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Experience Glass walking bridge in Vietnam
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide


What makes visitors really surprised is that this bridge is not too scary, but enough for you to have an impressive experience. Coming to Moc Chau valley, in addition to exploring other entertainment areas, Bach Long glass bridge is the most chosen by many tourists.
Threeland will bring you some interesting information about this world record bridge!

Bach Long Glass Bridge - the longest glass bridge in the world

Bach Long Glass Bridge is located about 10 km from the center of Moc Chau district, it belongs to Moc Chau Island tourist area, a complex of amusement parks and resorts in the majestic space of the Northwest mountains. The total investment capital of the bridge is up to VND 773 billion with the first modern design in the world. Many tours to discover Vietnam have been organized to visit here.

How many meters long is the Moc Chau Glass Bridge?

With a total length of 632 meters, Bach Long Glass Bridge in the territory of Muong San Commune, Moc Chau District has been widely reported by the international press. The largest French news agency AFP reported that the Bach Long bridge had completed the procedures to recognize the Guinness Record. 


Accordingly, it is recognized as the longest walking glass bridge in the world. It is the third bridge built, after Dragon May Bridge in Lai Chau and Love Bridge in Moc Chau.
Many famous international newspapers such as CNN, Businessinsider, Dailymail, CNA, etc. have published pictures and detailed descriptions of this unique bridge.

Design and construction of Bach Long glass bridge

The overall project started in 2021, so far, a number of items have been basically completed, such as the glass bridge system, Tabambo bamboo restaurant, "Train" hotel, Ziline slide, area dry slide, children's play area...
The bridge deck is built with high quality Saint Gobain tempered glass from France. The design of 3 layers of glass, 40 mm thickness makes the bridge durable and solid, ensuring absolute safety for visitors.


The height of the bridge is 150 meters, bringing an extremely interesting experience for visitors. When standing on the bridge, you can observe the majestic beauty of nature, making viewers a little scared. The width of the bridge deck is 2.4 meters with the upper part of the cliff 1.5 meters high.
Apply 9D effect technology with 60 simulated visual and sound effects to create a feeling. Appraised by Kuraray - Japan according to international standards.
The bridge has two 30m high towers with a solid design. Underneath the tower is firmly designed by experts, which has been drilled to a depth of 30m with Korean bearing cables.


The famous Bach Long glass bridge destination at home and abroad

When investing in the construction of Bach Long glass bridge, the investor considered developing potential attractions in Moc Chau district. At the end of the bridge is Muong Mooc cave (Chim Than cave) including stone sculptures bearing the beauty of the ancient Thai people living in this area. The attractive natural stalactites in the cave make this place a must-see destination.


The occasion of April 30 - May 1 is one of the biggest holidays in Vietnam, the number of tourists visiting northern Vietnam tour and Bach Long glass bridge is quite large. However, you still need to buy a ticket to visit, so you have to queue quite long, proving the attraction of this bridge is quite large. 

The only interesting experience at Bach Long glass bridge, Moc Chau

At night, the glass bridge is lit up with sparkling lights, extremely romantic for couples in love. Specifically, at 6pm every day, it becomes a romantic proposal place, the cool, slightly chilly weather makes the evening more special.

Are you afraid to climb the scariest glass bridge in the world?

When coming to Bach Long Glass Bridge, the first thing visitors feel is the towering height, easy to make you feel scared. Therefore, young Vietnamese consider this as a destination to take extremely interesting virtual photos. 
The surrounding is not only towering hills, bringing the feeling of being in harmony with nature and the horror of looking down at your feet. Bach Long Glass Bridge has been appraised according to international standards, proving its safety.


Like the famous Vietnamese Youtuber, Mr. Hoang Nam has reviewed the glass bridge. He said the feeling of the bridge is really very safe, although at a height of more than 150 meters, it is not as scary as we think. Partly due to the solid design, ensuring absolute safety for visitors when visiting, you are completely assured.
Some fun activities are popular with tourists such as bungee jumping, zipline over the abyss, swinging abyss, hot air balloon,...These activities will help you be less afraid.

Ticket price for glass bridge Moc Chau, Son La

According to the latest update, the ticket price to enter the glass bridge on holidays and weekends is VND 650,000 for an adult, a child 1-1.4 meters is VND 450,000. However, on weekdays, the ticket price reduced by 100,000 VND is completely reasonable for domestic and foreign tourists.
For Son La people, students and people with meritorious services to reduce the ticket price is 400,000 VND for an adult and 250,000 VND for children. Especially children under 1 meter are completely free.


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