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Affordable Tour Package for Vietnam with Family

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Brainstorming to plan a budget-friendly trip with your family? You might have decided on the destination but failed to determine the right itinerary. It requires knowledge, smart decisions, and the right budget to make the visit memorable. 

A great collection of tour packages for Vietnam is available, making it challenging to make the right choice. 
With an abundance of fascinating culture, friendly people, flavorful food, and untouched nature Vietnam is filled with all adventures. 

How to plan the right family trip to Vietnam?

Before you decide on your budget, make sure you are aware of the main aim of the visit. What do you want on a family trip? Do you want to relax on the beach, explore history and culture, visit theme parks, or have a vibrant city break? Do you want to add holidays to Cambodia for your trip?

family holidays to Vietnam

Make space in your timetable to let the kids get used to the area and new environment. The weather in the three sectors would be:

Northern: The famous destinations Halong Bay and Hanoi have cooler days and low humidity from December to February. While the temperature can be rainy, humid, and hot from June to August. 

Cruise in Halong

Central: It is known for Hue, Hoi An, and Da Nang, which are pretty hot yearly due to the tropical climate. The weather is dry from November to April. 

Family tour in Hoian

Southern: A place famous for the Mekong Delta and Chi Minh City has a wet and dry season. You might experience hot weather around May till November. 


How to save money during your Vietnam travel tour?


1. Flight 

People have considered this an ideal choice during your Vietnam travel tour. It is important to hunt for the tickets to get the right deals. There are great choices but limited time to unlock great destinations in Vietnam. 

2. Travel by local bus

It would help if you planned on taking a local bus for most Vietnam trips. They are generally comfortable and clean, with reclining seats for longer trips. Note that sometimes the buses take longer intervals, and you might require to change them in the middle that is not pre-informed. 

Try taking the late-night sleeper busses or trains which will save the cost of accommodation and provide you with a comfortable journey. 

3. Tourist Bus

This is a highly affordable choice than taking any local transport. The reason is you have the tourist price at the bus station. Make your share investment in the tickets and plan the trip smartly. 

4. Two-wheeler 

Exploring the city by scooter or motorbike is the most affordable choice during your tour. There are so many choices that are super cheap and almost everywhere in the country. It will help to adventure in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi city. 

Transportation in Vietnam

Stay and Accommodation 

You have the freedom to explore the cities with your budget limitations easily. If you plan to spend budget Vietnam holidays not the luxury one, you must conduct deep research to explore the best deals. Let us look at the quick options you have: 

1. Homestay: This is the cheapest choice, with large rooms with bunk beds. It can be great fun to meet interesting people and make new friends. 

2. Mini-Hotels: The best way to have your Vietnam holiday packages inexpensively. They are cheaper when compared to hostels in wealthier cities. Book from the right place to get food included and check the hygienic conditions. 
3. Hammock: Ensure you carry a quality hammock when exploring local destinations. In the rural areas, you will find restaurants and families that will give you a place to rest. 

Hanoi Old quarter

Research More

1. Be more FLEXIBLE 

Timing is everything when you are planning a trip with a family. Even small changes in the plan will affect the overall budget. Aim to schedule your tour during the low season. Many destinations in Vietnam are free to explore in the Vietnam tour package. 

Sometimes your tour planner will provide you with the easiest and cheapest methods to explore the amazing destinations in Vietnam. Make sure you clear your doubts about the things included in the price range. 

2. Experience NIGHTLIFE 

Do research the restaurants and streets that light up at night. Hop on to the Vietnamese cuisine to explore the various delicacies of the place. There are plentiful choices to explore the site with your family.

The End Note!

When you pick the final tour packages for Vietnam for your family, make sure it is the perfect combination of fascinating sights and affordable locations. If you have the right guidance, the place offers great value to experience the right essence of Vietnam.