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Travel Update: Cambodia reopen for fully covid19 vaccinated International Visitors
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Travel Alert ( Top News )

Cambodia has lifted a ban and allows all flights from Malaysia, Indonesia & the Philippines after most of the kingdom's population have been vaccinated. Moreover, Cambodia starts implementing plan to welcome fully vaccinated foreign travelers starting from late November, 2021. The Tourism Ministry announces that whoever are taking completely 2-dose covid-19 vaccination are no more being quarantined if they stay at least five days in appointed areas. 

As a result, those first areas to open will be Sihanoukville and Koh Kong on the Gulf of Thailand. On arrival, travellers must show their vaccinated certification and take a quick test for COVID-19. They are no need to be in quarantine area if the quick test result are negative. The free-quarantine program would add Siem Reap city, home to the renowned Angkor Wat in January and others cities if the program is implemented successfully.

Koh Rong island

From November 30, 2- dose vaccinated travellers can stay within appointed areas in Cambodia for five days before being allowed to travel further while the government attempts to kick off tourism toward the peak New Year holiday season. This is the first step in their strategy to open to lead other destinations to be opening in January 2022, including Siem Reap.

cycling around Angkor

Cambodia was one of the rare covid19 success stories. It had largely managed to keep the disease from outbreak, recording zero COVID 19- related deaths in 2020. But figures spiked last February and as a result, the country's borders are still restricted and utmost traveler - related conditioning is shuttered until the end of the time at foremost.

Though Cambodia is fighting the disease with an inspiring successful vaccination campaign. It's one of the most completely vaccinated countries in the world with 77 of the population completely vaccinated to date, according to Oxford's Our World in Data. It recorded its fewest cases of new infections since April, the country towards 96 percent of the adult population is completely vaccinated.


The country also is considering lessening or the full removal of the 14- day quarantine policy for completely vaccinated travellers, barring instrument showing a negative COVID test 72-hours before trip and another negative COVID-19 test upon incoming at Phnom Penh International Airport, it said.

The country is nowadays the second most vaccinated country in Southeast Asia after Singapore as it has formerly invested over 70 percent of its16.5 million people, while residers in the capital city of Phnom Penh are already completely vaccinated and are already receiving third booster doses.

Based on the above policy, international tourists will still need to show up a medical certificate for a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to their arrival in Cambodia & they must bring a vaccination card or certificate of full vaccination status with vaccination date.


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