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Siem Reap - Completed travel guide

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Traveling to Cambodia - Siem Reap is currently popular with many people. If you want to find a new land but are close to Vietnam, this is the choice for you. The land of Pagodas and Towers is famous for its long-standing temples and towers. Along with that, there are equally unique places and landscapes. Please refer to the following article to gain more travel experience when you come here!

Details about Siem Reap

Siem Reap is located in the northwest of Cambodia. This place is located about 314 km from Phnom Penh. In the past, this place was the capital, Angkor, of the prosperous Angkorian empire. For that reason, this land still retains almost all of its great historical works.

This place is called the "land of relics" because it owns temples and Cambodian cultural preservation areas. But among them, the most prominent must be the Angkor Wat complex. It is the largest religious building in the world that still exists today. When you set foot in these places, you will clearly feel their sacredness and antiquity.

Not only that, when traveling to Cambodia, Siem Reap, you also have the opportunity to enjoy unique forms of music and art. What's more interesting is being immersed in the bustling atmosphere of traditional festivals. And don't forget to experience Cambodian cuisine with unique dishes.

With the increasingly rapid pace of development and close location, the number of Vietnamese tourists coming here is quite large. Some Cambodians even know how to speak Vietnamese! Thanks to that, your travel journey will be much more complete and easier.

Ideal time to travel to Siem Reap

Similar to Vietnam, Siem Reap has a relatively dry and hot climate. This city is almost hot all year. July and August are stormy seasons, so you should not travel to Cambodia, Siem Reap, at this time. The ideal time for you to visit here is from November to April next year.

However, if you are someone who likes to explore Cambodian culture, you can come here during the festival season. Joining the bustling festival atmosphere will definitely be one of the unique experiences that you will never forget. These important festivals take place throughout the year, so you can choose the time that suits you best:

  • →Chol Chnam Thmay Festival, also known as Cambodia's traditional New Year,. The festival takes place within 3 days, from April 13 to 15, every year. On this occasion, you will have the opportunity to participate in the flower lantern releasing activity. In addition, the Bom Chaul Chnam Water Festival is also a highly anticipated "performance.".
  • →Pchum Ben Festival, also known as the Festival of Ancestor Souls. This event will take place in September.
  • →Angkor Festival. This festival is considered the most influential in Southeast Asia. The festival takes place in November and December every year.
  • →The Angkor Wat half marathon takes place around December.

How do I get to Siem Reap?

There are many means of transportation for you to travel to Cambodia, Siem Reap. Depending on your experience, needs, and spending ability, you can choose the method that suits you. Either way, remember to book your tickets early so you can receive many incentives and have many options!

If you want to have more time to explore that relic land, you can take a plane. There are many airlines operating direct flights to Siem Reap, with prices ranging from only 2.5 to 3 million VND. This way, it only takes you about an hour to get there. Most major cities operate flights to Siem Reap.

Another means of transport that is equally popular with tourists is taking a passenger car. There are many car companies from Saigon to Cambodia with different prices. On average, each ticket will range from 400,000 VND or more. However, the travel process will also take more time—about 11–12 hours.

The third way is very suitable for those who like to experience, which is by water. With this method, you have to go to Phnom Penh first. Then, from there, you will take a boat to Siem Reap. This method of transportation is chosen by quite a few people. And it is mostly only suitable during the floating season from August to March.

Things to prepare when coming to Siem Reap

Your trip to Cambodia and Siem Reap will be quite easy because you will not need a visa if it does not exceed 30 days. The reason for this is because they belong to the ASEAN bloc. But the condition is that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. So remember to carefully check these documents and procedures before going!

In addition, you should also exchange USD before coming to Siem Reap. But remember that you should not exchange large denomination bills and also not exchange 2 USD bills. Because in Cambodia, people usually do not use money of this denomination. You should bring enough money; avoid bringing too much to avoid it being dropped or stolen!

As mentioned, Cambodia's weather is quite hot. It's best to choose thin, uncomplicated clothes with a hat and sunscreen. Your trip will probably involve a lot of moving around, so choose sneakers or flats. In addition, some basic medicines, such as fever, stomach ache medicine, etc., are also equally necessary.

Some interesting destinations in Siem Reap

Your journey to Cambodia to explore Siem Reap will bring you many valuable experiences. Do you know what is outstanding about Siem Reap? If not, please refer to the brief list below to enrich your journey!

1. Angkor Wat

Almost anyone traveling to Cambodia (Siem Reap) will visit Angkor Wat. This historical building is considered a cultural monument with impressive architecture. The monument was built in the 12th century but is still almost intact. You will have the opportunity to see about 3,000 exquisitely carved images. Along with that is the statue of the 7-headed Naga cobra. This is a very typical image of Hinduism.

Coming here, you will definitely not be impressed with the reliefs, doors, columns, domes... The moss-covered stone slabs further highlight the antiquity and sacredness of this project. Looking from a distance, you will see this relic complex resembling a crown with 3 towers pointing to the sky.

To visit here, you need to buy a ticket, You can buy 1 day, 3 day and 7 day tickets. Reference ticket prices will be $20, $40 and $60 respectively. Remember to keep your ticket carefully because if it is lost or misplaced, you will have to pay a fine from 100 to 300 USD! Remember to dress discreetly and politely when visiting this architectural work!

One of the things worth trying is riding a hot air balloon to watch the sunrise or sunset at Angkor Wat. At this time, the temple area will appear before your eyes with a very different beauty. During the festival or peak season, this place is very crowded. If you want to experience a more deserted space, you can go in the middle of the week.

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2. Tonle Sap Lake

It would be a pity if you traveled to Cambodia and Siem Reap and missed Tonle Sap Lake. This is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. This place possesses abundant seafood resources, especially freshwater fish. It is not an exaggeration to say that Tonle Sap Lake provides a large amount of fish for all Cambodians.

The lake has an extremely large area, and it is almost impossible to see the shore. That's why Tonle Sap is called the sea lake. The best time for you to come here is from December to February next year. Experiencing this river area will make your journey more interesting.

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to see the peaceful floating village of Kampong Phluk. This place gathers many Vietnamese and Cham people living together. The peaceful scenery here will make you feel extremely relaxed. The activity of sitting on a boat around the lake and watching fishermen's lives is very popular with tourists.

During the tour, you can stop by the bird sanctuary. Here, many rare species are kept and preserved. Some tourists coming here have explored other floating villages, such as Chong Khneas and Kompong Khleang. You can try this activity if you feel interested.

This natural structure is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. And it is also an invaluable source of seafood for people who make a living from fishing around the lake. If you do not have experience traveling to Cambodia's Siem Reap on your own, you should come here during the season from December to February to see the immense Tonle Sap.

3. War Museum

If you are someone who likes to learn history, you can go to the War Museum. It can be said that this is the largest museum in the country of Pagodas and Towers. Coming here during your trip to Cambodia, Siem Reap, you will have a clearer view of history. These were the Khmer Rouge civil war in 1975 and the Vietnam War in 1979.

This place is currently storing millions of unexploded mines found after the war. Along with that are many extremely valuable historical artifacts such as MiG-19 aircraft, T-54 tanks, Mil Mi-8 helicopters... Some of the artifacts on this list were once used in war. 2nd world.

4. Pub Street, a walking street

During your trip to Cambodia Siem Reap, don't miss the nightlife activities! Through that, you will have a clearer view of Siem Reap's vibrant lifestyle at night. To feel that, visit Pub Street walking street right away.

This is one of the destinations that is very popular with domestic and international tourists. The "fun" moments here will relieve you of a lot of pressure! Pub Street in Siem Reap is similar to Bui Vien in Ho Chi Minh City or Ta Hien in Hanoi.

5. Night market

During your trip to Cambodia, Siem Reap, don't miss exploring the night market! Night markets in Cambodia sell a variety of items, along with delicious street food. This is an ideal opportunity for you to understand the lives of the people here better.

If you don't know what to buy as a gift for your relatives or friends, come here and "roll" around a few times! Small, beautiful souvenirs with bold Cambodian features will definitely be very popular. There will certainly be many interesting and unique items that you want to buy!

Some Siem Reap culinary dishes you cannot miss

Your trip to Cambodia Siem Reap will become more complete when you enjoy the cuisine here. In Cambodia, there are many delicious dishes that you should try. Below are some suggestions for you that you can "pocket". Most of these are typical dishes that are very popular with tourists!

  • Fried insects
  • Amok fish
  • Red ants stir-fried with beef
  • Nam Vang noodles
  • Palmyra beef cake
  • Nom Banh Chok Curry Noodles

The above detailed information will bring you a trip to Cambodia, Siem Reap, beyond your expectations. The Land of Pagodas and Towers is truly an ideal stop on your travel map. If you want to travel to Cambodia, choose the best travel agency in Vietnam. Depending on your preferences and financial limits, we may adjust your timetable, and we can arrange everything from ticket purchases to hotel and transportation reservations. Visit our website or call us right now to learn more about our amazing deals and packages. You should not miss the chance to visit Cambodia with Threeland Travel!