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Impressed with ancient and unique architecture in Thatbyinnyu Temple, Myanmar 

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Thatbyinnyu Temple has unique architecture, looking like a Renaissance Christian monastery in Europe. This place is famous for being sacred and for having undergone mysterious historical periods.

Thatbyinnyu Temple is located in Bagan, Myanmar, which contains timeless beauty with many cultural and historical values. This is also a relic in the Bagan archaeological site, recognized as a world heritage site. It would be a shame if you did not see the Thatbyinnyu Temple in your Myanmar Tour.


1. Thatbyinnyu Temple, Myanmar, famous for unique statues

Thatbyinnyu Temple was founded around the 12th century BC. And the person who built this temple is King Alaung Sithu. He was the grandson of the king who built the Ananda Temple.

There was once a mythology regarding the walls of this Thatbyinnyu Temple. This temple was not always white, but because the locals wished to conceal the items painted on the walls, they applied a coating of white lime over top. The paintings on the walls are supposed to be frescoes depicting Myanmar's Buddhist heritage. Because the inhabitants here do not want anybody to know about the frescoes, they painted the walls to conceal them. That is why this temple has been white ever since.


2. Ideal time to visit Thatbyinnyu Temple, Myanmar

According to Threeland Travel Myanmar Travel Guide, Bagan has a dry season all year and no rainy season. As a result, you may travel to Bagan and then to Thatbyinnyu Temple at any time of the year. 

From the middle of October to the end of March, the weather is often at its optimum. Because there is barely any rain during these months and typical daytime temperatures do not exceed 30 °C.

Because of the good weather, this is the most popular time of year for travelers to visit the area and is hence dubbed peak season.

This might make locating hotel availability more difficult than in other seasons because there isn't as much available. When compared to other prominent temple complexes in Asia, such as Cambodia's Angkor Wat. It's also more difficult, especially when trying to book close to departure. 

3. How to get to Thatbyinnyu Temple 

Visitors can travel by plane or train from Yangon or Mandalay to reach Bagan. Or take a boat ride on the Irrawaddy River, which is also a suggestion worth considering. Alternatively, you can travel by horse-drawn carriage or bicycle from the famous Ananda temple in Bagan. Thatbyinnyu Temple is about 800m from Ananda Temple; traveling by horse-drawn carriage or beautiful carriage is both convenient and also helps you have time to explore the beauty of Bagan. At Thatbyinnyu Temple, it takes you 3–4 hours to be able to fully explore the beauty of this work, as well as take many commemorative photos. If you have time, you can also learn more about nearby temples such as Ananda Phaya, and Dhammayangyi,...

Thatbyinnyu Temple is open from 8am to 6pm. Visitors should pay attention to their schedule to be able to create a suitable Myanmar tour schedule so as not to miss an interesting destination.


4. Architecture of Thatbyinnyu temple, Myanmar

If you look at this temple from afar, you will see massive architecture that is completely painted with whitewash. And because it is completely painted with white lime, many tourists traveling to Myanmar think of a Christian monastery during the Renaissance.

The structure of Thatbyinnyu Temple, which consists of 2 floors, looks like a cross when viewed from a distance. In particular, the first floor has a square design of brick material; each side is up to 58 meters long. The roof of the whole first floor is the terrace. Above this terrace are 4 more stupas located at the corners. The roof of Thatbyinnyu Temple was formed from a stupa named Sikhara. The top of the tower is designed with a gilded spire with a unique folding umbrella-like shape, showing the typical architecture of Myanmar's Buddhist land.

Inside the Thatbyinnyu Myanmar temple, there are many thin, gold-plated Buddha statues in many poses and shapes. According to statistics, there are about 500 Buddha statues still in existence, giving a mark of reverence to the sacred space of the temple.

Thatbyinnyu Panya Temple is one of the most beautiful and sacred works of Myanmar Buddhism. Coming here, visitors not only have the opportunity to admire the beauty of a temple that is thousands of years old but also enjoy the peaceful and romantic atmosphere every sunset.

Although it is not well known for its guest temples, Thatbyinnyu Temple nonetheless draws a large number of visitors because of the exquisite workmanship within. Thatbyinnyu Temple is described in more detail above. We trust that the information provided here will assist you in planning an unforgettable tour to Myanmar.