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Top Adventurous Locations To Cover Amazing Vietnam Tours

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam is famous worldwide not only for tropical golden beaches, unique culture or amazing street food but also for adventurous destinations, from exploring the biggest cave in the world to going wild with canyoning and sandboarding. Check our list of the best 5 places for thrilling adventures in your Vietnam tours here.

Quang Binh

Other than being simply a beautiful attraction, Quang Binh is also a hot-spot adventure, packed with friendly locals and natural caves. It is the home to the world's largest cave Son Doong, located inside Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park which will definitely blow your mind.

Son Doong is large enough for a Boeing B747 to fly through its largest passageway. With its own eco-system, exploring this cave is a once in a lifetime experience and reserved only for true adventurers. To date, only Oxalis Adventure is allowed to carry out expeditions to the cave, making the entire experience much more unique.

Explore the giant of the Creator - Son Doong Cave

Explore the giant of the Creator - Son Doong Cave

There is a cave experience for everyone’s budget. You can visit Son Doong Cave on a 4-day expedition at USD 3000 per person, or camp the night at around USD 300 per person in En Cave, the world's third-biggest cave.
Other cheaper but breathtaking caves to check-in Phong Nha are Tu Lan Caves, Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Over Cave and Dark Cave. Visiting these caves can last from an hour up to five days. For heavy adventurous ones, you can expect to cross rivers, hike through pristine jungle, be surrounded by limestone mountains and spend time in ethnic minority villages. For light adventure, you can tour in the caves by boat or following boardwalks. No matter what you choose, Quang Binh is an unmissable part of the Vietnam sightseeing experience.

Furthermore, zip-lining is another exciting outdoor activity offered in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. The 400-meter line passes over the Chay river towards the entrance of Dark Cave. Extreme adventurers should put Quang Binh on their checklist right away for spectacular caving activities and zip-lining which will be the highlights of their Vietnam tours.

Mui Ne

In the next location, you can do something you wouldn’t expect to find in Vietnam – sandboarding in Mui Ne! 
Mui Ne is considered the adventure sports capital of Vietnam. Whatever your stance, it guarantees good adventure activities to be had, the most fun is definitely sandboarding.

Just 20 minutes out of Mui Ne, a short drive from the beach town will take you to several large dunes inside a desert microclimate. You will find the Red Sand Dunes, which are gorgeous and nice to see but head out further to the White Sand Dunes for the real fun. Simply renting a motorbike and driving to the dunes to rent a board, let’s continue your journey by climbing up the dune and riding the board back down the semi-steep slopes.

Experience the exclusive sandboarding in Mui Ne

Experience the exclusive sandboarding in Mui Ne

Few places in Asia offer this kind of experience, and it’s something that should not be missed on your Southern Vietnam tours. And the fun doesn’t end there. If you have your own motorbike, it’s possible to drive along a trail running in parallel to the beach having an off-road adventure while surrounded by incredible scenery.


Trekking is one of the top outdoor activities to experience on your tours to Vietnam. The most popular routes are found in and around Sapa, a mountainous region in the northern part of the country. Being 317km far from the capital, it is also the best short day adventurous tour from Hanoi.

The small mountainous town of Sapa is known for its incredible scenery, Fansipan Mountain and cascading rice terraces. There’s no better way to get amongst the nature and culture of Vietnam than a trek to an ethnic minority village of the Hmong, Tay and Dao tribes. 

And if you are at the top of your game, then why not try and conquer Vietnam’s highest peak? At 3,147 meters high, Mount Fansipan is also the highest peak in Indochina, so expect a tough challenge that will take you 3 days to claim your victory. Although it is very challenging, you will be well rewarded with epic views from the roof of Indochina.

But if mountain hiking is not your thing of interest or you don’t have enough time in Sapa, there is a cable car that goes to the top of Mount Fansipan for you to enjoy the stunning panoramic views along the way. Each way on the cable car takes approximately 15 minutes and costs VND 750,000 per adult. 

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A stunning view on a trekking route in Sapa

A stunning view on a trekking route in Sapa

Da Lat

Canyoning, as the name implies, is navigating your way through a canyon. You have to use a mixture of skills and get involved in rock climbing, trekking, abseiling and rappelling, as well as cliff jumping. It is a pretty extreme sport, and in Vietnam, Dalat is no doubt the perfect place to learn the art of canyoning, providing different levels of routes and ideal half-day tours for the adventurers. 

After an hour of driving from the city, you arrive at the 5 breathtaking waterfalls. No previous experience needed because professionally trained guides will show you how to use the ropes and prepare you for the journey down the waterfalls. Ease into the day with an exciting 15-meter waterfall abseil and swim. You slowly build up your confidence before arriving at the 25-meter big waterfall to rappel off, rock slides to slide down and even a 6-meter cliff jumping. Trap your harness tight, because you are in for a wild ride on your Dalat adventure tour

Climb the waterfall - one of the most thrilling activities in Dalat

Climb the waterfall - one of the most thrilling activities in Dalat

Nha Trang

A 3-hour drive from Dalat, Nha Trang is a famous beach resort city, offering a myriad of sightseeing and recreational activities for visitors looking to soak up the sun during their holiday. Among those activities, diving will give you the opportunities to discover pristine untouched waters and unspoiled underwater life that comes with it. Diving sites are plentiful in this alluring bay, mainly from 3 locations:

Hon Mun Marine Park, located in the east of Nha Trang Bay, is the first marine conservation project in Vietnam. It is blessed with diverse marine ecosystems, especially the “untouched coral forest” that stretches with multi-shapes and appealing colors. Alternatively, Moray Beach, with its shallow sandy bottom, is great for training dives and for spotting moray eels.

Further north, Whale Island, is recently listed among 10 must-visit diving destinations in 2020 by U.S magazine Forbes, promising an unforgettable experience for diving lovers.

Closer to Nha Trang, you can dive up to 16 meters down from the beach. The beautiful scenery yields fascinating encounters with cuttlefish, octopus and lionfish.

Dive into the ocean to discover great undersea life in Nha Trang

Dive into the ocean to discover great undersea life in Nha Trang

Not only being the diving center of Vietnam but most of all, Nha Trang offers some of the cheapest PADI courses in the world. So this summer, why don’t you visit this city and have a magical journey into the aquatic world?

No matter how much time you spend you could never run out of things to do in Vietnam. That includes adventurous things, from classic outdoor activities to extreme sports. Hopefully, with our guide, thrill-seekers will sure find what you’re looking for to plan upcoming memorable Vietnam tours. Do you need a tailored-tour that fits your time limit, budget, and preference? Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or visit our website and our travel consultants will transfer your requests into a dreamlike adventure.