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Top Travel Tips to Make Your Laos Trip Magical: An Insider's Guide

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Laos Travel Guide

The least developed destination in Indochina, Laos, is timeless, featuring a refreshingly unhurried pace of life, historic architectural charm, and rustic country scenes. Planning holidays to Laos will open you to a lifestyle that has changed a little over the centuries with minimal Western influence.

The French colonialists have left their mark, but apart from their elaborate villas in a few small cities and the street-side cafes, little remains of the years under colonial rule. The nation's magnificent glided temples, colorful hill tribes, saffron-robed monks, and small-scale farms have survived unchanged.

Therefore, Laos has to offer intact cultures, a refreshingly simple lifestyle, beautiful landscapes, and the most chilled-out people on earth. This travel guide will discuss some tips to make your trip to Laos magical.

When to Visit Laos

The best time to book your Laos travel packages is between November and February, as it rains the least during these months, and the weather is not too hot. Moreover, it's the primary season for national and regional festivals in the country.

If you desire to explore the mountainous northern province, you can consider planning a vacation between March and May (the hot season) or the early rainy season, around June. During these months, temperatures are moderate at higher elevations. On the other hand, if you intend to travel extensively by river, November is the best time.

Cost and Budget

Your pocket will feel lighter to know that Laos is an inexpensive country to explore by almost every standard. While excluding transport, a daily budget of $35 can bring you decent food and basic but comfortable accommodation. When having hot water and Western food, costs can be around $30 per day, and for top-end resorts and luxury staycations, the price can rise to $100.


You can find a surprising range of accommodation in Laos; much of it is run locally by families. When traveling to Luang Prabang and Vientiane, you will see that French colonial villas have been converted into small, stylish hotels providing all the requisite comforts. Many of these hotels also offer luxurious amenities like swimming pools and hotels.

The newest luxury property in Luang Prabang, MyBanLao, was recently opened by a Lao-experienced hotelier at the helm. A few blocks from Amantaka and the night market, it was once the Lao general's home and doubled as a CIA office during the Secret War in the country. The old 'burn room' used to keep sensitive documents is now a whiskey and cigar bar. The property conforms to the UNESCO World Heritage architectural requirements and includes two-bedroom traditional wooden houses, providing travelers with a traditional Lao experience.

Restaurants the Locals Love

Whenever you plan the holidays to Laos, never miss visiting Joma Bakery & Café. The first opened in Vientiane in 1996; Joma Bakery & Café expanded to Luang Prabang three years later and has opened 12 stores in four cities across three nations. You can't have as luscious coffee as theirs in Laos; their Lao pumpkin is to die for, and they make the yummiest reuben west of New York City.

Another popular local restaurant in Luang Prabang is Ban Khili Khao Pick Noodles. This small shop with a few tables offers Khao Piek the best in town. Although the shop serves only soup, you can get it with chicken, pork, or vegetables.

Another popular place to have local Laotian food is Yaek Pak Pa Sak. Located near Sithane Road and Quai Fa Ngum, this eatery and bar is not far from the town center. In addition to luscious food, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mekong, live music, and Beer Lao at Yaek Pak Pa Sak.

Best Things to Do in Laos

You can't miss adding the below listed destinations to your Laos travel packages:

Luang Prabang

Once the ancient capital of Northern Laos, Luang Pranhang is now a majestic and tranquil UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is home to 30+ beautifully gilded temples, making it a spiritual center of Laos.

The temple of Wat Xieng Thong, with its intricate mosaics, is the town's highlight, while the hilltop Wat Phu Si offers mesmerizing views over the town, surrounding mountains, and the Mekong River. The spectacular scenery of Luang Pranhang will make your trekking experience more enjoyable. You can also go on river trips and elephant experiences while trekking.

Kuang Si Waterfalls

Thirty kilometers away from Luang Prabang, the picturesque Kuang Si Waterfalls are best to be visited early morning before the crowds arrive. You can enjoy the yummiest breakfast by the galls before climbing to the top to dip in the natural pools. In addition, consider adding a nearby sanctuary to your itinerary to see the endangered Asiatic 'moon' bear.

Ock Pop Tok

A non-profit organization, Ock Pop Tok works to preserve, revitalize, and promote textile making. They focus on the exceptionally colorful and intricate designs of the Tai ethnic minorities, reflecting their shamanic, animist, and Buddhist influences. Moreover, Ock Pop Tok runs a couple of galleries in Luang Prabang, with a weaving center outside the town. You can visit the weaving center to learn to weave or gain deeper insight into the traditions and skills behind these beautiful textiles.

Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw is located two to three hours North of Luang Prabang. The town is a quiet backwater and sees relatively few tourists. Although Nong Khiaw is a small and rustic town, the setting is exceptional. Situated between the Nam Ou River and the mountainous interior, Nong Khiaw's spectacular scenery will be a treat to your eyes. This peaceful and tranquil destination provides a good escape from your everyday, hectic life.

Final Words

To truly experience peaceful Southeast Asian countries, always book a travel package Vietnam or Laos via an experienced travel agency. When traveling to Laos, consider building enough time to explore the country leisurely. Since more remote regions in the country are gradually opening up, it's recommended to take enough time to explore the less-visited, hidden gems to truly get to know the laid-back locals and their way of life and experience breathtaking views.