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A Surprising Adventure in Bach Ma National Park

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Have you dreamed of exploring diverse nature and culture in one day? Consider Bach Ma National Park, a hidden gem in central Vietnam. As one of Southeast Asia's most biodiverse areas, it's home to thousands of endemic species and offers stunning scenery, forests, waterfalls, and cultural heritage.

Once a popular French hill station, Bach Ma is now a protected area attracting those wanting to enjoy its beauty. In this post, we'll show you how to plan your Bach Ma National Park trip with Threeland Travel, a leading Vietnam Travel Agency. We'll cover getting there, sights, accommodations, weather, and culture. Whether a day trip or longer, Threeland has the perfect Vietnam tours.

Ready to discover Vietnam's amazing Bach Ma? Let's get started planning with Threeland Travel!

1. How to get to Bach Ma National Park from different cities in Vietnam

  • From Hanoi: Take a bus from Hanoi to Huế. The ride takes around 7-8 hours depending on traffic. From Huế, you can take a taxi, rent a motorbike, or join a tour heading to Bach Ma National Park. It's about a 2-3 hour drive from Huế.
  • From Da Nang: Rent a car or motorbike and drive up to the park. It takes around 2.5 hours from Da Nang. You can also join day tours heading from Da Nang to Bach Ma.
  • From Ho Chi Minh City: Take an overnight sleeper bus from HCMC to Đà Nẵng that runs through the night. Then from Đà Nẵng, arrange transport as above. Total travel time is around 18 hours from HCMC.
  • By plane: Fly to Đà Nẵng International Airport which has flights from Hanoi and HCMC. Then arrange land transport to the park from Đà Nẵng.
  • On a tour: Join an organized tour from major cities like Hanoi, Huế, or Da Nang that includes transportation, permits, and activities at the park. This is convenient if you don't want to arrange logistics yourself.

Public buses are the cheapest option but renting a car/motorbike gives you flexibility. Most hostels/hotels can help arrange transport as well. Good roads lead directly to the park entrance from Da Nang and Huế.

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2. What to see and do in Bach Ma National Park

Here are some of the top things to see and do in Bach Ma National Park:

  1. Hiking - There are several beautiful hiking trails ranging from easy to moderately difficult through thick forests and mountains. The Barking Deer Trail and Cloud Pass Trail are popular options.
  2. Camping - You can pitch a tent at the campground inside the park. It's a great way to experience the forests at night.
  3. Birdwatching - Over 300 species of birds have been recorded here. Keep an eye out for magpies, pheasants, hornbills, and more. Early mornings are best.
  4. Waterfall swimming - The icy cold water of Suối Vàng (Golden Stream) waterfall is refreshing during hot days. You can swim in the bottom of the pool.
  5. Primate spotting - Look out for rare red-shanked douc langurs and silvered langurs in the trees. Look for their black shapes high up.
  6. H'mong village visit - Learn about the H'mong ethnic minority people in Pú Lễ village. See their way of life, crafts, and architecture.
  7. Nature trails - Easy boardwalk trails like Son trails wind through forests with signage pointing out plants, trees, and wildlife.
  8. Scenic views - Viewpoints like Hoa Lan provide panoramic vistas of the forested mountains and valleys below.
  9. Photography - The park is beautiful year-round with rugged mountains, forested valleys, and waterfalls to capture.

Proper hiking shoes, insect repellent, swimming attire, binoculars, and cameras are recommended depending on activities.

3. What to expect from the weather, the accommodation, and the local culture in Bach Ma National Park

Making the most of your Bach Ma National Park adventure requires knowing what clothing and amenities to pack based on the climate, as well as experiencing the rich heritage of indigenous groups. Here is an overview of the park's weather, places to stay, and local culture.

3.1. Weather:

  • Located in central Vietnam, the park has a tropical monsoon climate.
  • The dry season is November-April with warm days around 25°C. Nights can be cooler. 
  • May-October is the rainy season with frequent showers and higher humidity. Temperatures range 20-30°C.
  • Bring layers - it can be cooler in forests even during the day. Rain gear is a must for the rainy months.

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3.2. Accommodation:

  • The park features basic guest houses/bungalows ranging from $5-10 per night with bed and breakfast.
  • Camping sites are also available for $2-3 per person. Bring your own tent/gear.
  • Nearby Huế City offers more options from budget hostels to mid-range hotels.

3.3. Local culture: 

  • The predominant ethnic group is the H'mong minority people.
  • You may come across their villages inside the park with distinct architecture.
  • Learn about their traditions, handicrafts, farming practices, and relationship with nature.
  • Interacting with the friendly local communities is a highlight of any visit.
  • Respect the local customs and dress modestly, especially in villages.

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With scenic beauty, biodiversity, and cultural experiences, Bach Ma is great to visit year-round by preparing for the climate and embracing local hospitality.

4. How to plan your trip to Bach Ma National Park with Threeland Travel?

Here are some suggestions for planning your trip to Bach Ma National Park with Threeland Travel:

  • Best time to visit: November to April for the dry season with pleasant weather and better views. May to October sees heavy rains but fewer crowds.
  • Tour packages: Threeland offers guided 2-day/1-night and 3-day/2-night tours that include transport, accommodation, meals, and activities like hiking and village visits.
  • Itineraries: The 2D1N tour explores highlights near the entrance like Suoi Vang Falls and scenes along Son Trail. 3D2N allows deeper hiking into more remote areas.
  • Add-ons: Consider hiking or biking options and upgrades to stay in a homestay in a Hmong village for a cultural immersion experience. 
  • Book in advance: Peak season from December to January sees tours fill up faster, so book 2-4 weeks before your desired dates. 
  • What to pack: Day packs, hiking shoes, hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, camera, cash for meals not included, medication if needed. 
  • Tips: Bring repellent as leeches can be an issue off trails after rain. Interact respectfully with local communities. Dispose of waste properly. 
  • Transport: Transfers within tours are by comfortable van. Consider domestic flights to save long bus journeys from cities.

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Working with a reputable tour operator takes the hassle out of planning and ensures you make the most of your short time in this scenic national park. Threeland Travel offers a great local experience for your Vietnam Tours.

5. Conclusion

Discover Bach Ma National Park's stunning nature and indigenous communities on a Threeland Travel guided tour. Our all-inclusive itineraries take the hassle out of planning, allowing you to fully immerse in the park's trails, waterfalls, and wildlife. Partnering with knowledgeable local guides provides insider experiences and economic support.

Book your Vietnam tours today with Threeland Travel for an authentic exploration of Vietnam's wonders. Contact us now to choose from available dates or customize your own itinerary. Threeland makes accessing this gem effortless so you can appreciate its rich biodiversity and culture in the most sustainable way.