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Vietnam Tours Hiking And Trekking

14 days / 13 nights


Escape the bustling confines of Hanoi city, and breath the fresh air on this the scenic road in to Pu Luong Nature Reserve to tribe hill villages. See local villagers going about their daily lives as you come to appreciate a quieter slice of Vietnamese culture.

Hiking Tour

15 days / 14 nights


Explore the real Vietnam by trekking in the remote areas, staying at villages and living with the hill tribal people to share their real life, experience their hospitality and contemplate miraculous scenery outside the town. Within 15 days, this fascinating hiking trip surely brings you many joyful experiences with beautiful landscapes and exciting activities. Besides hiking, you will know about country by traveling from North to South, it is the best direction to turn back time from modern daily life to the traditional culture and history of Vietnam. Then overnight cruise to discover the magnificent beauty of this “Descending-dragon” bay at Lan Ha Bay/ Ha Long Bay and enjoy the beauty and life at Hue and Ho Chi Minh city. Our trips will allow you to discover the country's natural beauty and distinct culture, as well as meet the people who live in harmony in these beautiful places.

8 days / 7 nights

Join us to see some of the major historical, cultural and natural landmarks of Northern Vietnam on this 8-day guided tour. Seek peace and pleasure in a memorable trip to the mountain and national park, where you merge with nature and local people in the unspoiled settings. This adventure samples the Old World charm in this pocket of Asia, while uncovering the natural treasures of Vietnam’s verdant northwest along the way.

Northern Vietnam

8 days / 7 nights

Explore the Northeastern region of Vietnam where the routines and traditions of the hill tribes are well maintained and marvelous sights remain. Get ready for the Adventure Tours in the best-preserved part of Vietnam. Join in on bamboo rafting, climb mountains, ride along breathtaking mountain passes, take part in the exciting trek routes, get inside a magnificent cave, visit ancient temples, travel all the way to the Chinese border, and head to some of the biggest waterfalls nationwide.

11 days / 10 nights

The Northern mountainous region perhaps offers the most spectacular scenery anywhere in Vietnam. Opportunities to see something of the lives, customs and costumes of many of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities abound. Contemplate the most splendid part of Vietnam, where concentrates magnificent limestone mountain ranges and incredible terraced paddy fields. 11-day adventure of all off-the-beaten mountainous Northern Vietnam with all inviting activities and trekking route.

7 days / 6 nights

Let's join us this trekking tour in Northern Vietnam with excellent trekking route in plunging highland valleys, tiers of rice paddies and soaring limestone mountains. On this trekking tour through Pu Luong Nature Reserve and Mai Chau, you can experience the daily life and culture of Thai and Muong ethnic minorities and spend your nights with friendly locals. Finish the trip with a luxurious cruise sailing amongst thousands of limestone islands jutting out of the turquoise water of Halong Bay and spend a night in the middle of Ha Long Bay.

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