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Flight Hack – Booking cheap flights tickets to Laos in 2023

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You’re planning a Laos Tour and looking for a flight from your country to Laos? Whether you're flying one-way or round-trip, here are some pointers to help you get the best deal and have the best flight experience possible.

1. When is the cheapest time to fly to Laos?

Logically, the best time to fly to Laos is during the off-season, which runs from May to September. Due to the low number of visitors visiting the nation, airlines and hotels appear to provide deals to attract more passengers and load the plane. If you don't mind the heat and a little rain, this is the time for you.

The cheapest tickets to Laos are generally obtained when departing on a Monday. The most expensive departure day is generally a Friday.
Furthermore, Laos flights may be made cheaper by flying at midday. Booking a flight ticket to Laos in the morning will almost certainly result in higher prices. Simply follow this, and you may be eligible for a 40–50% discount.

2. Tips for finding the cheapest flight tickets to Laos

2.1. Book in advance

Don't wait for an unknown sale if you know when and where you're traveling. When you can, book as far ahead as possible to save the most money. As previously said, it is preferable to reserve the ticket 5-6 months in advance.

2.2. Choose the low-cost airlines instead of the full-services airlines

Budget airlines provide much lower ticket prices than full-service airlines. It should go without saying, but this comes with trade-offs like reduced leg space and no "free" food/drink on board (which, by the way, is usually included in your higher-priced ticket on full-service flights). 
Note on booking budget airlines: 
– Confirm the airport's location (some low-cost carriers fly to airports outside of town).
– Check that you have booked and paid for your baggage allowance. Follow the weight, height, and number of bags authorized. If you're above that, certain airlines (such as Ryanair) may charge you a high price. Remember that paying solely for the precise amount of luggage space or weight you require is how budget airlines can keep their pricing lower than major airlines!
– Read the small print. Ryanair, for example, will charge a fee if you do not print your ticket or comply with their strict luggage weight and dimensions. In the first phase of your e-confirmation, this cost is indicated in all capital letters. To summarize, always read and obey directions!

2.3. 2-way ticket or 2 one-way tickets?

Some websites encourage you to purchase a round-trip ticket to save money on the return journey; others urge you to purchase two one-way tickets separately, even if they are from different airlines and airports that may offer a discount on both. Our advice is to do your homework and discover the best deal for your trip. The booking algorithms are now quite clever, and they adjust your pricing based on the availability of the flight. Sometimes the best price is with a 2-way ticket; other times, you may enjoy the discount with two separate one-way tickets. You may save 20–30% on your airplane ticket with a little effort. Is it worth a shot? 

2.4. Check the different departure airports and stopovers

Consider surrounding cities when booking your flight because rates can vary greatly depending on the airport: it may be worth the extra time even if it is not the nearest airport to your house.
Stopovers, whether by choice or by need, enable you to move and forget about the plane's probable lack of comfort. It also provides an excellent chance to explore other cities without requiring a visa through stopovers.
When looking for indirect flights with stopovers, we recommend using the website, which compares prices from many airlines to locate the best deal. Long-haul flights, in particular, can benefit greatly from this.
Regarding the arrival airport, you will most likely land in either Wattay in Vientiane or Luang Prabang, the two largest towns in Laos. In general, the cheapest flights to Laos will land at Vientiane because it serves more carriers. It's something to think about while planning your travel schedule.


2.5. Don't try hidden city flight

Don't be persuaded to take a "hidden city" flight. That is when you purchase a connecting flight that flies via your target location and skip the last leg. Airlines keep track of these travelers and are not afraid to blacklist them. Furthermore, if you booked it as a round trip, your return flight will be immediately canceled. 

2.6. Search for Airlines errors and sale fares

When airlines announce their rates, they occasionally make errors, resulting in significantly reduced airfares. This can occur due to a variety of factors, including currency conversion errors, technical difficulties, or human mistakes. You may save a lot of money on a ticket if you know where to look for airline mistake pricing. 

3. Which airlines operate flights to Laos?

Remember that your itinerary will always involve at least one layover, regardless of which airline you pick or which native English-speaking nations you are traveling from.
You have two alternatives for your connecting flight to Laos after you reach the stopover location, which is generally Bangkok:
- Flying with a different airline that services Laos airports often, such as AirAsia or Lao Airlines. It is frequently a less expensive option, but you must allow enough time between flights to prevent delays.
– Using the same airline as during the first leg of your journey, assuming they also serve Laos airport.

3.1. From UK

Most trips from the UK to Laos will need an aircraft change in Bangkok. Another option is to go through Vietnam, although this entails changing planes in France or Germany beforehand. Flying from the UK to Laos will take at least fifteen and a half hours, however, this varies substantially depending on connecting timings. Flying with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Vientiane is typically the quickest choice.
Prices are often expensive throughout the year due to a lack of direct flights. Expect to pay at least US $850 for a roundtrip flight from London Heathrow, with rates sometimes exceeding US $1200 during peak season. With flights to Bangkok being substantially cheaper (US $550), it is worthwhile to explore going overland between the Thai capital and Vientiane by train.

3.2. From USA & Canada

Flying to Laos from North America normally entails two stops in Hong Kong and Bangkok if flying from the West Coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Vancouver). The shortest journey is around 19 hours long, and rates start at approximately 1200 USD. It is feasible to reach Vientiane with a single stop in Seoul, but you may have to wait a long time for your connecting aircraft. Depending on the time of year, you should examine different possibilities from the east coast (New York, Chicago, and Toronto). It is feasible to fly through Hong Kong and Bangkok, but you may also choose a route that begins in Europe and then continues to Vientiane via Hanoi, Vietnam. Expect journey lengths of at least twenty-three hours and expect to pay upwards of 1400 USD for a return ticket. 

3.3. From Australia

Flights from Australia to Laos are most conveniently routed through Bangkok. Depending on connections, the average journey time from Perth is roughly thirteen hours and sixteen hours from Sydney. Flights from Perth start at US $600, while round-trip tickets from Sydney start around US $750. There are cheaper alternatives via Kunming with China Eastern, but they require multiple stopovers that can make the journey difficult.
Scoot, a low-cost airline, has recently established a new route to Laos with a very low-cost stopover in Singapore. It only has three flights per week, but it is an option to consider if you are flexible on the date.

4. Getting to Laos from neighbor countries

There were no direct flights from Europe, Australia, or the United States to Laos until now. All tourists from such areas must take transit flights via Vietnam and Thailand. As a result, it is important to understand how to get to Laos from these adjacent countries, as well as from Laos or Myanmar.
Laos has four international airports (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, and Savannakhet) and borders Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Myanmar. As a result, you can travel to Laos via both flight and border crossing.
We will go over how to go to Laos from each of its surrounding nations below.

4.1 From Vietnam

From Vietnam, you can get to Laos by 02 International airports and 08 International border crossings. 

From Vietnam to Vientiane

There are 2 airports in Vietnam that have flights to Vientiane.
Vietnam Airlines and Laos Airlines offer flights from Hanoi. The flight lasts about an hour and costs between $100 and $140 per ticket.
Vietnam Airlines operates a daily flight from Ho Chi Minh to Vientiane, with a stopover in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), that takes about 3:30 minutes (including transit time) and costs $150-180 per ticket.
There is also the option of flying with Laos Airlines through Pakse, but it is not a daily flight (about three flights per week during peak season). If you want to fly with Laos Airlines, please double-check the flight schedule.

From Vietnam to Luang Prabang 

Despite being Laos' tourist hub, there aren't many flights from Vietnam to Luang Prabang. At least one direct flight from Hanoi is provided by both Vietnam Airlines and Laos Airlines. The flight will last approximately one hour and will cost between $135 and $150 per ticket.
If you are flying from another city in Vietnam, you must connect in Hanoi or Vientiane.

Flights from Vietnam to Laos will land at these airports:

  • Vientiane International Airport (VTE) is the largest airport in Laos, located in the capital Vientiane. It is a popular destination for visitors to Laos, with many flights from major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.
  • Luang Prabang International Airport (LPQ) is located in the city of Luang Prabang, a popular tourist destination. This airport is operated by international and domestic airlines and is connected to major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.
  • Pakse International Airport (PKZ) is located in Pakse city, Champasak province, Laos.

4.2 From Thailand

You can get to Laos via 3 international airports with 2 airports in Bangkok and 7 international checkpoints. 

From Thailand to Vientiane

Lao Airlines, Bangkok Airways, and Thai Airways operate the only direct flights from Bangkok to Vientiane, with seven departures per day. The flight lasts more than an hour and costs $80 for the low-cost option and $130 for the full-service option.

From Thailand to Luang Prabang

Lao Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Thai Smiles, and AirAsia all have at least four daily flights to Luang Prabang from Bangkok. The flight takes about 2 hours and costs about $100 for low-cost airlines and $180 for full-service airlines.
Lao Airlines and Bangkok Airways both offer direct flights from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang. The flight lasts more than an hour and costs between $140-180 per ticket.

4.3. From Cambodia

You can fly to Laos from Cambodia via the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

From Cambodia to Vientiane

There is only one flight per day from Phnom Penh to Vientiane, operated by Vietnam Airlines. The flight will last 1 hour and 20 minutes and will cost between $140 and $170 per ticket. You must take a transit flight to Phnom Penh or Bangkok from Siem Reap or Sihanoukville.

From Cambodia to Luang Prabang

To get to Luang Prabang, it is more convenient to depart from Siem Reap because there is a direct flight operated by Vietnam Airlines that takes about an hour and a half and costs $150-180 per ticket.
Laos Airlines also operates this route, but their daily flight's transit in Pakse. During the peak season, there are some additional direct flights with Laos Airlines on some busy days. You can view the flight schedule on their website. 
You can take the transit flight from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville to Siem Reap, Bangkok, or Vientiane. 

The information provided above is for your reference for booking flight tickets to your upcoming Laos Tour; we hope it is useful and assists you in having the most enjoyable experience possible. What are you waiting for? Do not delay in booking a flight to Laos and take a look at our attractive Laos Tour Packages!