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Best places for Halal Food in Vietnam and Cambodia Tour
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Food and Drink Travel Tips

One of the biggest challenges a Muslim faces when travelling to a non-Muslim country is finding Halal food. However, travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia, you can surely find Halal food there along with mosques and halal trades. Keep reading and we will share the best places for Halal Food in your Vietnam Cambodia tour!
While the number of Vietnamese Muslims is small, in big cities Halal restaurants are emerging to meet both local and foreign Muslims’ needs. You can have some tasty Halal meals in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Nha Trang etc. Take note the list below for our very best recommendations of Halal restaurants in your tours to Vietnam.
Credit: D’Lions Restaurant Facebook
D’Lions Restaurant
D’Lions restaurant at Cosiana Hotel, just a short walk from Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, offers Halal Singaporean and Malaysian dishes with a touch of Vietnamese brilliance. From claypots and curries to noodles and vegetarian, their menu is easy to navigate. If you are new to this type of dishes, everything from the flavourful Malaysian nasi lemak and mee goreng to spicy Singaporean chilli crab make fantastic introductions. A dash of Vietnamese elements on your table is a must, so make space for the traditional phở (chicken or beef noodle soup), fresh gỏi cuốn (spring roll), nem chua bể (fried spring roll) and stir-fried beef.
Namaste Hanoi
If you are craving for some Indian food, then you may consider heading to Namaste Hanoi. This Indian restaurant situates in the heart of Hanoi city and serves delicious Halal Indian cuisine. With Hyderabad and Gujarat influences on the menu, expect a full-course of authentic Indian flavours. It is recommended to try crispy appalam (lentil crackers) for starters before diving into a choice of curries such as the tasty chicken masala dosa and mutton rajma masala for an introduction to North and South Indian cuisine. Another perfect combination is the grilled goodness of mutton seekh kebab with a side of chicken lollypop.

Zaynab Restaurant
A Halal-certified authentic Vietnamese restaurant is hard to come by in Hanoi but Zaynab is the place to go to savour some scrumptious Vietnamese eats. Conveniently located right beside Al-Noor Mosque – the only mosque in Hanoi, Zaynab serves local dishes like chicken and crab spring rolls and phở. Plus, they also serve other delectable rice and noodle dishes which you don't usually think of when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, so it is definitely worth a try! Don't forget to complete your meal with Vietnamese coffee, which is sure to keep you awake as you explore Hanoi.
Ho Chi Minh City
Credit: Halal@Saigon 
Have a delicious Vietnamese meal opposite the Saigon Central Mosque at Halal@Saigon. Thanks to its location, Halal@Saigon is a popular spot for lunch and dinner, so you will find many locals and tourists visiting this unassuming eatery for their Muslim-friendly menu. The restaurant serves authentic Halal-certified cuisine that will definitely keep your tummy satisfied. Apart from the fiery tom yam and nasi lemak rendang, Vietnamese foodie would appreciate the servings of gỏi dứa tôm (young coconut shoot salad with shrimp), nghêu kho tộ (claypot baby clams) and gỏi cuốn tôm (fried shrimp spring rolls). Vegetarians, fret not, there is a variety of meatless delicacies for you too.
Pho Muslim
True to its name, Pho Muslim only serves two things, which are phở in the morning (6am – 11:30am) and bún bò Huế (Hue’s beef noodle) in the evening (4pm – 9pm). This Muslim-owned eatery is nearby Thanh Duong Jamiul Islamiyah Mosque, an ideal place to head over to after your prayers. Start your day with the locals’ breakfast champion, a steaming bowl of pho – a Vietnamese noodle soup that comprises of a bed of rice noodles, tender beef slices and rich beef broth. Don’t forget to brighten up the flavours with fresh leaves, a bit of hoisin sauce and sriracha chili. The evening bun bo hue is also a dinner favorite where this Vietnamese spicy lemongrass noodle soup is enriched with juicy slices of beef and fresh herbs.
Baba’s Kitchen
Ho Chi Minh City is also brimming with Indian restaurants such as Baba’s Kitchen. The flavourful curries to the crisp tandoori are the main draws the restaurant. Here, it is a norm to order a mountain of steamed Jasmine rice to complement the medley of curries such as mutton vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, butter chicken and malabar fish curry. Vegetarians can also enjoy just as much, from navrathana korma (vegetable with creamy cashew nut sauce), malai kofta (ball-shaped paneer and vegetables cooked in tomato gravy) to aloo palaak (potato and spinach cooked with tomato and spices).

Halal eats are available in Cambodia, most of which come from set-up restaurants of Cambodian Muslims (also known as Chams in Cambodia) in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. There are different types of Halal options that you can discover during your holidays to Cambodia, from Khmer, Malaysian, Lebanese, Indonesian, Bruneian to Indian. The country also has a great variety of vegetarian cafes and restaurants which is gaining support from locals as well as foreigners for wellness purposes.
Phnom Penh
Cafe Malaya
Cafe Malaya feels like home as the owner family is very friendly to everyone who comes here. The restaurant is located near Central Market, just need to look out for a yellow signage with a Malaysian flag as you get on Street 118. You should come to Cafe Malaya during lunch hours for their cheap and authentic Malaysian buffet. It consists of mixed rice with dishes such as beef rendang, mixed vegetables, curry chicken, fried fish among the few. Occasionally, the restaurant also serves bubur pulut hitam, tomyam or chicken soup. Please be noted they do not serve ala-carte menu and the restaurant is closed on Sundays.
Halal Restaurant
Halal restaurant serves good Cambodian dishes for those who wish to experience local food. Breakfast starts at 7:30am with a menu consisting of bobo chicken or fish (porridge), kueh teow ladna, fried meehoon and hot drinks. Lunch and dinner menu are ala carte with local favourites of fish amok, beef lok lak, chicken ngan ngov (soup) and fried fish with mango salad. They also serve fried rice options but if you want to try something local, I would recommend you to go with their Khmer dishes. The restaurant is near the riverside and offers meal at very reasonable price. 
Siem Reap 
Take a 5-10 minute tuk tuk ride from the main Siem Reap town to the street where several Muslim-owned halal restaurants like Muslim Family Kitchen, Cambodian Muslim Restaurant, Wau Restaurant and Muslim Family Restaurant are located for lunch or dinner. If you are at Muslim Family Kitchen, try out their Cambodian specialties, especially the Fish in Morning Glory Pond, Amok and Beef Climbing Mountain. The Muslim Family Kitchen also has the broadest Halal menu in Siem Reap.
Through this helpful guide, we hope you find Vietnam and Cambodia as Muslim-friendly destinations. For more Vietnam and Cambodia tours, click here to book with Threeland Travel or send us your inquiry directly through email help@threeland.com for instant advice!