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Discover Cambodia - The mysteries of Wat Sampov Pram

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History of Cambodia's Wat Sampov Pram

Wat Sampov Pram is also known as Five Boats Pagoda. The reason for this name is because the pagoda has 5 large rocks, shaped like sailboats facing the sea.

Cambodia's Wat Sampov Pram was built during the reign of King Monivong, in 1924. Located on the Bokor plateau, the pagoda has a majestic appearance. Every year, the temple attracts many tourists to visit, as well as scholars who come to chant and pray. Therefore, for local people, this temple has great spiritual value.

Historically, when Cambodia was colonized by France, the French chose the Bokor plateau area to build a place to rest and relax. The space here is airy, airy, and very suitable for entertainment and play. There once existed entertainment venues such as casinos, hotels, royal motels... However, the Cambodian Nam Thuyen Pagoda was not affected and is still preserved until now. Now is the era of Peace, Cambodian people can come here to rest and find the spiritual values they pursue.

Legend of the mysterious Cambodia's Wat Sampov Pram

According to the legend told by the people here: Once upon a time there was a prince named Preah Thong. Because he did not receive the love of his father, the king gave up everything and went on a folk tour. During that journey, the prince met and fell in love with Princess Nagani of the Aquarium. 

Not long after, the Aquarium princess brought the prince to meet the Dragon King and ask for her hand in marriage. The king's father happily accepted the wedding of the two people. After 7 days, the prince and the princess left the sea to travel the world and build their own kingdom.

The Dragon King gave Preah Thong and his wife 5 boats full of treasures and servants. After that, the two decided to choose Cao Nguyen Bokor to build their kingdom. According to the people, Prince Preah Thong is known as the father of Khmer civilization.

Over time, the sea level gradually receded and the ground rose and revealed 5 rocks that people considered the 5 boats that the Dragon King gave. From there, there was an image of 5 large stone boats reaching out to the sea that visitors can now see every time they come to Wat Sampov Pram.

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Facts about Cambodia's Wat Sampov Pram

Although the structure of the Wat Sampov Pram is not large, the space here is quiet and peaceful. From the temple, you can admire the vast ocean. When traveling to Cambodia and coming to Wat Sampov Pram on a summer day, visitors can relax to avoid the sun and enjoy the cool breeze from above.

What makes every visitor impressed about this mysterious temple are the 5 large rocks, which are considered the 5 boats in the above legend. Although the story told is just a legend, many people are still curious and come here to learn about this mysterious temple. If you have the opportunity, you can also try to find out more.

The weather in the Bokor highlands is always cool, no different from Dalat. Tourists visit Wat Sampov Pram mainly to admire the temple's scenery, immerse themselves in the fresh air and pristine nature here, and temporarily put aside the noise of the city. Surrounded by only rows of shady green trees and high above is a deep blue sky, but it's enough to make visitors not want to leave.

Standing from the plateau, if you are lucky enough to encounter a moment when the sky is clear and cloudy, you can also see Vietnam's Phu Quoc island located strangely far away at the Wat Sampov Pram.

During spring time, many domestic and foreign tourists flock to Wat Sampov Pram to learn about Cambodia's ancient history and culture, and enjoy a memorable vacation. In addition, some other people come here to practice, meditate, improve their spirit and health.

Although Wat Sampov Pram Cambodia is not the most brilliant and unique in the country of temples and towers, it can completely bring you memorable experiences when visiting. Coming to this place, visitors can not only easily feel the wild beauty, imprinted with traces of time, but also create peace and depth for each person to contemplate life and enjoy peaceful time. 

Up to now, Wat Sampov Pram is still a pagoda with many mysteries, associated with the legend of the love story between the prince and the Thuy Cung princess. Although no one knows exactly how the story originated, the temple still attracts many tourists every year.

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