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The Indochina Peninsula, after many historical fluctuations, currently consisting of only Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - the “three lands” that share the borderlines, the contemporary history, the topography and many common cultural excellences. Adjacent to Laos, Myanmar has counted in late but contributed a huge part to the team, with "golden land" and people, incomparable vestiges, amazing landscape and new social conditions that benefit both locals and tourists. ... A trip combining these lands instead of only one will save cost of your incoming flights and grant you a panorama of how this "little Asia" unitedly defines itself from the rest. Despite strong influences of the biggest cultures on earth, India and China, the "Indochina" remains itself with distinctive ethnology, ideology, creativeness, peace-loving heart and hospitality. They are, also, enriched with long-term cultures, day-by-day archeological and historical discoveries, and the local people who are trying hard to preserve traditional treasures.
If you have only two, three weeks in the region, the Threelanders will guarantee to bring the best "heritages" of Indochina and Myanmar to your journey. Some of the most remarkable tours and excursions are listed below as indispensable parts to form a greater complex.
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13 days / 12 nights


Within two weeks, this Vietnam Cambodia tour not only combines visits to top must-see Angkor temples and the best places to see in Vietnam but also will leave you an unforgettable experience of which are the most typical for Asia: warm-hearted people, sunlight, impressive visits and real experience from spontaneous meetings with the locals. Two weeks are a replete amount of time for a picture-perfect journey that touches some of the most alluring and illustrious places on the map of Cambodia and Vietnam tours.

13 days / 12 nights


A perfect escape to the lands of cultural diversity, captivating landscapes, and unique architecture dating back to thousands of years ago, immersing yourself in the fabulous heritages of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Indochina still is a paradise for tourists over the world. This Indochina package tour is one of our top-selling itinerary rewarding you at time-efficient to go deep into the heart of Indochina.

5 days / 4 nights


Relish the modern and dynamic life of Southern Vietnam under year-round exotically tropical weather in 5 days, this is a wonderful start to discover the South of Vietnam with Saigon city tour to the most attractive places within then visit Cu Chi tunnels - a treasure of Vietnam’s history underground. Continue the trip to the Mekong Delta, discover the mighty river by boat among the canals and visit eco-garden / orchard of the area to learn of local daily life on the river before discovering the mysterious Angkor in Cambodia. The rich history, culture and architecture of Angkor will bring you everlasting memories.

10 days / 9 nights


Experience the best of northern Vietnam and Myanmar and be surrounded by magnificent landscape, marvelous religious sites and the most friendly people. Different than many countries, Myanmar is not the place to pass-by and watch quickly, but to get stuck-in and meditate. With the ambition of making your trip meaningful in connection with Vietnam, we try to get different ways of discovery into your most classic tour to the most popular highlights of Northern Vietnam and Myanmar.