Vietnam tours have recently risen up not within the limit options of traditional, cultural and historical tours anymore, but as a paradise of beach holiday, with no big crowds and abundant sunshine. It is said now that Vietnam might have been late to Southeast Asia’s beach party, but it was well-worth the wait! Possessing a 3,260-km-long coastline, half of which is luckily sunny more than half of the year, Vietnam beach holiday is bestowed with plenty intriguing beaches with the stretch of white sand, blue water and striking scenery. ... Both water sport and photography tours will have bright potential here, all Threeland’s tour consultants becoming more and more professional to catch up with every request from the guests of recreation facilities, budget and enclosed excursions. Direct flights from many countries with traditional beach holidays, especially during the coldest time of winter, also create favorable conditions to increase free and easy Vietnam tours for the beach-lovers and introduce Vietnam as a new, fresh dreamland of seascape, boat trips, water sports and beach leisure.
Beside the privilege of beach relaxing Vietnam holiday packages, the country is connecting tightly with neighboring countries for combination such as Vietnam Cambodia tours, in order to discover history, culture, religious life and to organize special theme tours for groups. Aiming to give the guests more when paying less, new itineraries are designed to introduce each country not as an independent state but a part of a common, long-term and border-free civilization. Alongside with the course of perfecting services and facilities of deluxe hotels and gourmet restaurants in all Indochina, especially at big urban centers and seashore now, these combinations are matched the needs of more and more meetings and incentives organizers from various continents.
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  Private Tour  

11 days / 10 nights


This exotic trip to Vietnam covers all UNESCO World Heritages sites, including one of the new 7 wonder of nature Halong bay, ancient capital Hue, historic Hoi An town, iconic Cham Towers in My Son sanctuary. From vibrant Hanoi to dynamic Saigon, into the depths of ancient heritages and modern culture, and the extravagant landscapes and beaches, you will see the country packed full of diverse ethnicity, etiquette, and elegance. Can’t stop surprising at incredible beauty and rich tradition of Vietnam. Specially designed for first time traveling to Vietnam, the "World Heritages Vietnam" which runs from North to South is the best direction to learn the traditional culture and history of Vietnam before you reach its development and excitement. Excellent to visit Heritages of Vietnam within a short time and to extend to Cambodia at the end by riverway.

Set Departure

10 days / 9 nights


This Small Vietnam Group Tour will bring you to all must-see spots, UNESCO World Heritages sites of Vietnam from the North to the South, from vibrant Hanoi to dynamic Saigon into the depths of ancient heritages: the new 7 wonder of nature Halong bay, ancient capital Hue, historic Hoi An town, iconic Cham Towers in My Son sanctuary. From learning the traditional culture and history of Vietnam before reaching its development and excitement, you will see the country packed full of diverse ethnicity, etiquette, and elegance leaded by an experienced private local guide.

Daily Departure

12 days / 11 nights


This Vietnam tour package will take you out of the mass tourism route Sapa to the less touristic place Pu Luong to contemplate the magnificent nature landscapes with light adventure activities. A well-balanced itinerary includes new adventure place Pu Luong, sea escape, Top rated sites on TripAdvisor & UNESCO-designated attractions across Vietnam. This Vietnam tour puts an emphasis on new adventure experience while offering unique opportunities for cultural discovery. You will see local culture, including the lifestyle of the people in that area, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religions, and other factors that shaped their way of life while experiencing dozens of kinds of activities such as trekking, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, ect.

Exclusive Offer

7 days / 6 nights


This 7-day Vietnam tour package is designed with sublime highlights of the North and the South – 2 main regions in Vietnam. Every place, every activity, every step you take in this tour will undoubtedly leave you an unforgettable remembrance of an exotic & compelling country, a land of spectacular natural beauty and cultural diversity, of dynamic mega cities and tranquil countrysides. Like a glimpse of Vietnam, this tour is ideal for whom still want to experience fully Vietnam in the short time.

  Small Group  

14 days / 13 nights


If you want to experience Vietnam in a different, insight way, or prepare to return to Vietnam on the 2nd time, this tour will deliver new discovery and can be customized to suit your needs better. Let’s capture the spirit of magical Vietnam on this comprehensive 14 day tour starting from Hanoi to Saigon. Enjoy panoramic view of Pu Luong Retreat, contemplate poetic landscapes with many caves in Ninh Binh, cruise along emerald waters on a Halong Bay boat trip and get lost in the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. This is an adventure full of life, color and flavor that introduces you to the highlights of this fascinating nation.

 Special Offer 

10 days / 9 nights


Let's cool the heat of this summer with an unrivaled escape holiday. This deluxe holiday package is designed for those who are in love with beaches and prefer spending a leisure summer escape holiday to Vietnam. The trip combines with some daily sightseeing at the must-see cities and nearly a week stay in deluxe resort on one of the most glorious beaches with crystal water, long sand dunes stretching over dozens of kilometers in Central Vietnam.

  Special Offer  

5 days / 4 nights


Do not miss a chance to visit two must-see attraction in Northern Vietnam: Hanoi and Halong. Join small group including pickup from hotels in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and depart to Halong to stay overnight on cruise. Admire the charm of Ha Long Bay, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and immense sea while the cruise surfs gently over the water.

Group Tour

5 days / 4 nights


This 5-day tour will give you an opportunity to discover the charming beauty of the provinces in the South of Vietnam in general and the energetic Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City ) in particular. You won't miss the chance to observe or experience life underground in the famous historic Cu Chi tunnels and explore the vibrant Mekong Delta by boating among intricate waterways with colorful markets, ending with gorgeous countryside landscapes, of rural area where arroyos, fish farms and tropical fruits are abundant.

Private Tour

11 days / 10 nights


The trip takes about 10 or 11 days, enjoy the best and the most "essential" landmarks of Vietnam with different cultures and life styles.

Daily Departure

8 days / 7 nights


A comprehensive tour of Northern and Center Vietnam, visiting its greatest cultural legacies, iconic town and astonishing natural wonder