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Wat Phou - The ancient beauty of the oldest temple in Laos

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If talking about Laos travel experiences, Wat Phou - the ancient temple complex of the Khmer people, will definitely be an indispensable attraction. The project is known for its history of more than 1,000 years and possesses an impressive architectural style. Therefore, visitors will have the opportunity to discover more about the culture and people here from ancient times to the present.

In particular, this architectural complex has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, so it is considered the pride of the Lao people. If you plan to go to the country of "Million Elephants" to see this destination, please refer to the article below with Threeland Travel.

Overview of the more than 1000 year old temple in Laos

Bringing the architectural beauty of Khmer and ancient Hindu religion, the building possesses a mysterious appearance and makes anyone attracted to its unique lines and patterns. Wat Phou was built in the late 10th and early 11th centuries and is older than the Angkor ruins in Cambodia. So this is considered the pride of the Lao people.

When first built, this monument was known as a place to worship the Hindu god Shiva. Until the 13th century, the ancient Khmer people changed this place into a Buddhist monastery and it has existed until now. Currently, this more than 1,000-year-old structure is located in Champasak, in the southwest of Laos, and annually attracts a large number of indigenous people and tourists to visit.

Although there are only ruins left in the area west of the Mekong River, south of Pakse, the ruins are still recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Laos, do not miss Wat Phou to have more new and interesting discoveries during your trip.

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Unique features of Wat Phou

Admire the beauty of ancient architecture
One of the most unique features of this destination is its ancient architecture and the intersection of Khmer culture and Hinduism. As soon as you enter the gate area, you will see the museum displaying more than 100 exquisite statues and reliefs. These artifacts usually date back to the 5th - 11th centuries.

The main gate is a straight walkway built with Linga statues stretching and leading to the two main temples facing the East. The main temple's land area is 60x60m in size and 70m high, where the god Shiva is worshiped. Each line is meticulously carved, combined with special materials, making Wat Phou even more mysterious.

Impressed by the majestic natural scenery

Along with architecture, the surrounding landscape is also a strength that creates value for this long-standing project. Located next to the MeKong River and the foot of Phu Khao Mountain, this place always stands out with its cool surrounding landscape, many majestic and mysterious trees. Tourists visiting will not be impressed by this green beauty, feel free to check in to commemorate their memorable trip in Laos.

Discover the beauty of the famous Wat Phou festival

In addition to exploring the landscape, tourists also have the opportunity to experience the famous and typical Buddhist festival of the Lao people at this ancient temple. Accordingly, on the full moon day of the third lunar month, people will flock to Wat Phou and show gratitude to Buddha, along with offering many offerings.

You will clearly see the culture of the Lao people through activities such as: offering ceremony, lantern procession,... When experiencing the holiday, you can also enjoy many famous Lao delicacies, explore new things in local customs.

Wat Phou is among the most impressive and worth experiencing destinations when travel to Laos. Hopefully, through the above sharing from Threeland Travel, readers will have a memorable experience playing at this ancient building. Contact Threeland Travel today to receive incredible and reasonable Laos tours at the most attractive prices.