Indochina Peninsula refers to the lands, historically located between strong influences from India and China since the old time, and after many historical events now indicates the three countries in the center of the South East Asia: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The influence reflects from languages, habits, religions to arts and architecture, with more or less strength in each region. Not belonging to this Peninsula, Myanmar is adjacent to Laos and is the newest comer in the team, but offer a great and distinctive part. A lot of ancient monuments, old royal cities and old colonial quarters left as historical witnesses for overlapping time when every country hereby shifted itself from feudal rules to colonialism, than after fierce wars and conflicts, now are all successfully constructing their new economics with favorable conditions and quick improvement to tourism infrastructure. Thanks to the easy connection by border gates or short flights to each other, these countries now can combined in one trip for a deep exploration.

13 days / 12 nights

Sharing a long borderline, Vietnam and Cambodia share a lot of historical stages and culture. Along the ride, we shall gradually explore difference parts of Vietnam: a peaceful Hanoi, a new adventurous place Pu Luong, a bustling Saigon, Mekong Delta before pedaling our gear at the World Heritage Angkor. Ending with visits for charity including the villages, orphanages, educational and vocational training centers, etc. is available upon request.

 Departs daily

13 days / 12 nights


Within two weeks, a trip combining the Angkor and the best places to see in Vietnam and Cambodia will leave you an unforgettable experience of those are the most typical for Asia: warm-hearted people, sunlight, impressive visits and real experience from spontaneous meetings with the locals. The Kingdom of Cambodia is growing up with attentive, professional services, so besides the Angkor, the country is increasingly well-known as a good hideaway to refresh yourself. The tour can depart daily from 2 persons.

  Special Offer  

18 days / 17 nights


Within 18 days for the best experience in Laos - Cambodia - VietnNam. You will explore the culture and history of Luang Prabang on this fully guided tour of the city's temples, museums, art centers and more. The richly historical, cultural and architectural at the untouched areas of Siem Reap will guarantee you unique memories. Delight yourself in Vietnam's five biggest cities: Sai Gon - Da Nang - Hue - Ha Noi - Ha Long with the most important historical sites, splendid nature, culture and warm-hearted people.

Private Tour

15 days / 14 nights


Distinctive journey into Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, to uncover the different charms of the Legendary Indochina. With their long history, rich culture and beautiful nature, Indochina is one of the most attractive destinations for travellers all over the world who are looking for a pleasant vacation in a cozy Asia. The ‘’Legendary Indochina’’ program shows you the best of this Peninsula within two weeks, guiding you to explore the treasures of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos that hidden till recently.

Small Group

8 days / 7 nights


Only spending 8 days to have the best experience in Vietnam and Cambodia. Let’s check it out with Threeland Travel’s professional local guide to discover every corner of Ha Noi Old Quarter - former name is Thang Long, a thousand years old charming and fascinating royal capital, Ha Long Bay - a world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ho Chi Minh City - a metropolis on the move at its bustle and hustle life of Indochina, known as Saigon, Siem Reap - the richly historical, cultural and architectural at the untouched areas.

  Private Tour  

12 days / 11 nights


Follow the Indochina trail, you’ll be able to see as many awe-inspiring sights as possible including the natural beauty in Laos, majestic Angkor temples in Cambodia & energetic urban and typical mountainous scene in Vietnam. Of course, all the while enjoying the different cultures and cuisines along the way.

  Private Tour  

14 days / 13 nights


A deep discovery into the highlights Vietnam and Cambodia, inclusive of numerous U.N. World Heritage, hill tribal culture, light adventures, sea and river cruises, and world-famous cuisine. Most strongly recommended during the time of the Tet holiday.

  Small Group  

13 days / 12 nights


A perfect escape to the lands of cultural diversity, captivating landscapes, and unique architecture dating back to thousands of years ago, immersing yourself in the fabulous heritages of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Indochina still is a paradise for tourists over the world. This Indochina package tour is one of our top-selling itinerary rewarding you at time-efficient to go deep into the heart of Indochina.

Small Group

16 days / 15 nights


Experience the most remarkable vacation with our 16-day inspirational Indochina trip from Vietnam - the land of stunning natural sceneries, unique culture and providing deep interaction activities with local people to the beautiful Luang Prabang with its amazing temples and swimming in the crystal-clear water at the Kuang Si Waterfalls. Then ending with your admiration at glorious jungle-tangled temples in Angkor. By mixing experiences of river cruises, stunning landscape and incredible mixture of culture and history, this combination tour is full of marvel and suitable for who has enough time to take an in-depth exploration.