which allow you to stay 30 days or less. A one-month tourist visa will cost $30USD on arrival and about $6USD for processing charge. Visitors from ASEAN countries like Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam, may use their passports instead of a visa to enter Cambodia for between 14 and 30 days depending on the country.

If you need more information for your Cambodia Tour, call us through +84 243926 2056, or +84 988 775 260,. We are available on the phone in Vietnam at working hours from 8:30 am - 06:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 8.30 to 12.30 on Saturday. If you can not find any of those suitable time for you then please email us at: help@threeland.com to get the best advice from our staff.

Cambodia has 2 distinct seasons throughout the year, which are varied in accordance to different times of the year. The best time to travel to Cambodia is in dry season, which is from November to May. In that time, the low humidity and lack of rain will offer you a good time to enjoy your Cambodia tours more perfectly. Do not hesitate to browse all Cambodia tours at:

Do not hesitate to browse all Cambodia tours at:

https://threeland.com/tours/all/cambodia.html for more suggestions to travel to Cambodia.

To have a good plan for your holidays to Cambodia , you need to consider your budget and interests. Within 24 hours, Threeland Travel will offer you the best Cambodia tours with a reasonable price and fantastic experiences based on your tour duration.

If you need further information about the Tour of Cambodia, you can contact us through +84 243926 2056, email help@threeland.com. We are available on the phone in the Vietnam or Cambodia office during working hours from 8:30 am - 06:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 8.30 to 12.30 on Saturday. Or simply call our hotline 24/7: +84 988 775 260

April is usually the hottest month in Cambodia, when temperatures may reach 40 °C. However, it is one of the peak tourist seasons of Cambodia Tourism. You should carefully prepare some essential items for your Holidays to Cambodia to make it a great time to explore Cambodia.

Moreover, if you have any requirements that are not listed on itineraries displayed on Threeland’s website, our staff is always happy to give consultation and supply the most appropriate services for your Cambodia Tours.

To travel around Cambodia, there are a few choices that can meet your budget, some destinations have limited ways to travel.

There are two best ways for getting from one place to the other in Cambodia are by air and private car. Flying between cities is an inexpensive and popular option among visitors, while private cars provide the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation for your holidays in Cambodia. Also, other travel options, such as boats and ferries, buses, taxis, and bicycles do exist, but they're usually time-consuming and inconvenient.

Leave your request at help@threeland.com and let Threeland Travel design your best trip to Cambodia.

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