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The small town of Vang Vieng is idyllically situated on the banks of the Nam Song River. It is surrounded by a picturesque mountain landscape with numerous karstic caves and a lush green rainforest.

Vang Vieng is a riverside town, located in central Laos and just about 4 hours from the north of the capital by bus. Surrounded by breathtaking landscape arranging from limestone mountains, unspoiled tunnels and caves to rice fields, this small town possess a long list of interesting attraction. Located in the Nam Song river, numerous tourist activities including kayaking, river rafting, tubing, revolve around the river. Moreover, coming to Vang Vieng, visitors should not miss the opportunity to exploring the jungle, zip lining, hot air ballooning, rock climbing as well as experience motorcycle rides.

Food & Drink

With the town of Vang Vieng being so small, chances are you will live just a stone’s throw away from your favorite dining places. One thing you should know to not get startled the moment you arrive in Vang Vieng is that the restaurants here have from highly to completely identical menus. To some visitors, disappointment may arise when they find out that Western dishes outnumber local authentic dishes here in Vang Vieng. Still, we can recommend you some Laotian food you can try among the limited offers.

Travel Guide

Great landscapes with karst mountains on the river, which are among the most beautiful in Asia: Vang Vieng with its enchanting nature has become a tourist magnet. It is surrounded by impressive rock formations, green fields, dense forests and is home to various appealing caves. Vang Vieng is conveniently located about 150 kilometers north of Vientiane and is an ideal stopover on the way to Luang Prabang.



Our pick: Join in a variety of river activities including rafting, kayaking, tubing. Challenge yourself with mountain climbing,cave discovery and zipline.

Adrenaline activities

Enjoy kayaking, tubing or taking rivercruise trips around Nam Song river

Nature discovery

Visit the Elephant camp; swimming at Tad Kuang Si or Tad Sea waterfalls; taking boat trip and fish for lunch at Pak Ou Cave.

Cave Tour

Exploring famous and unspoiled caves: Tham Chang cave, Tham Nam water cave, Tham Sang elephant cave and blue lagoon.


Sip a Cocktail on the River and partake in happy hour.

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Relish yourself in the charming and fascinating cities with this classic Laos tour package as well as the unspoiled nature sceneries. You will be welcomed by the tranquility of atmosphere and richness of culture in this Buddhism country including the historical sites of Vientiane Capital with a short trek through mountain landscape and some hill villages in Vang Vieng, Tham Phoukham caves and the charming town of Luang Prabang and its suburb with numerous famous sites and original villages.

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Though Laos is not really a destination for honeymoon, for nature lovers, it is still an ideal place with special experiences. Known as a land of the lotus eaters amid the bloated development of its neighbor countries, Laos is a lost paradise of unbelievable beauty of jungles and limestone cliffs. If you are keen on avoiding the crowds on your honeymoon to Asia, Laos is perfect for a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon trip.