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Things to do and 5 best activities in Phu Quoc island tour

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Have you ever tried the feeling of "waking up in a faraway place" and experiencing new things?
This summer, plan a tour of Phu Quoc right away to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island known as the Maldives resort paradise of Vietnam. In addition, Phu Quoc tourism is also famous for practical experience activities that have made this local copyright brand. If you have come here but have not experienced it all, you must definitely go on another Phu Quoc trip.
Threeland will tell you about certain things to do when coming to Phu Quoc tour!

What makes the tour to Phu Quoc Island so attractive to tourists?

The beautiful beaches and natural scenes such as primeval forest, Cua Can river, streams, etc. will make you go from one surprise to another.

Many beautiful scenes

Phu Quoc Island has a 150km long coastline. At the same time, it owns the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, such as Dai beach, Sao beach...


These beaches have pure white sand, green coconut trees and mild sunny weather all year round. Nature endowed Ngoc Island with a rich ecosystem, natural forests and many kinds of green trees. The rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs make visitors fascinated.

Unique local specialties

Thanks to those advantages, people on Phu Quoc island grow and process many famous specialties such as: pepper, sim wine, dried seafood... When tourists come to Phu Quoc, they will experience and relax in the air. Open space, open forest, enjoy beautiful scenery and enjoy many delicious Vietnamese specialties.


How to move to Phu Quoc quickly and economically?

Moving easily and comfortably will make your trip more successful. So always choose a vehicle that best suits you!

Plane is the first choice 

No matter where you are, how far away, the plane is still the fastest and safest means of travel. Therefore, to move to Phu Quoc travel, the plane is always the first choice. In our country, you can book a plane ticket to Phu Quoc and take a direct flight to the pearl island from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong. Airfares for flights to Phu Quoc also vary depending on the season and time.


Some airlines such as Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, Jetstar Pacific, Vietnam Airlines,...

Motorcycles and buses 

Moving to Phu Quoc by motorbike or bus and then taking the train to the island is also quite reasonable with cheap and economical costs. However, moving back and forth between the bus routes will really not be suitable for bad weather, passengers who are seasick and have little time for the trip to Phu Quoc, but on the contrary can experience the feeling of floating, across the sea to a remote island.


Choosing a motorbike is not too bad, but when you go to the island, you will have to park your motorbike on the mainland, so it is quite inconvenient. In return, you will be able to try the true backpacker feeling.

Revealing 5 most interesting activities in Phu Quoc Island

Fishing activities, squid fishing - diving to see corals

Advantages when you choose package tours such as Phu Quoc tour 3 days 2 nights or Phu Quoc tour 4 days 3 nights are indispensable activities of fishing - diving to see interesting corals in An Thoi archipelago.
In a busy life, not everyone has time to fish, enjoy the scenery and relax with nature. You will also experience diving to see corals, explore the world of creatures under the ocean. Even for those who do not know how to swim and dive, with the help of modern diving equipment, you can safely dive without fear at all.


Another popular activity is night squid fishing. In Phu Quoc, there are quite a few units that organize night squid fishing tours that usually depart from 17:00. It takes you about 1-2 hours to move to the squid fishing place, at this time it's getting dark.
You will be able to fish for the first squid and process them into attractive dishes such as squid porridge, steamed squid. This process requires you to be patient, to help your mind relax more. At night, the weather is quite cold, the wind is light, in the morning you can get up early to watch the sunrise on the sea, promising a beautiful and energetic new day.

Visit Ham Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh fishing village is known as a favorite place of any foreign tourists. You can easily see and feel the busy life of local people from early morning until late at night. This village is located on the east coast of the island, only 20 km from the center of Duong Dong town to the northeast.
In the early morning, you can go for a walk to watch the sunrise because this place has a very unique mountain-like terrain.


People here live by catching seafood near the shore and selling it to tourists, life here still retains the same peaceful features as in ancient fishing villages.
Around 5-6 am is the right time to watch the sun slowly emerge from the sea. However, you should start going from 4:30 to be able to catch the beautiful moment. If you have a lot of time, walk around the fish market, you can find a lot of local products as gifts.

Enjoy fresh seafood at Phu Quoc night market

The address of Phu Quoc Night Market is 6 Bach Dang Street, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc. This is a large market merged between Dinh Cau night market and the old Bach Dang night market. This place is also the center of Phu Quoc pearl island, the busiest entertainment, dining and shopping spot in Phu Quoc every night.
Phu Quoc Night Market is divided into 2 areas with more than 100 different stalls:
Area 1 at the beginning of the market: focus on many food stalls, seafood, dried specialties as gifts (fish sauce, dried seafood, sim wine, ...)
Zone 2 at the end of the market: focus on souvenir stalls, handicrafts, jewelry, Phu Quoc pearls, etc.
The opening time of the night market starts from 18:00 to 23:30 every day, the most crowded time is from 19:30 to 22:30.


However, depending on the tourist season, weather and number of visitors, the market may open early and close later. This market is not open overnight, so you need to choose a suitable time to visit.

Tour to small islands in Phu Quoc

Each small island is a new spot with new experiences, only in Phu Quoc. The most famous is Hon Thom - one of the southern islands closest to Phu Quoc, just 3km from the center of the pearl island.
The most special feature in Hon Thom is the cable car on the sea. This cable car route has been recognized by Guinness as the longest sea-crossing three-wire cable car in the world with a total length of 7899.9m. It only takes 15 minutes to start from An Thoi Station, cross Hon Dua, Hon Roi and end at Hon Thom Station, Phu Quoc.


The other two islands are Hon Xuong and Hon Dam, famous for their clean and cool beaches. The fresh climate here is very suitable for relaxation and enjoying life.
Another interesting activity is kayaking on Cua Can River to explore Phu Quoc primeval forest. Visitors are free to go kayaking along Cua Can river upstream to explore the primeval forest. This place also keeps the war boat that Nguyen Trung Truc used to fight the invaders, admire the scenery of the river, birds and fish swimming very leisurely. After rowing to the mouth of the sea, you can swim at the pristine Cua Can beach.


Discover Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is located in Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province. This is the first semi-wild animal conservation and care park in Vietnam with an area of ​​up to 380 hectares.


This place is considered as the common home of thousands of individuals. In it, there are many rare and precious animals around the world such as: Arabian saber-horned antelope, cranes, black-necked white swans... The animals here live happily together and are raised in good conditions. according to international standards.
In addition, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is the first zoo in Vietnam to receive the certificate of the SEAZA Association in conservation and improvement of animal welfare. The zoo has been recognized by the international community for its full convergence of natural conditions, facilities, and habitat conditions... so that wild animals can be preserved and reproduced in order to breed and create flocks.


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We hope that with the above experiences, you will decide to visit the pearl island of Phu Quoc once. Threeland hopes the above information helps you have more directions to explore Phu Quoc in the most unique way.
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