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Laos with its completely landlocked and largely mountainous topography offers incredible mountain land ways and waterway to get you close to the people and nature of this beautiful hidden land, where greenery and romantic rivers spreads as far as the eye can see. Being the most sparsely populated country of Asia, Laos is far from the noise and boisterousness.

This is Asia’s ''once upon a time'', full of elephants, fresh fishes, jungles, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and superb ancient temples. Upon arrival in the most exciting townships like Vientiane or Pakse, you will be pleasantly amazed by their orderly traffics with no honking, quarrels or fusses on the streets. 
Absolute tranquility can be achieved if you choose stay in a lakeside or a hillside boutique lodge. This is simply an authentic lifestyle of the Laos people, leisurely and placidly, making it the perfect getaway location.

Laos is also a promising place for adventure-seekers. With jungles and nature reserves, mountain ranges and powerful Mekong tributaries, the country offers a wide range of adventurous activities of different levels of challenges, such as kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, motor biking, canoeing and elephant riding. Treetop zip lining and tubing are some of the experiences that are rarely found in neighboring Indochina countries. You might plan trips to Laos as an extension from visiting Vietnam or Thailand, but after a few days, you may wish to come back promptly to discover more. Amongst the three Indochinese countries, Laos is recorded with the biggest number of Threeland’s repeated guests, which is an impressive accomplishment since Laos people have earned it without having to put in too much effort or deviating from their traditional values.



Laos Our Pick: Cultural tours in Luang Prabang (Northern Laos) and Champasak (Southern Laos), with excursions by land or riverway to their surrounding prefectures.

  • Culture and Historical sites

    Visiting ancient Theravada temples, shrines and mysterious historical vestiges in Northern Laos, especially at Luang Prabang, the Plain of Jars and Vientiane. 
  • Natural sites

    Visit Khmer & Laos civilization traces in Southern Laos, with some days staying at Si Phan Don River islets. 
  •  River cruises

    Two-way river cruises from the Golden Triangle to Luang Prabang and Vientiane; short boat trips in their suburb to numerous vestiges and villages.
  • Adventure

    Adventure from moderate to expert level: mountain biking, hard trek, easy hiking, rock climbing, river rafting, zip lining, kayaking, caravan and motorbiking.
  •   Theme

    Photography tour, wildlife expedition, elephant riding, meditation and yoga, agriculture tours throughout the country. 


For those who are deeply interested in cultural and spiritual events, choosing tours and taking part in festivals will be one of the best ways to enjoy holiday.

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