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3 interesting Son Doong cave facts that you may not know
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

What does Vietnam leave you impressed with? Vietnam leaves a good impression in the hearts of international guests because of its delicious food, its culture imbued with national identity, and especially its rare natural beauty.

Son Doong Cave is really a unique place in Vietnam with many mysteries that people have not discovered yet. After many surveys of explorers, there are many mysteries about this cave that are gradually being revealed. In it, there are also interesting Son Dong cave facts that will make you gasp when you hear.

The Son Doong cave is rated first on Bored Panda's list of the world's 15 most magnificent caverns. Son Doong is also famous for offering the world's largest natural cave. The Son Doong cave facts are a valuable natural wonder with numerous unique features that draw experts and explorers worldwide.

Son Doong Cave facts

3 interesting Son Doong cave facts that will make you gasp when you hear

The Son Doong cave, along with Ha Long Bay, Sapa town, was voted one of Fodor's Travel top 25 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The Son Doong cave is the most spectacular cave in the world that has become one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. Whether you have discovered all the mysteries of the Son Doong cave? Let Threeland learn about 3 interesting facts about the Son Dong cave.

1.    How the Son Doong was formed

How the Son Doong was formed

Son Doong Cave is the most valuable discovery in the discovery journey over the past 30 years of the British Cave Research Association

The Son Doong Cave was formed around 2 and 5 million years ago. A local person named Ho Khanh first found the Son Doong cave in 1991. After that, a group of scientists from the British Cave Research Association explored and published the cave in 2009. The largest cave in the world.

2.    The outstanding of Son Doong cave fact is its massive size

It has a width of 150 meters, a height of more than 200 meters, and a length of about 9 kilometers. It means the Son Doong cave is higher than the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Son Doong Cave- most valuable discovery

National Geographic once compared: Son Doong cave is so high that it can fit 25 double-decker buses in and still be comfortable
With such an impressive size, the Son Doong cave has surpassed Deer cave in Malaysia's Gunung Mulu National Park (with a height of 100 m, a width of 90 m, and a length of 2 km) and become the world's biggest natural cave. 
Furthermore, some areas of the Son Doong cave are as huge as 140 m x 140 m, with stalactite columns up to 14 m high. The Son Doong Cave has a part with a width of around 91.44 m, and the cave's arch is approximately 243.84 m high - enough to hold a 40-story building.

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3.    Magnificent Beauty of the Cave

Tourists are overwhelmed with its massive size better is by two Son Doong cave facts: subterranean rivers and lakes. There is a large lake at the mouth of Son Doong cave in the winter and spring. Because the lake is so large and deep, tourists will have to take a boat to cross it to continue their journey.

Although holding the position of the largest cave in the world, the actual size of Son Doong cave may have to add another 1.6 million m3 thanks to the underground river connected to Thung cave in the latest news.

+ The doline 

The Son Doong Cave is about up to 9 kilometers long but is rarely dark. This is due to two massive dolines that act as "skylights," bringing light into the cave and creating a spectacular scene.

Explorers have discovered a primeval forest with rich vegetation that humans have never traced right in Son Doong cave

+ Stalagmites from prehistoric times

The river eroded the limestone beneath the surface of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Massif. The stalactites at Son Doong are enormous, with some reaching heights of 70 meters. Cave pearls (often around 1cm in diameter) discovered in Son Doong can be as big as the size of a baseball.

Stalagmites have unusual and beautiful shapes; some stalagmites are gigantic in height, even taller than Paris's Arc de Triomphe

The more exploring, the more surprised tourists feel about the Son Doong facts of the ecosystem. Deep inside the cave exists a grandiose tropical jungle called the “Garden of Eden” by the explorers. The jungle is home to a diversified system of fauna and flora.

Son Doong explorers assessed the ecosystem in the cave as extremely rich and unique. Visitors can encounter from small creatures, insects to wild animals living in caves and forests, such as monkeys, bats, ...

The Son Doong cave facts contain amazing ecosystems, various weather conditions, unique habitat forms, and massive geological structures... all of which combine to create the overwhelming magnificence that is unique to the Son Doong.

If you are a nature lover, adventurous, and love to explore mysterious things, you definitely cannot ignore a Vietnam tour. In addition to the Son Doong cave facts, many attractive tourist attractions hide many mysteries. Follow our website to update more information about traveling to Vietnam during the covid pandemic and interesting destinations.

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