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Visit Vietnam after Covid-19 Pandemic, why not?

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“Gorgeous tropical” beaches and “insanely good food” make Vietnam a great post Covid-19 destination, says New York-based travel magazine “Travel + Leisure”. As tourism is a people-centered industry, it is no doubt that any country that prioritizes its people’s health and well-being from the very first, will experience a fast growing tourism industry. Vietnam’s government has done a great job in protecting people’s health while gradually saving and recovering the national economy. Vietnam, together with Philippines, are the only two Southeast Asian representatives in the magazine’s list of 17 must-to-go destinations in the world after the Covid-19 crisis ends.


What make Vietnam a must-visit destination after Covid-19 Crisis?
Because we are a safe destination

Many researches claim that Vietnamese government’s fast and effective handling of Covid-19 pandemic may make Vietnam a preferred destination in Asia Pacific Region over other tourism competitive countries of Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong or Australia. As for many people travel is essential part of their life, not necessarily a luxury. Which means people not just travel to the most beautiful and interesting places, but they travel to the safest ones. Since Vietnam has done excellent job in monitoring its citizen’s public health and successfully prevented community spread, travellers can rest assured that Vietnam is definitely a safe destination for them to enjoy the time of their life.


Because we have impressive biodiversity and natural resources

Characterised by the S-shape with over 3000km coastline and the tropical weather, Vietnam offers dramatic landscape from north to south such as mountains, national parks, nature reserves, bays, and pristine beaches. No matter whether you are a relaxed beach-goer, a nature enthusiast, or an adventurer looking to go beyond ordinary, Vietnam has something to delight you.  Cruise the majestic Ha Long Bay, go spelunking through the world’s largest Son Doong Cave, watch the elephants in the wild in Yok Don, or go trekking in the spectacular Pu Luong nature reserve,...the compelling trails, abundant wildlife, and jaw-dropping landscapes await you. 


Because our cultures are diverse and fascinating

Vietnam has about 54 ethnic groups with diverse customs and long-held traditions. While some have assimilated to the modern life, many are still living in their indigenous areas and maintain their unique lifestyles. Whether you encounter them in the remote livelihood, in the highlands or the deltas, the chance to interact with them, stay in their home and learn about their fascinating stories is definitely an ultimate form of cultural immersion. Vietnamese urban life is no less intriguing. We love coffee and spending time outdoors. Stop by a street coffee vendor and you don’t have to go anywhere beyond the sidewalks to watch our bustling city life. 


Because we are a perfect country to explore unique architecture

Once the French colony, the French colonial architecture style became dominant in few major cities such as Hanoi and Saigon (a.k.a Ho Chi Minh City), and many of them still remain today: the government buildings, mansions and villas, city opera houses, bridge, churches and cathedrals, post office, or tree-lined boulevards. But this doesn’t mean the Vietnamese traditional architecture is less captivating. Venture through the formal imperial capital of Hue or the ancient town of Hoi An to relish the remarkable Vietnamese architectural treasures proudly claimed as UNESCO’s world heritages. These offers a wonderful chance for visitors to trace back the history with the four-thousand year civilization.


Because we have “insanely good” cuisine

For all foodie fans, Vietnamese food needs no introduction. While pho overwhelms the Vietnamese cuisine reputation abroad, the full spectrum of Vietnamese food is much more than that. Take a gastronomic tour throughout the country, sample everything from tasty street foods to the fine-dining fusion dishes and you will make sense of the country’s comprehensive culinary scene. Northern food is known for its well-balanced recipes, the dishes in the central Vietnam is generous for its spice, and Southern people like to add sugar in their food. Wherever you travel in Vietnam, you are surely treated with mouth-watering morsels.


Because we have boundless attractions to explore

Vietnam’s diverse landscape and natural offers has created so many different kinds of destinations for all types of travellers. If you are a beach goer and looking for a restful beach break, check it out our list of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. If you fancy more adventurous experiences with nature, browse through out recommendation for outdoor activities you can do across the country here. If you are searching for a truly luxury travel in Vietnam, we have suggested 10 fancy accommodations to elevate your stay. Or are you a foodie fan, don’t miss our Vietnam’s food guide to make the most of your culinary experience while traveling the country. 

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