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Travelers love “The Great Wall of China” in Vietnamese versions
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

You heard of The Great Wall of China? 21,196km (13,170mi) in length, it is one of the greatest sights - the longest wall in the world. Vietnam also has its own three “The Great Wall” but in miniature versions. In terms of length, they are nothing compared to The Great Wall of China, but their sceneries, we bet they will WOW you at the very first sight. 

1.    The first "The Great Wall" in Vietnamese version: "Dinosaur Spine" in Binh Lieu of Quang Ninh Province

Besides the world-famous Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh province has recently attracted more visitors with its new check-in “Dinosaur Spine” in Binh Lieu. Remaining off the beaten track until recently, this untouched pearl of Vietnam captivates visitors with its stunning scenes of picturesque villages and immense mountain scenery. Located about 108km from Halong city, this less-touristy new place should be added to your bucket list besides Overnight Cruise Halong Bay.

The Dinosaur Spine in Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
The Dinosaur Spine in Binh Lieu, Vietnam - @kobi1805

1035 milestone Vietnam & China
1035 milestone Vietnam & China - @dihockhongdanhban

The “Dinosaur Spine” in Binh Lieu is a small road stretching along the mountain range. This road leads us to the 1035 milestone between Vietnam and China. From a bird’s eye view, this road lying in the middle of the immense mountain somehow looks like the Great Wall of China. Although the length of this “Dinosaur Spine” is only 1,8km, just like a corner of the Great Wall of China, the beauty of the magnificent nature has more or less similarities.

The best time to visit the Dinosaur Spine in Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu is a mountainous district of Quang Ninh province, the weather here is cool in summer and chilly in winter. October-November is the ideal time to conquer the Binh Lieu "dinosaur spine". At this time, the white reeds cover all the majestic windy mountains plus the pleasant weather which will leave you speechless as walking through this stunning scenery. You can snap lots of amazing pictures there.

The best time to visit Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh province

The best time to visit the Dinosaur Spine in Binh Lieu

However, if your Vietnam tour is not around that time, Binh Lieu still has many things to experience like: exploring Khe Van waterfall in summer, admiring the season of flowers and the ethnic festivals in spring, or just contemplating Binh Lieu’s mountains to be covered by ice in winter. 

How to get to Binh Lieu?

Road to Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

A road to Binh Lieu

From Hanoi, it takes about 1 day to travel to Binh Lieu by motorbike. However, to save time you’d better travel to Ha Long City by car, then rent a motorbike in Ha Long to ride to Binh Lieu. For those who plan to travel to Mong Cai, you can also rent motorbikes in Mong Cai from here to Binh Lieu, about 80km. The road and traffic conditions are good for motorcycle riding.

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2.    The second "Great Wall" in Vietnamese version: Ngoa Long Mountain in Ninh Binh

Ngoa Long Mountain (meaning Lying Dragon mountain) is in Hang Mua (Mua Cave) tourist area in Ninh Binh Province. “Spectacular views, worth the climb. Hot and sweaty way up but worth the view.  Amazing view from the top,” are what travelers talking about Ngoa Long Mountain. The road to reach the top of Ngoa Long Mountain looks like the Great Wall of China in miniature.

Stairway to Ngoa Long Moutain, Mua Cave in Ninh Binh


Stairway to Ngoa Long Mountain Top. Photo by bang.peach

With 487 steps up, it may take nearly 30 minutes to reach the top of Ngoa Long mountain. You should have enough time to do both routes in an hour. There the Buddha temple and huts stops dotting along the stairway where you could take little breaks and enjoy the stunning view.

Tip for you: Remember to bring umbrellas, hats, and mineral water when conquering Ngoa Long Mountain. And please wearing suitable outfits as the rocks at the very top are slippery, uneven, and not easy to walk on.

The best time to visit Ngoa Long Mountain, Mua Cave in Ninh Binh

As reaching the top of Ngoa Long Mountain and looking down, the whole world below is covered in a white carpet of cloud and a magical view of Tam Coc area with winding mountain ranges, and river basins just showing off. It’s amazing!

Magnificient view of Tam Coc

To catch Tam Coc’s unrivaled scenery, you should visit during the rice harvest season from mid-April to early June, which is also the time for the perfect blue sky and pleasant weather. At that time, from the top of Ngoa Long Mountain, you will have a magnificent view of Tam Coc in the yellow of rice fields dotting with green grottos and mountains. 

On the other hand, tourists can opt to visit Tam Coc in spring (from February to March) with the fresh view of green rice fields. The weather is also nice but high chance of drizzle. 

How to travel to Ngoa Long Mountain?

Not far from Hanoi City, you can easily travel to Ninh Binh city by car, motorbike, shuttle bus or joining a group tour. Only 16km far from Ninh Binh City, you can rent a motorcyle to ride to Hang Mua tourist area and walk to Ngoa Long Mountain. 

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3.    The third "Great Wall" in Vietnamese version: Stonewall of Mong Mo Hill in Da Lat

Another Vietnamese miniature version of “The Great Wall of China” is at Mong Mo Hill (Dreaming Hill) located in Da Lat. It is a stone walkway hidden under the poetic old pine of Mong Mo Hill. Only 2km in length, this version in Da Lat is not so hard for tourists to conquer. From the first look, you can realize that this 2-km walkway was built from monolithic rocks with the shape and texture of the Chinese Great Wall.

Stonewall view in Dalat ( Da Lat )

Stonewall of Mong Mo Hill

Dreaming Hill in Dalat
Ethnic dance performance

Surrounded by green old trees, it is so ideal for walking and enjoying the fresh, cold air of the city of flowers. The couples love to come here because of its ancient ambiance and dreamy scenery. Especially, in the season of blooming flowers, visitors will have a chance to witness the entire walkway covered with splendid cherry blossom. Get your camera ready!

To come here, from Da Lat market, you can follow Tran Quoc Toan Street - Dinh Tien Hoang - Phu Dong Thien Vuong - Mai Anh Dao - Dreaming Hill.

Tips for you: There are underground tunnels in Mong Mo Hill, don’t miss it if you want to experience a mysterious feeling.

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