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Half-hour driving to the South from Danang, Hoian ancient town is known as a boutique but lively township, the ‘’No.1 tourists attraction’’ in Vietnam according to many polls. Being a mixture of up-to-17th-century seaport with traces of ancient Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese housing styles, Hoian reminisces the old glory of a former trading hub, which now turns into a big cultural rendezvous. Amongst the growing cities and towns in Asia, Hoian is leading in sustainable tours with local people’s decisiveness and consecutive efforts to maintain traditions and original spirit. Like other well-preserved ancient towns, Hoian is featured by romantic boutique houses, shops, café, flowery streets and unique works, brilliant lighting streets at night. The different is that the town has been recognized as ‘’the first place to visit in Vietnam’’ and is offering many options within such a short time for different ages from staying lazily in town and relaxing, to coming over An Bang beach for sunbath and swimming, or taking boats and vespa to villages.

Recently, Hoian has become famous for small education tours, with two great attractions at Tra Que vegetable planting villages and the silkworm feeding center, where you can witness how people using non-fertilizers for gardening or learn the whole circle of silk production. If developing tourism is inspiring the visitors by local authentic lifestyle, Hoian residents are doing their best.

Food & Drink

Hoi An cuisine is famous for the dishes are quite simple but meticulous in process and delicious in taste, which has an unique and characteristic flavour of Quang Nam land. This may be the reason why visitors always keep Hoi An cuisine in mind as the way they remember to this ancient town.

Travel Guide

Ancient, peaceful and also colorful, Hoi An is one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam that intriguing with its narrow cobblestone streets, bright lanterns, abundance and warm-hearted local. The little town is just the perfect candidate of what Vietnam tourism ministry is aiming to show to the world. Here are everything you need to know for your Trip in Hoi An!


Our pick: A couple of days in Hoian ancient town with easy sightseeing and shopping, followed by a luxury relax at a beach resort in Danang qualified from botique to high end.

Culture visits

World Heritage expediton by strolling around Hoi An ancient town, visiting Cham sculpture museum in Danang and excursion to Myson holyland.

Beach holiday

Family beach holiday with several days at luxury resorts then gaming at theme parks at Ba Na Hill.


Lazy sightseeing around the acient town, river boat trip with stops at villages, Vespa or biking tour to Tra Que vegetable vilalges.


Ideal places for shopping: Ceramic bamboo products, wooden and stone furniture and specially with Long shirt and suites. 

Recommended Tours

4 days / 3 nights


Hoi An, a living museum, one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites, is an unskipped destination for your family holiday. Unlike other ancient towns in the world, Hoi An is not only known as its well-preserved Ancient Town but also its stunning beach escapes. You will see a typical trading town through the well-preserved ancient architectures, local lifestyle, traditional cuisine of Hoi An. It is a wise to add Hoi An beach and ancient town in your Vietnam package tour with local experts’ support.

6 days / 5 nights

Pack your Vietnam trip just in the hyphen between the North and South Vietnam, your pick may make you the most unique tourist.

9 days / 8 nights

Expectant mothers can experience local care and hospitality, research ancient cultures which worship the reproduction

15 days / 14 nights

A great chance to research the traditional culture and history of Vietnam before you reach its modern daily life