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Tam Coc Travel Guide In Ripe Rice Season

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Ninh Binh -Travel Tips

The renowned Trang An landscape complex, also known as Tam Coc or Tam Thuy Dong, which translates to "three caverns on water," is situated in Ninh Binh province. Coming to Tam Coc, which is more than 90 kilometers from Hanoi, you will be able to take in the stunning natural beauty, which includes a network of caverns, limestone mountains, really magnificent wet rice fields, and bold Northern countryside. Many visitors are drawn to this location because it is like Ha Long Bay on land. Threeland Travel prepared for your travel guide for travelling Tam Coc. 

Around 7 kilometres separate Tam Coc from Ninh Binh's city core. If you're traveling from Hanoi, you may take a personal vehicle, a motorcycle, a bus, or a train to Ninh Binh. From there, you can either hire a motorcycle or take a motorcycle taxi to Tam Coc-Bich Dong. This area has a long history as a tourist attraction and is home to some of Vietnam's most picturesque ripe rice seasons, which run along the picturesque Ngo Dong River. It lasts for approximately two weeks and is at its most gorgeous and delicious in late May and early June. While the sun was shining brightly, Tam Coc as a whole appeared to shimmer with vivid and lovely colors coming from the smooth rice strips running down the Ngo Dong River. If you visit Tam Coc during the ripe rice season, you will be enthralled by the region's calm, mild climate as well as the intense perfume of nature, heaven, and earth. 

Returning in May is also the time of year when Tam Coc softens up more than ever. You may freely float on boats here as you travel down the Ngo Dong River and take in the breathtaking view as you pass by the vast rice fields. Only that is enough to get folks excited and imprint it in their memories. Three caverns, or Tam Coc, are Ca, Hai, and Ba caves. The flood of Ngo Dong created all three caves. Tam Coc is especially attractive in the early morning when the weather is still cold and bright. Because Tam Coc frequently experiences afternoon thunderstorms in the summer. While traveling to Tam Coc by boat, be sure to pack an umbrella or hat, dress nicely, and perhaps bring some binoculars to take in the distant beauty. 

The distance by boat from Tam Coc dock to Bich Dong region, halfway up the mountain and close to Bich Dong pagoda, is only 2 km. From here, you can see the Ngo Dong tributary's breathtaking landscape unfold before your eyes as a massive carpet of gleaming, mature rice spreads across the slope. The surroundings are serene and open. If you have been to Bich Dong, you should also visit the Xuyen Thuy cave and the Bich Dong pagoda. It would undoubtedly be an experience to explore the well-known tourist destinations in Ninh Binh close to Tam Coc, such as the Van Long lagoon, Tuyet Tinh Coc (Am Tien pagoda), Trang An, Mua cave, etc. a memorable encounter.

Thai Vi Temple has long been considered to be a holy place. You may go around 2 kilometers (miles) over country roads after seeing Tam Coc to get to Thai Vi Temple. You must first visit Thien Huong cave before you can reach Thai Vi temple. The "Scented Heaven Cave" is another name for Thien Huong Cave. At first impression, the cave's arch resembles a huge bell enclosing Linh's shrine, which was built by Tran Thi Dung, the mother who taught people how to embroider. Looking down at the enormous waves from the top of Thien Huong cave, the water is quite romantic and paints a picture of nature, the river, and the big, lovely ripe rice. Noted down these travel guides from Threeland Travel before travelling to Tam Coc.