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Explore Ha Giang - Valuable experiences in Lung Cu

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Many tourists come to explore Ha Giang and furthermore is Lung Cu just to check-in at the flagpole, but this place has many other interesting experiences.

Take photos at famous check-in spots

Lung Cu has two places that show national pride that you can't help but check in: Lung Cu flagpole and the northernmost point.

In August 2018, Dong Van District People's Committee inaugurated the "Northernmost project of the Fatherland" including the lookout tower and a number of auxiliary items, at a high point overlooking the Nho Que River, in the To Mong area, Cang Tang village, Lung Cu commune, 2.5 km from Lung Cu flagpole as the crow flies. This makes many people mistakenly think it is the North Pole.

In fact, the northernmost point of Vietnam is a rocky outcrop on the bank of the Nho Que River, within the boundaries of Seo Lung village, Lung Cu commune. The northernmost point is 3.3 km as the crow flies from Lung Cu flagpole, according to Ha Giang newspaper.

In terms of geographical and historical location, Lung Cu flagpole, the northernmost point, deserves to be called a prime feng shui place in Ha Giang, a place tourists cannot miss when coming to the top of the country.

In addition, you can take a photo shoot at Lo Lo Chai cultural village at the foot of Dragon Mountain, about 1 km from Lung Cu flagpole. Walking in the village, you will admire the ancient architectural space between the rocky slopes.

If you have time, you can climb the mountain to visit Lung Cu Pagoda, visit the area called Heaven's Gate, 1.5 km from the commune center. This is a high mountain peak with a wide view. You can take photos of the vast mountain and forest space. The most ideal time is the ripe rice season or buckwheat flower season (October, November).

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Go to Lung Cu market

Every Friday there is a market near the flagpole area. This is the place to exchange goods for Lo Lo and Mong people. The market has many strange items, especially herbs, fabric stalls, and colorful clothes. The clothing fabric is decorated with meticulous hand-embroidered motifs. The market sells many foods such as grilled rice cakes, potato cakes, donuts, and dumplings. These dishes are similar to those below, but more fragrant. The price of each dish ranges from 2,000 VND to 10,000 VND.

Participate in festivals and weddings of the Lo Lo people

The Lo Lo people have many traditional festivals: ancestor worship, new rice celebration, and forest god worship.

Worshiping ancestors is the most important and largest traditional ritual of the Black Lo Lo people, held every year on the 25th day of the 7th lunar month. On this day, people invite priests to perform ceremonies to remember their ancestors. They wear the most beautiful national costumes, participate in sports competitions, and cultural exchanges with dances and songs imbued with national identity. Very friendly people. Visitors can participate in the festival, film and take photos without the homeowner bothering.

Visit Lo Lo people's homestay

The walled house of the Lo Lo people is a unique architecture in Lung Cu. The campus of the house uses a lot of stone: stone for paving the yard, stone for fences, stone for furniture. The house is warm in winter and cool in summer. Currently, Lo Lo Chai village still has many homestays that still maintain this architecture. Tourists can come here to stay one night, waking up early in the morning in a cool, quiet space filled with birdsong.

Enjoy Lung Cu specialties

Lung Cu has many unique dishes such as king beans, men men, and stone cakes. Royal bean is a condensed tofu dish cooked with vegetables. The finished product is a bowl of soup with vegetables and beans that are soft and sweet like tofu. Cool, fragrant and nutritious dish.

Men men is a cornmeal dish prepared according to a specific recipe, and is the daily rice of the Mong people. Try eating men men with soup to experience the unique flavor. This dish also helps visitors see the hardship of local people living in dry conditions and only being able to grow corn.

The third dish is stone cake, made from glutinous rice flour, shaped into cakes and can be sliced. The cake is used for frying, cooking soup, and hot pot. To enjoy these dishes, you can go to restaurants (must be informed in advance), buy street vendors or go to the market.

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