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Get the Best Local Shopping Experience with Myanmar Tour Packages

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar is an emerging tourist paradise of Southeast Asia, which attracts millions of visitors every year. Travelers are struck not only by countless famous religious sites, stunning landscape but also by all kinds of unique souvenirs. Here are the most important ideas regarding what you should consider buying as well as some useful tips for your upcoming Myanmar tour package:



gemstones in myanmar
The fact that the products from gemstones produced in Myanmar are highly appreciated as owning a large number of gem mines. Burma is home to various kinds of gemstones with sophisticated designs in different sizes and low price. Don’t forget to keep in mind that those gemstones are easily made fake so be sure to consider carefully before buying stones. For certain, the best places to buy gemstones are reputable shops or if you participate in the Myanmar tour, you will be taken to a famous shop which is licensed by the government. A small hint for you to buy precious stones is Bogyoke Aung San market in Yangon, Myanmar. 


Tapestries in Myanmar
Tapestries become an impressive souvenir which attracts every traveler. This is a unique traditional art form that is preserved for a long time and now becoming a symbol of Myanmar’s culture. To create this amazing handcrafted artwork, many materials are used such as gems, pearls,...You can easily buy them in many galleries in Yangon or Bagan with costs a few thousand Kyat (Myanmar currency). Especially, tourists are interested in the tapestries of the themed temple or daily activities in Myanmar.


Cigar is a pretty unique souvenir in Myanmar because you can witness the making process of cigars here. Cigars here have a pleasant fragrance. With 100% made from natural materials, you don't have to worry about their safety. On average, you can buy 8 cigars (1 box) for 1,000 kyat, which is not too expensive. Many Threeland’s Myanmar tour itineraries include visiting an old village on Inle Lake where the typical Burmese cigars are made by hand.

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Longyi is a traditional Burmese costume, at first glance they seem quite simple like a piece of cloth wrapped on the leg like a skirt, but they are actually quite elaborate with differences for men and women. Longyi is very useful in many cases, so it is often chosen by tourists when coming to Myanmar. The fabric to make this traditional costume is also very diverse from popular to high-class, so you can choose the right product for your budget.


Don't forget to bargain: Just like other countries in Southeast Asia, it's traditional in Myanmar that you haggle over the price of things in the market. However, it should be noted that some items are always sold at a fixed price in a luxury trade center. If you’re not sure about the price, just take a walk around to review some shops. Don’t hesitate to ask for price and bargain, you could luckily buy it for a song (up to half price lower).

Avoid scammers and counterfeit goods: Ideally, you’d better be accompanied by a local guide or joining in Myanmar escorted tours. If you purchase jewels, always make sure you have a certified jewel and certificate a) to make sure it is real and b) in case you are asked or stopped at customs. 

Shopping in Myanmar is one of the most enjoyable things to do with any traveler, updating some useful experiences will help you have a perfect trip and save your Myanmar tour cost!