Do’s and Don’ts in Myanmar

do's and don'ts in myanmar

Traveling to a new country means approaching a brand new culture with completely different customs. It is advisable for you to find some information about the things you should and should not do in a country before heading for it to avoid troubles. If you are about to visit Myanmar, here are some Do’s and Don’ts in Myanmar that need to be taken into consideration. Read More


Wanna have some unique travel experiences? Vietnam tours are what you are looking for

Going on Vietnam tours, tourists can find Buddha statues in an amusement park, enjoy coffee made from civet cats’ dung and enjoy a greasy dish of fried silkworm chrysalis while wearing silk clothes.
Compared to the world, Vietnam has such a weird and original tradition but that‘s what makes the country much more special and attractive. The following are the things that reporter from an English magazine named Roughguides found strange.
Sleepwear fashion
The first thing that is going to take you aback on Vietnam tours is the “street styles” here. In Vietnam, not only were pyjamas worn at home but they can also be found at work. In fact, women in the countryside find it normal to wear this type of clothes when they are working. There are many types of sleepwear, ranging from the floral shirt with shorts to those colorful long ones with buttons. At first, you may feel quite strange about it but you will get used to it afterwards. You probably even get yourself one of those comfy suits at the end.

those floral shirts

Those floral shirts are probably the most common women’s outfits in the countryside of Vietnam. Read More


Do’s and Don’ts in Laos

do's and don'ts in laos

Laos has long been recognized as the land of peaceful nature and hospitable people. However, there are some Do’s and Don’ts in Laos that visitors need to consider carefully before heading for this “Land of a million elephants”.
Hundreds of visitors are attracted to this beautiful country by its peaceful and magnificent natural landscapes. However, there have been lots of regrettable accidents happened here due to the lack of understanding the taboos.
The following are some Do’s and Don’ts in Laos. Read More


The original taste of Myanmar food

Myanmar food has always amazed visitors by its originality and beautiful taste. Shan rice, tea leaf salad or Burmese curry are the stunning dishes that most of travelers found hard to resist.

In the recent years, Myanmar has been dubbed ‘the rising star’ of Asian tourism. Hundreds of visitors are attracted to this Southeast Asian country not only by its hospitable people, amazing culture and breath – taking natural landscapes but also by its interesting cuisine.

Although Myanmar food is largely influenced by Thailand, China, India and the cuisine of many ethnic minorities, the dishes in this country still give diners something really special and different.

1. Tea leaf salad
One of the most special dishes of Myanmar food is lephet, also known as fermented tea leaves. These fermented leaves are used as the ingredients of tea leaf salad. People here also use this salad as a snack or an appetizer.

tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad

The special dish is created by fermented tea leaves mixed with julienned cabbage, sliced tomato, garlic and spicy chilli along with many types of beans.
However, Burmese people advise travelers eat just a moderate amount of this Myanmar food since it is considered to be a type of stimulant. You are likely to get sleepless if consuming too much of these. Read More


Vietnam travel tips for Indian

vietnam travel tips for indian

Vietnam is such a peaceful and hospitable country that every tourist feels safe to travel to. The scene of numerous amazing wonders along with the stunning grilled sparrow is sure to leave you a lasting impression.

The Vietnamese are really grateful when they know you are trying to comply with their rules and customs and really lenient if you accidentally do anything wrong. This is one of the reasons why many Indian tourists are in favor of visiting Vietnam. However, there are some Vietnam travel tips for Indian that need to be taken into consideration. Read More