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Explore Bokor - the mysterious "Ghost city of Cambodia"

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"Cambodian ghost city" Bokor makes tourists curious because the name is so strange. But different from that name, this place possesses extremely beautiful natural scenery. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a vacation in Cambodia. This destination will bring you relaxing moments in harmony with nature. Please follow the following article to have a clearer view of this land!

The "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor

"Cambodian ghost city" Bokor is also known by another name, Ta Lon Mountain. The plateau is located in Kampot province, Cambodia. Because of its highland terrain, the climate here is very fresh and cool. This is truly a large area of land with many interesting attractions.

To reach the top of the mountain, you have to cross 33 kilometers of winding passes. You almost have to conquer nearly 8 sharp turns to get there. The travel distance is really quite difficult and not easy. But once you arrive, you will feel that the effort you put in was extremely worth it.

The Bokor Plateau is almost always covered by clouds. That's why the scenery here always looks magical and mysterious. Whether it's the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the afternoon, it makes visitors easily fall in love. The ruins and abandoned buildings of the French era seem to make this place even more mysterious.

History of "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor

Bokor "ghost city," was built by the French colonialists in 1920, when Cambodia was in difficulty. At that time, this project caused a lot of controversy because of items such as casinos, villas, etc. These projects were used to provide high-ranking soldiers with full amenities.

After the French colonialists withdrew from Cambodia, this place became a resort for the royal family and the upper class. However, only a short time later, Bokor was sunk into oblivion and became an abandoned place. From an ideal stopping point, this place has become a Cambodian ghost town.

By 1993, the government had begun planning and renovating the Bokor plateau. The government has built a number of additional resorts and restored tourist attractions. From an abandoned land, the Bokor plateau gradually restored its "vitality.". Over time, tourists have come to vacation in Cambodia and gradually tend to come here more and more.

It seems that in the increasingly modern pace of life, we tend to seek out nature more and more. Bokor Plateau is truly a tourist destination worth stopping by. Here, the green of the trees seems to blend with the color of the sky and the clouds. The fresh, cool, and pleasant climate will bring you a wonderful experience.

The ideal time to explore the "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor

Due to the plateau terrain, the climate here has a fairly typical temperature. The temperature of the "ghost city of Cambodia" always makes visitors feel comfortable. However, in the early morning and late at night, the temperature drops so it is somewhat colder. So you can come here to explore in any season of the year.

Spring in Bokor has temperatures ranging from 14 to 24 degrees Celsius. In summer, the temperature is somewhat higher but not too hot. This is also considered an ideal place to avoid the heat for tourists. For that reason, in the summer, the Bokor plateau is always crowded and bustling.

The rains that appear in the summer make the green grass even more vibrant. Heaven and earth after the rain have a very unique "flavor" that will make you feel refreshed. At this time, the scenery seems more majestic, attracting many tourists.

If you only visit during the day, you should come here early in the morning. With this choice, you will have enough time to return and explore all the highlights on the plateau. If you stay overnight, you can choose to stop at the only 5-star resort here. In this case, you should book a room early to avoid running out of room!

How to get to the "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor

There are many ways to get to the "ghost city of Cambodia," Bokor, for you to choose from. Option 1 is to go in the direction of Xa Xiu border gate and then drive another 60 km to reach Kampot. The second way is to fly or take a bus to Sihanoukville. Then, from here, take another bus about 114 km to Kampot.

After arriving in Kampot, you will have to travel another hour and 30 minutes to get to Bokor. The higher you go, the lower the temperature and the more fog you will see. This is truly a natural scene worth admiring. The distance to the plateau seemed to be shortened thanks to that.

Some attractions not to be missed in the "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor

There are many attractions in the "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor for you to explore. Once you set foot here, leave behind the chaos and mingle with the green nature. Let's find out what interesting things this highland region has to offer!

1. Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the "ghost city of Cambodia". The park was established in 1993 with an area of 1,423.17 km2. If you are a nature lover and want to find an eco-tourism destination, come to this place.

With a large area, this place possesses extremely rich and diverse vegetation. The immense, green beauty of the Bokor plateau seems clearer when you come here. This is one of two parks in Chua Thap that have been awarded the title of Heritage Park. This title is recognized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The entire park is covered by more than 1,500 square kilometers of tropical forest. This place is an extremely ideal habitat for animals such as leopards, Indian elephants, and Asian black bears. Along with that, there are hundreds of different species of birds, some of which are extremely rare. You will have the opportunity to listen to the melodious sounds of birds singing during your journey to explore this place.

If you go to the national park on a clear day, you can see the entire Gulf of Thailand. There are also very attractive climbing activities that you can try to experience. This exploration will definitely teach you countless interesting things about the world around you.

2. Popokvil waterfall

One of the other very popular destinations in the "ghost city of Cambodia" is Popokvil waterfall. This waterfall impresses visitors from the first time they see it because of its majestic and magnificent beauty. From a distance, the falling strip of water looks like a sheet of white silk falling onto the peaceful lake surface.

The waterfall has two floors, surrounded by green nature. All blend together to create an extremely beautiful landscape painting. To fully feel this green beauty, come here from May to October. At this time, the water is quite full so you can immerse yourself in the cool waterfall.

Popokvil Waterfall is like a precious gift that nature has bestowed on the Bokor plateau. The appearance of the waterfall seems to increase the majesty of the mountains and forests here. When you get close, you will hear the sound of the waterfall echoing throughout the entire area. Blending in with the sounds of birds singing and the wind creating a lively symphony.

3. Statue of Saint Yamao

Don't forget to visit the statue of Saint Lady Yamao when coming to the "Cambodian ghost city" Bokor. According to legend, Saintess Yamao is the goddess who rules, protects, and protects the green Bokor plateau. Most visitors to this place come to find her to pray for health and peace.

The statue of her is wearing a white shirt, yellow scarf, charcoal blue shirt and is meditating. This is also the traditional costume of Cambodian women. That static posture facing the forest and sea further exudes sacredness.

The statue possesses a giant size with a height of 22 meters. The statue is placed on a pedestal 15 meters high. The Lady Statue is located halfway up the mountain so it is not too difficult to find. You will easily see this place when running from Bokor to Sihanoukville. The statue was built by Mr. Sok Kong in February 2012.

There are many legends about Saintess Yamao, and among them there is one story that is the most circulated. She possesses very beautiful beauty. After getting married, the husband went to war and never returned. Because she missed that person so much, she took her child to Bokor Mountain to wait and then turned to stone there. The statue was erected to partly show respect for that fidelity.

4. Five Boat Pagoda

If you come to the "ghost city of Cambodia" Bokor, don't miss Nam Thuyen Pagoda! This temple is also known by another name, Wat Sampov Pram. Although it does not possess too monumental architecture, the pagoda has an ancient beauty.

Coming here, you will clearly feel the sacred and mysterious space. Around the pagoda are five rocks shaped like boats. The scenery of the mountains and forests on the plateau has made the temple more spiritual. More specifically, from this location, you can see the pearl island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam. 

Up to now, the pagoda is nearly 100 years old. On every major holiday, many Buddhists from near and far come to visit the temple. Coming here, you will see many elaborately carved statues around the temple. Along with that, there are many small towers built scattered throughout the campus with unique architecture.

5. Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort in the "ghost city of Cambodia" Bokor was originally a resort of the French army. Because of its special architectural imprint, this work has been preserved to this day. Although it is an ancient building, reosrt is quite comfortable with modern amenities.

You can choose this resort as your place to stay. Standing from here, you will have the opportunity to see the panoramic view of the majestic plateau. Modern amenities at the resort will bring you wonderful experiences. Many tourists coming to Bokok choose to stay here.

Through the above article, you must have realized that "Cambodian Ghost City" Bokor is not as scary as its name suggests. This "green" destination will bring you wonderful moments of relaxation. You can experience this exciting trip with relatives or friends. If you want to have a vacation in Cambodia, choose the best travel agency in Vietnam. Depending on your preferences and financial limits, we may adjust your timetable, and we can arrange everything from ticket purchases to hotel and transportation reservations. Visit our website or call us right now to learn more about our amazing deals and packages. You should not miss the chance to visit Cambodia with Threeland Travel!