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5 Useful Tips When Designing a Private Tour Package in Vietnam

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Nowadays, customized travel experience is trending across the globe, where big group tour is replaced with private tour - an exclusively designed trip based on its traveler's preferred expectation and standards. Of course, the best tour package should be affordable, hassle-free and memorable. For most people, they choose to book online Vietnam tours for the first visit according to their detail travel plan and preffered route. To help you to put some thoughts into your "dream journey", we sum up our 5 amazing travel tips to select and finalize your tour package in this blog below.

Photo: Hanoi West Lake

1.    Create a list of criteria
A list of criteria before selecting any product as well as a Vietnam tour package is the foremost step because it’s like a magnetic needle during your study. It is better to consider these categories: 
Your hobbies
At first, you should know whether you are looking for a Vietnam honeymoon vacation, an adventure, an eco-tourism trip or simply a classic tour to explore Vietnam. If you take responsibility for a group, realize the group’s insight is necessary. 
Your destinations
You now have your destination - Vietnam. It becomes easier to look for attractive sites throughout the country. Among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is known for a friendly, hospitable stop along with abundant stunning landscapes stretching from north to south, from west to east, from giant mainland to pretty islands. 
Get more details: Top enchanting destinations of Vietnam from north to south
Your departure date
The best time to visit Vietnam is from October to April in the following year when temperatures in all three regions: north, central and south regions are milder and rain is minimal, but it is expect to be in high season with an increase in hotel prices. Though summer time from May to September is still an ideal for Beach holidays in some coastal cities, you can expect a reasonable price trip in this time. A shower just comes for a couple of hours to refresh Saigon as well as other cities in the south of Vietnam. 
On the other hand, along Vietnam’s S-shape, there are a variety of particular areas which are wonderful terminals during a year-round such as Sapa, Halong Bay, Phu Quoc, Dalat, etc.
Your travel companians:
“Who will travel with you?” is one of the keys that help you choose your pertinent Vietnam tour operator. When you are going to travel with many colleagues or a big group, it is much more intricate to harmonize accommodation, places to visit, restaurants and transportation. It should be considered carefully if your kids come together with you. A local expert and professional one will be able to handle these hassles. 
Your expectation
Making a list of your expectations for this Vietnam travel package is suggested to ensure that your decision is true and your Vietnam journey will be as exciting as you look forward to. They can be your budget, hotel standards, tours activities you want (skying, surfing, swimming, team building, etc). 

Photos: Halong Bay

2.    Take notes
Do not forget to prepare your pen, paper and necessary tools to take notes before starting step 3.

3.    Look for information 
If this is the first time to plan Vietnam tour package, it can take you a lot of time to find the destiny among a mass of information. Our goal is the most suitable itinerary, transportation, accommodation, restaurants and last – a trusted tour operator.
In the new era of the 4.0 Industry, the internet is a very close friend whatever we want to look for. In general, there are some certain things to search: 
Tour costs
Make sure to ask them expenses, surcharges that you are unclear. There are some companies requiring you to pay additional fees when the tour starts or not listing park or attraction entrance tickets on their quotation. 
If you are a solo traveler on a group tour, it is wiser to choose the company that could pair you (with a person the same gender). 
Tour target audience
Each itinerary is designed towards specific groups with different hobbies, needs, expectations, and services during a tour. You can find out by usually seeing from the photos of these tours who goes on it.
Tour itinerary
Well-scheduled activities from your arrival until your return are needed to balance your time in Vietnam. You may not like sitting around all day or joining an overwhelming day tour, either.
Tour group size
This is depending on your preference, but it is better to not find yourself with a group too small or too large for your tastes. You can choose Vietnam private tours also in case you need more private space with your partners on honeymoon holidays, family holidays, etc. 
Tour guide
Guides can make or break your Vietnam tours. Good local guides are able to go to explain everything to you and deal with troubles to keep the flow of the tour going.
Local advice & Reviews
After you study the above information, how can you feel confident with your source? Blogs, reviews and travel advice will contain useful details of the pros and cons as well as some notes for you. 
You can find the group or private itineraries for all ages with clear offers for Vietnam tours as well as Indochina & Myanmar tour package at Threeland Travel website or visit our rate on TripAdvisor. 

Photo: Saigon at night

4.    Find tour operators
Today, US travelers’s custom is to book online for their holidays and get advice from a travel agent or a local tour operator. With local experience, Vietnam local tour operators understand and suggest the best route with competitive offers while still guarantee travel style and services. Thanks to the online network, it is easy to find tour operators but choose the best one among them is another problem. 

First and foremost, make sure that the company follows all proper safety requirements and is accredited by the local government and other appropriate trade organizations. 
Next, check their reputation is real or not, whether they claimed such awards or travelers truly enjoyed their time in Vietnam. Looking for online or asking your friends is also believable methods. 
In addition, if you are living the greener livestyle, you can consider organizing your trip with a responsible travel agency. And Threeland Travel is also a member of sustainable tourism which not only works toward the environment but also toward the locals in the tourism area. 
Once you can narrow down to your favorite organizers then start to sign to receive the newest offers and promotions to get the best deal. Or you can leave your inquiries to Threeland Travel at [email protected] to get the fastest support and free travel itinerary consultation & quotation. 

Photo: Ban Gioc Water Fall - Cao Bang

5.    Sign contract
Last but not least, don't forget to review the contract carefully. This will help to avoid unfortunate situations when there is a dispute over a problem. Especially the items included and excluded in the quotation; deposited amount and cancellation policy should be carefully reviewed. 

Do you think selecting a Vietnam tour package is confusing? With the above tips, we hope you can book and go on amazing Vietnam tours. If you have any inquiries, don’t forget that Threeland Travel is your best local friend in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Our team is always available at [email protected] or phone numbers at +84342620068 or +842439262056.

Have a fantastic Vietnam Journey!