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OZO treetop park –Quang Binh’s new attraction besides Phong Nha Ke Bang
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Phong Nha Ke Bang has been world-famous amongst things to do in Quang Binh of Vietnam and lured many tourists every year. There are tons of guides available to discovering this marvel national park. Still, I bet you haven’t heard about OZO treetop park – a brand-new attraction located in Phong Nha Ke Bang. This article is about to offer you all details to explore this whole new world hiding inside the majestic jungle with incredible outdoor activities – OZO treetop park.

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1.    What is special about OZO treetop park?

Located inside Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province – Central Vietnam, with an acreage about 5 ha, Ozo treetop park is an enchanted green world and the one and only place in Phong Nha that offers a raised-platform adventure course amongst the treetops and river.


With a 999m wood floor system which go through OZO river, not only have a chance to observe the very first primary forest of Vietnam – Phong Nha Ke Bang, but this place also has an incredibly distinctive rich flora and fauna, specially, the beautiful limestone forest ecosystems.

OZO Treetop Park activities enables tourists to learn about nature as well as train their physical and mentality through outdoor activities. With each game in the park, require participants to have flexible legs, strong hands and steel spirit. If you like challenges, head to the park right now to test your limits.

2.    How to get to OZO treetop park?

There are two different ways to get to this fantastic destination:
- Route 1: OZO treetop park is about 12 kilometers far from the centre of National Park. You just need to go straight, follow The Road 30m then The Road 20 to get there. 
Note: do not take this road for bus 29 seats and above.


How to get to Ozo treetop park

- Route 2: It takes more time following this road than the route 1, but the road is more convenience and on your journey, you have a chance to visit other attractive locations such as Dark Cave, Mooc Spring or Paradise Cave. From Xuan Son Bridge, go up to Trooc and turn left to Ho Chi Minh Road (the western branch). Follow this road until you see Tra Ang bridge, turn left to The Road 20 and go for 200 meters then you will see the park.
The best time to visit OZO treetop park is between April and August when the weather is dry and clean. Despite the heat of summer, the southwest wind will cool down the temperature. It is a perfect time to enjoy activities in the park.

3.    Activities in OZO treetop park

OZO treetop park is one of few parks inside National Park and has the longest complex of treetop adventure activities in Vietnam. Come to this unique park, tourists get attracted by diverse biology of the park, especially, stunning forest on limestone mountain.

The park is divided into 2 parts: Upper area and Lower area. The Upper part has a spectacular view of the park with peaceful stream suitable for Kayaking and Supping while in the Lower area, a beautiful place for relaxing and swimming.

Observe the wild life in the jungle:

Covering over 50,000 sq.m, Ozo Treetop Park is evaluated as the most unique and attractive tourism product in Quang Binh at present. Tourists can literally come to the park to have a taste of woodsy fragrance and immerse themselves into poetic surroundings by wandering under the shade through a 999m meandering wooden path that runs along a peaceful stream. Wandering whilst enjoying birds singing and beholding serene sight with over 76 different types of plants, flowers, birds, and animals is really a soothing feeling.


Ozo 999m wooden path

Strength challenge with a 17-game system on the treetop:

Visit Ozo Treetop Park, tourists can experience treetop high ropes & obstacle course, treetop zipline and water sports on Ozo stream. The park is a suitable place for most of people from adventurous ones to families. Test your courage with sky step and hanging loop, fly like Tarzan with ring swing and 300m zipline, and do you dare to walk through a hanging rope in 400m height?


Adventure game list at OZO Treetop Park: Monkey Bridge, Hanging step, Hanging log, Rafting, SUPing, Tarzan, Flying fox, Flying Skateboard, Flying Carpet, Hanging Loop, Ring Swing, Aerial walk, Sky Bridge, Sky Step, Spider Web Challenge, Vine Walk, Tarzan Web Swing.

Kayaking along Ozo stream:

ozo kayak

The Ozo Stream Kayak Challenge down the falls is one of the most exciting activities on the list of water games at Ozo Quang Binh Park.

Ozo stream has a quite large area with a fast-flowing water system, the stream is fairly rugged with many rocks rising above the water surface so that the challenge of kayaking down the waterfall increases the "dramatic" and attractive. For those who love the feeling of adventure, this is definitely an interesting activity that you cannot miss.

Conquering Ozo cave:


Ozo cave is 2.5 km in length, with 3m high entrance. Despite the cave is relatively small in size, it owns dozens of different beautiful stalactites and stalagmites come in various shapes. Tourists have to swim, wade across crystal clear water and sometimes crawl through narrow passages to reach a doline (cave collapse) at the end of the cave where people will climb up a ladder to exit. The deeper you go inside the Ozo cave, the more mystical beauty it is. The exhilarating journey nearly 2 hours to conquer the cave will definitely be an unrivaled highlight of your trip. After exiting the cave, you will keep on trekking for 30mins through So Dua forest to reach to the Treetop Park.

Ozo tour package rate:

So far, the OZO treetop park has 3 tour packages for visitors with the prices ranging from 10 – 50 US dollars depending on their itineraries/activities. 
- Ozo 1 package (2-3 hours):
Ticket price:
•    Children (under 1m): Free ticket
•    Adult Ticket: 200.000vnd/pax
•    Child Ticket (1m-1.4m in heigh): 100.000vnđ/pax
Activities included: 
•    999m on wooden paths to explore the diverse biology of OZO treetop park.
•    Treetop zipline and 16 high rope & obstacle course.
•    Kayak rides and experience SUPing on Ozo stream.

- Ozo 2 package (3-4 hours):
Ticket price: 750.000vnđ/pax – Only available for children over 1.4m
Activities included: 
•    Visit Ozo Treetop Park on the walking platform 999m
•    Challenge yourself with treetop zipline and 16 high rope & obstacle courses (average height from 5-7m)
•    1km Stream wading Challenge

- Ozo 3 package (7-8 hours):
Ticket price: 1.050.000vnđ/pax – Only available for children over 1.4m
Activities included: 
•    Conquering Ozo Cave.
•    English speaking tour guide; Lunch; Water bottles; Life jacket; Gloves; Waterproof bag; Porter team; First Aid Kit; Ticket; Insurance; Trekking shoes (if required)

Note: What to bring when visit Ozo Treetop park: 1 long pant, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, towel, swimming wear, sun cream, sun glasses, insects repellents, hat, camera, waterproof case for phone.

4.    Is there a restaurant in Ozo tree park?


Yes, it has an Ozo restaurant. Ozo Restaurant is located on the other side of Ozo Park with a system of 2 zones: Upper Ozo and Lower Ozo. This is the stilt house complex next to Ozo Stream which offers guests an ideal stop station after the adventure journey of Ozo Park. You will be delighted by Vietnamese and local dishes made by professional chefs.


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