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Top Spring break destinations with exotic experience in Vietnam 2020 – Part 2: Moc Chau
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Part 2. Moc Chau – The most astonishing plateau for spring break trip 

Are you planning a spring break vacation in Vietnam? Moc Chau will be a highlight destination in your itinerary because spring is the season this area performs its best charm. Moc Chau is worth to be paid a visit to contemplate its magnificent scenery, enjoy signature specialties made by local residents and relax. Details of weather, places of interests and some tips below will help you to have an overview of Moc Chau.

The secenery of Moc Chau Plateau

The scenery of Moc Chau Plateau

a.    How is the spring weather in Moc Chau? 

At a height of 1,050m above sea level and 190km to the northwest of Hanoi, Moc Chau is a truly ideal mountainous destination for your spring break vacation.  The winter in Moc Chau with cold-weather normally lasts from December to the end of February next year. When the weather is in the spring, the transition from cold to cool, Moc Chau in the spring looks heavenly charming in sunshine, cloud, breeze, and fog.

Take a deep breath of the fresh air in Moc Chau Paradise

Take a deep breath of the fresh air in Moc Chau Paradise

In the spring, this northern mountainous province of Son La appeals to visitors by its pristine beauty with peach, and apricot blossoms. Especially, the whole area is blanked in the yellow of the rape flower. Your camera will not sit still with this natural painting. 

Remember to check with the local weather ahead of time for an unrivaled spring trip. 

Tips: Visitors may need only a light jacket for a day tour in Moc Chau in the spring, yet should bring along a sweater as the temperature at night can dramatically drop. 

b.    Moc Chau’s attractions for a spring break 

Moc Chau Spring – The beauty of “Ban Flowers”:

When the early spring days have gone with the fading of the brilliant peach blossoms, Moc Chau is immediately replaced and adorned with the charming of Ban Flowers which has common purple color. Although it is not as brilliant and prominent as the other flowers it features the peaceful of highland.

This exquisite flower symbolizes the pure beauty of a Northwestern girl. The petals were soft and gentle, early in the morning like the soul of that girl, fragile but completely not vulnerable, always standing before the wind. The flower blossoms out to the Thai girl, or the Thai girl makes the beauty of the Ban flower!

Catch a sight of Ban Flowers with your buddies

Catch a sight of Ban Flowers with your buddies

Going to Moc Chau in March, when the flowers begin to bloom, visitors will catch the distinctive scenery in Vietnam holiday tour. Flowers initially grow in the villages on the slopes of the mountains like a soft, flexible northwest muse between mountains and forests. 

Moc Chau Spring – Enchanting “Het Cha Festival”:

The End of the Year Festival shows the spirit of solidarity of the village community before spring comes, the season of all things sprouting up, the season of vigorous vitality of the couple's love. The festival is also an occassion for the adopted children to pay their respects to their healing physician. It shows the love between people and people in the phrase "Eat, don't forget your chopsticks. Being able to stay, do not forget to be grateful”. The festival is held annually in the spring in Ban Ang (Dong Sang Commune), Moc Chau and Son La.

The activities in the festival have aroused a simple life with the wild nature. It is decorated with colorful flowers, pictures, images of animals such as Ban flowers, plum flowers, animal pictures, birds, cicada, bee butterflies, gongs, etc. In the festival, there are also funny entertainment activities in many areas, competitions: spreading ethnic Thai, ethnic food, going overseas, going to stilts ...

Let's have fun at

Let's have fun at "Het Cha Festival" with inhabitants

"The End of the Year Festival" shows that the Thai people in the northwest have a lot of spiritual cultural activities, deep beliefs, and a sense of community cohesion together to confidently step into a new crop. It is also an opportunity for people to give thanks to the sky and the birth of their parents to pray for good rain and wind to lead a peaceful life.

c.    Top must-visit destinations for a spring break vacation in Moc Chau 

Moc Suong tea hill

The tea hill is located on the way to Wen village, about 15 km from the farm town. It is a vast green space stretching over the space beyond your eyes. To go into the tea hill crept through the red dirt trails into the long, deep tea beds as if there were no stops. The tea hills follow one another, creating a highlight by the image of a heart in the middle. Inhaling the aroma of tea covering the space will make anyone here also intoxicating.

Moc Suong Tea Hill

Moc Suong Tea Hill

Dai Yem Waterfall

3 km from Moc Chau farm town, near QL43, locates in Muong Sang, Dai Yem waterfall, also known as Thac Nang or Ban Vet waterfall. To enter the waterfall, you have to walk through a small paved road on either side of the forest. Strip name derived from the legend of waterfall line is the strip of the girl to save the boy from the flood.

The best range of Dai Yem Waterfall is in April to October every year with rushing water, white foam, cool and majestic.

Dai Yem Waterfall - a

Dai Yem Waterfall - a "treasure" of the Northwest natural land

Pha Luong peak

Located 30km from Moc Chau town, Pha Luong peak is near the Vietnam - Laos border with an altitude of nearly 2,000 m. If you want to conquer Mount Pha Luong, it takes you at least 3-4 hours on foot to reach the peak. 
Pha Luong has a majestic beauty, conquering this peak requires a strong will and persistence as well as preparation because passing through the mountains and forests is not easy. Pha Luong peak is a huge block of rock stacked on top of each other, protruding into the windy atmosphere, below is clouds and vegetation, forests and villages of Vietnam and Laos. Going to Pha Luong, you can only go and return during the day since, at the night, it is unsafe to stay. An adventurous spring break trip conquering Pha Luong peak would surely leave a thrilling remembrance! 

At the rear end of the cliff of Pha Luong Peak

At the rear end of the cliff of Pha Luong Peak

Chimi strawberry farm

Moc Chau strawberries were grown 10 years ago, mainly had Japanese origin. Coming to Chimi Farm you will have a chance to try strawberries in the sweet, hard fruit, with a featured aroma for free and taste strawberry jam, soft dried strawberries, strawberry candies, strawberry smoothies, strawberry yogurt... Especially you can pick the best strawberries for friends, family as a gift after your tour to Vietnam. 

Strawberry farm on Moc Chau Plateau

Strawberry farm on Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau dairy farm

Ideal place for you to participate in farm works at the “Moc Chau Miss” milk cows (milking and bathing to feed cows, goats and sheep)

Moc Chau Dairy Farm

Moc Chau Dairy Farm

Ban Ang pine forest (in Dong Sang commune)

3km from Moc Chau town, visitors will be surprised by the beauty of the 5-hectare lake surrounded by the pine forest in an area of 43 hectares stretching over the reddish brown feralite hills.

Visiting pine forest in Ban Ang Village, Moc Chau

Visiting pine forest in Ban Ang Village, Moc Chau

It has a fresh, cool climate, charming romantic scenery. Coming to Ang village, visitors can experience the beauty of traditional cultural customs with stilted roofs that still preserve many traditional crafts of weaving, padding, brocade weaving, and fanciful motions. Moreover, you will get surprised with ethnic cuisine which is made from natural materials, mountain products and discover how the people here cook 40-50 different types of dishes with a very unique flavor of the mountain. Northwest forest.

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d.    Tips for better Spring break in Moc Chau 


Moc Chau has a very special weather, with up to 4 seasons a day. On the days of March - August, the day may be sunny, but in the afternoon and especially in the night, there is a cold autumn, you should wear a warm coat when going out at night and a cotton blanket to sleep. That way, you should bring warm clothes and cool clothes for the summer. It is best to choose an outfit that is light and airy. Choosing clothes depends on the season when you wear very thick clothes, or even just hand-woven clothes will suffice.

Nothing is better than traveling with your teammate

Nothing is better than traveling with your teammate

Shoes, sandals: 

This is up to you, should choose the most appropriate shoes. Warm, easy to move. Sport and climbing shoes are the first priority, moreover climbing the hill will not be scratched.

Personal items:

If you want to stay outdoors, tents, toiletries - personal hygiene are indispensable things.


Insect repellent, stomachache, flu, bandage, gauze ... in case a bad case happens. 


In addition to the cost paid for the travel unit, you need to bring the cost for special shopping needs here.

Whether you are seeking an adventurous spring break trip or a family-friendly spring break vacation, Moc Chau plateau and Sapa highland have all options for you. And for sure, from Feb to April, it’s the best time of year to taste the signatures of Northern Vietnam from magnificent sceneries to ethnic cultures. Contact Vietnamese locals at Threeland Travel to design your tailor-made Vietnam tours this spring break vacation: email: or What's App: +84342620068 or call +842439262056.


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