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Hit the Amazing Adventures in Kalaw catching Myanmar Tour Packages

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Kalaw is a small town that stands on the western edge of the Shan Plateau, near famous Inle Lake. With an altitude of 1320 meters, it offers cool temperature, rugged mountain scene, and also a nice place for hiking and trekking. Visiting Kalaw lets you experience the heart of Myanmar in all its natural beauty. From hikes to delicious food, it has a lot to offer for a memorable Myanmar tour package.

Check out things you can do in Kalaw:

1.    Walk around the town

Rural village:

Kalaw village

Kalaw is a lovely and quiet village that is different from other Burmese towns. From the first step on your Myanmar tour to Kalaw, you can feel the peaceful atmosphere, romantic scene with flowers and vegetables growing in abundance in the gardens of the locals. 

Colonial architecture:


During colonization, this small town has been influenced by the British, and nowadays, many constructions from this era remain its original architecture. You can visit the historic train station building, passed the old British “Club” or spend some time in the neglected park which is in the center of the town.

Local market with foods:


On your way, remember to visit the local market to fill your stomach. You can have a chance to taste unique and delicious dishes of the locals. Try some Shan noodles, local fruits, and honey to cool down your body after a long walk. Try some wine mixed between Myanmar culture with other foreign cultures such as Red Mountain wine (Myanmar – French) or Aythata (Myanmar – German).

2.    Trekking 

Like I said above, this place is a perfect destination for trekking. With a bumpy road and most of part is soil and rocks, it will be an interesting adventure to who loves trekking on a tour package to Myanmar, but not too hard that amateur or the professional can join the fun.


For short walk, you can head to Myint Mathi caves. It takes around 2 hours to reach the cave and exist only one way. Walking through quiet pine forests, you will discover many unique plants and various animals, it is a great way to clear your mind and your soul. By the time you get to the cave, you will see the incredible beauty that Mother Nature gave and have a beautiful sight to Shan State area.

If you want to challenge your limits and courage, take longer trekking to Inle Lake. There are about 5 different routes to take you from Kalaw to Inle Lake with different distance and difficulty. It also another opportunity to see the beauty of this small town through a hard road. And the prize for the winner is massive with the stunning landscape of Inle Lake.

Come and hit amazing adventures in Kalaw through Myanmar Tour Package to test yourself and have a wonderful time to reset your mind and your body. 

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