Koh Rong Island lies in the wonderful south of Cambodia and with its unique flair is now a very popular destination for backpackers.

Koh Rong not only convinces any nature-lovers with the long white sandy beaches, but also with the simple way of life bounded on the island. The dense jungle in the interior of the island is accompanied with magnificent beaches and beach parties together with loud exciting music. This island has its own magnetism that makes a visitation a must-do on the trip itinerary.

Koh Rong is definitely not only a perfect place to relax and recharge your energy by sunbathing, swimming, or kayaking but also an ideal place for tourists to get closer to local villager who live upon fishing practices.

Food & Drink

Culinary experiences on the exceptional Koh Rong island can be at the same time both good and inexpensive. The islands offer few stand-alone restaurants, but almost all of the bungalows and guesthouses have their own restaurants or cafes for both in-house guests and others.

Travel Guide

Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia. Several sandy beaches meander along the coast. The middle of the island consists of dense jungles, many species of birds and some macaques. Koh Rong not only convinces with the long white sandy beaches, but also with the simple way of life led by its people. Dense jungle in the interior of the island, beautiful beaches, beach parties and loud music can be found on the island everything, which appeals a large number of both domestic and international tourists.



Our pick: An ideal place for travellers escaping from noisy cities, enjoying emerald ocean and getting closer to local villager who live upon fishing practices.


Ziplining and Ropewalks at High Point Adventure Park

Sea Kayak

Go kayaking or take the Boat Back from Sok San to Koh Toch Beach at Sunset

Eco- Tour

Visit the Jungle Zoo

Soft Adventure

Walking, cycling and diving tours

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