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Top 3 Best Kid-Friendly Destinations For Your Vietnam Tours
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

When you are young and free, everything is so simple and easy. Such as planning for your trip, going out with friends or discovering alone, as such, you can make a plan a week or a day before. But now, with your kids, things have changed, you will need to research carefully before any trip. And if you are planning tours to Vietnam for your next holiday, it is no need to worry much, here are some best kid-friendly destinations across Vietnam for your family.

1. Hanoi - The capital of Vietnam

It will be a big regret if you come to Vietnam without visiting Hanoi - the capital of the country. This 1000 years old city is suitable for all of your requests for a vacation with family, and especially for your kids.

Hanoi Museums

Hanoi is home to various museums for kids such as Ho Chi Minh Museum, Vietnamese Women’s Museum or Vietnam Fine Arts Museum to explore the history, culture as well as the beauty of Vietnam. Among these incredible museums, don’t forget to bring your children to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. The museum will take you to an adventure to discover the traditional customs of 54 ethnic groups throughout Vietnam. The open-air exhibition facsimiles the very special architecture of communities from deltas to high mountains in both north, central, and South Vietnam. Your kids will be very excited about 15 different full-scale houses in the yard. Moreover, the museum also offers tour guides, so when taking one, you will not miss interesting stories about the culture of these communities. 

Ba Na's commual house in the open-air exhibition in Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Ba Na's communal house in the open-air exhibition in Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Besides, watching the water puppet show in Hanoi is another appropriate idea. This is one of the most attractive activities in the city and the most approachable way for your kids to understand the local culture. The show lasts around an hour, so the kids will not get bored, they will enjoy traditional Vietnamese folk music, fanciful stage and hand made puppets dancing on the water. On the other hand, to have an enjoyable and meaningful time together, here are some extra activities to do with your children:

Pay a visit to the Temple of Literature - the first university of Vietnam

The stories about the effort of Vietnamese to study will inspire everyone to try harder. After visiting, you can sit and enjoy the beauty as well as the tranquility of this heritage while your kids are exploring surroundings.
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A ceremony of undergraduated students in the Temple of Literature

A ceremony of undergraduate students in the Temple of Literature

Walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. 

Hoan Kiem Lake, the most famous destination, is a large freshwater lake in the central of Hanoi. This is a pleasant place to take a stroll and enjoy the rhythm of Hanoians’ life. Especially, every weekend, various entertaining activities, as well as Vietnam tradition games organized in walking streets area around the lake, will make your Hanoi excursion more joyful. 

Go ahead for a Hanoi food tour | cooking class

A food tour offers you a deep experience to discover insights of Hanoi. Passing the ancient streets, creating in every alley, your family will find out the best food, get surprised at the real Hanoi and enjoy wonderful dishes processed by locals. 
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Let's make traditional Vietnamese food yourself

Let's make traditional Vietnamese food yourself


2. Halong – The paradise on earth

Known as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam as well as in Asia, millions of visitors have come to contemplate its beauty. With the marvelous landscape, peaceful atmosphere and abundant interesting recreational activities, you and your kids are not depressed.

One of the top things to do when visiting Halong Bay is cruising through thousands of islands in the area. Stretching in an area of 15.000 square kilometers, 3000 islands of all sizes and miraculous shapes gradually appear in front of your eyes like you are getting into a paradise. Besides, you can dive into the stunning beaches and the unique atmosphere of Halong Bay. On the other hand, get bonding while kayaking and squid fishing in the evening with the locals. Besides, Halong Bay offers a lot of exotic activities. You can dive in the stunning beaches with your children, squid fishing in the evening with the locals or immerse into the tranquil atmosphere here. 

Lie on board to sunbathe and contemplate the magnificent of Halong Bay

Lie on board to sunbathe and contemplate the magnificence of Halong Bay

Halong amusement park, right on the mainland of Halong Bay, is always one of the favorite choices of every child. In an extensive area of 2014 ha, on the beautiful Bai Chay beach, Sun World Halong Complex offers many attractive and extremely exhilarating games such as Mystery Journey, Phi Long Express or Cyclone Dance, getting splash with the cool freshwater. This amusement park will give your family an unforgettable experience.
Riding the Queen cable car is also a smart choice to have a panoramic view of the magnificent Halong Bay from above, and the whole view of Sun World, explore Japanese Garden – Zen Garden with outstanding architecture Koi Bridge, then watch a show at Moonlight Water Puppet Theater.

Get joyful mometns at Halong Water Park

Get joyful moments at Halong Water Park

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3. Da Lat – The City of Eternal Spring

Da Lat is the little villa town in the middle of Central Highlands Vietnam with a cool temperature year-round. This “no season” city gathers the quintessence of spring, summer, autumn and winter in one day, so it is not exaggerative to say that 1 day in Dalat is the same as 1 year in north Vietnam. This incredible town is just like a little fairyland that your kids have read in their favorite books: gorgeous scenery, stunning waterfalls, delicious delicacies, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Having a visit to Dalanta Waterfall you will see your children scream in excitement. Walking to the fall is easy but hard enough for the kids to have their little adventure, they can enjoy the mountain coaster with so much fun while you no need to worry about safety. You can decide to stop by Strawberry Farms where delicious red color and evoking fragrance surrounding, live a life like a farmer in one day: learn how to plant the tree, take care of it, try picking the ripe fruits and taste the delicious juicy strawberry without being charged.

Have fun with your kid while the car slipping down to Dalanta waterfall

Have fun with your kid while the car slipping down to Dalanta waterfall

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Don’t forget to pass by Cu Lan Village on your journey. Your children can learn about the amazing culture of ethnic people here while you observe the poetic and romantic landscape of the village and discover cool sections in the area.

On the other hand, take a good time with your kids with:
- An adventure to Clay Tunnel where magical animals like elephant or giant turtles surround the village and learn the whole history of Da Lat told by clay sculptures.
- Enjoy romantic Xuan Huong Lake while riding a swan boat
- Discover rooms of Crazy House where each one is named after an animal

Enjoy the pure and peaceful atmosphere at Xuan Huong lake in Dalat

Enjoy the pure and peaceful atmosphere at Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat

We hope your family can have a wonderful time in Vietnam as well as create a strong bonding with the above suggestions of Threeland. Each destination is easy to approach, equipped with modern and kid-friendly facilities. Your Vietnam tours with family are now having magnificent beaches throughout Vietnam to enjoy a tropical climate, the bustling capital Hanoi to discover Vietnam culture and Dalat resting city. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact your best local friend Threeland via email or What’s App: +84342620068 or call +842439262056.



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