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7 Amazing Tips to get the Best Myanmar Tour Package

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Myanmar Travel Guide

Lately, with the beauty of nature, unique culture, Myanmar has become one of the top choices for visiting in the summer. But before any journey starts, you should have researched about your destination to avoid some bad things might happen. Here are 7 amazing tips to get the Best Myanmar Tour Package in this summer. 

1.    Myanmar eVisa online 

It is compulsory for visitors from eligible countries traveling to Myanmar, previously known as Burma, to present a visa at the port of entry. You can easily obtain a Myanmar eVisa online for Myanmar Tour Package right at home. Just about 1 to 2 weeks of your online application, an eVisa will be emailed to you, just need to print it and show it through your tour. Thanks to that, no more wasting time to go back and forth the embassy to get a visa. 
Check list of countries eligible to apply for an online eVisa for Myanmar and How to apply for an online eVisa for Myanmar:

2.    Greeting in Myanmar

The first thing you have to notice when your Myanmar Tour Package starts is that Myanmar people DON’T shake hand for greeting, they will hold both hands in front of chest and bow instead. Therefore, you just need to do as they do and remember to add a smile to create sympathy with the locals.  They always keep a distance with strange people so don’t come too close or touch on the body. In Myanmar, the vertex of the skull is the secret place, because of that, avoid rubbing children’ heads.


3.    Barefoot in temples

Myanmar is known as The Land of Temples, so one activity of Myanmar Tour Package can’t be missed is visiting temples. But you have to remember when visiting any temples or pagodas, leave your shoes with socks outside and no wear hats because it is an expression of disrespect for Buddha. Besides, your clothes must be neat and clean, don’t be too short or too thin, you may not get in. Best attire is long jeans and shirts, you can wear a skirt if it too hot as long as it crosses the knee. In case the tour keeps going and you don’t have time to go back to hotel and change, you can put on traditional clothes of Myanmar sold outside the temples and continue your journey.


4.    A woman can’t touch the monks

One important thing all woman have to pay attention when enjoying Myanmar Tour Package is NO physical contact with the monks. The monks can have tattoos on their body but absolutely no touching woman and vice versa. It seems like a rule in traditional Buddhism of Myanmar. Therefore, when you want to take a photo with a monk, avoid touching or getting to close and when take part in the ritual monk’s road (the monks will go around the city and receive foods from people), put a towel on your hands so that they won’t be touched.

5.    Using cash instead of bank card

Myanmar is just open for several years after isolated, for that reason, you may not see many ATM pos around the cities and cards will be denied in some places. For the best Myanmar Tour Package, you should prepare enough cash to spend for the time you will stay in Myanmar and change into Kyat (Myanmar currency). Your cash should be clean and not creased as the vendors in Myanmar won’t accept crumpled money.

6.    Special things in eating

Unlike most countries, Myanmar people don’t use fork, spoon or chopstick to eat, they use their hand, especially, only the right hand. In their mind, the left hand is just used for personal hygiene. So don’t be so shocked when you see someone grab foods with their hand and eat it. Furthermore, they have 2 main religions: Buddhism and Islamic. Therefore, if you want to invite someone to go out for a meal, avoid eating beef with Buddhist followers and eating pork with Muslim followers.


7.    Using a local Myanmar sim card

Wifi has been used at restaurants and hotels in Myanmar, but sooner or later you will find out that wifi connection here is really poor. What is more frustrating than you can’t share your memorable photo or video of your Myanmar Tour Package online. Fortunately, there is a solution: using a local sim card. Data package here is super cheap and good to be used. You just need to spend around 2 to 15 USD (depending on your work and time you will stay in Myanmar) to get a connection to the world outside.

Just some tips but they are helpful for an amazing package of Myanmar Tour. Now check out the attractions, places to visit, time to visit Myanmar here.