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Traveling to Hue in spring: Visiting the Imperial Citadel and experiencing Tet in the Central region

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Not only attracting tourists with its charming natural landscape and unique cuisine, Hue also bears the mark of the nation's historical culture through typical works and architecture. To talk about the beauty of Hue in spring, the place that shows the most unique culture, history and natural landscape of Hue in spring is probably Hue Citadel is the most prominent place.

Traveling to Hue in spring, the journey to visit the Hue Citadel and the experiences of celebrating Tet is probably one of the wonderful things, let's explore it together.

Hue Citadel - Ancient beauty in the capital of the capital

Address: Street 23/8, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province

Hue Citadel was built in the first half of the twentieth century, this is one of the relics recognized by UNESCO as a World cultural heritage since 1993. Hue Citadel is the place where people live and activities place of the Nguyen kings and the last feudal court of our country.

This relic is the largest scale project in Vietnam's history with a construction period lasting many years with tens of thousands of construction workers and activities of filling rivers, digging trenches, building walls, and besides huge volume of soil and rock up to millions of cubic meters. Visiting the Hue Citadel relic complex, you will admire hundreds of magnificent shrines, temples and palaces. With its magnificent beauty combined with unique architecture, it promises to be a destination that will bring you many interesting experiences.

The mausoleums, temples and gardens that are several hundred years old are preserved intact, making them a place to go for nostalgic souls who want to rediscover a golden period in the past. The relic complex includes the Imperial Citadel, the Imperial Citadel and the Forbidden City... painted in red and gold and is the most typical structure of the feudal period that everyone admires.

More specifically, on Tet, the ancient capital of Hue seems young again. Many people from Hue who go to work and live far away have also returned to the Huong river and Ngu mountain to celebrate Tet with their relatives.

The beauty of the Grand Inner Palace seems to have increased many times over, the complex of relics is painted with golden gilding, blending with the gentle sunlight of early spring, along with thousands of bright green flowers and trees in early spring. All together create a brilliant, ancient picture of the Imperial Citadel of Hue and is a top destination for Hue people as well as tourists every Tet and Spring season.

Interesting Tet experiences typical of Hue

Going to the Tet market on the last day before Tet in Hue

Going to the Tet market is probably an interesting experience that everyone looks forward to. After a busy year, Tet is an opportunity for yourself to rest and regain energy.

On the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, families in Hue prepare a tray of offerings at the end of the year, and buy food and cakes and jams for the days of Tet. That's why the number of people going shopping for Tet at wholesale markets in the city. Hue like Dong Ba market and small markets on the outskirts of Hue also double or triple the size of normal days.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hue on Tet, you should try going to Hue market on the 30th to feel the typical beauty of Tet culture in Hue through items that only appear on Tet such as : Thanh Tien bougainvillea, Sinh village worship paintings, Chuon village tet cakes...

Go to the temple to worship Buddha on the 1st day of lunar new year

It can be said that worshiping Buddha at the pagoda on the 1st day is a spiritual cultural beauty of Hue tourism in particular and Vietnam in general. Besides offering incense and worshiping Buddha to pray for good luck in the year, visitors to the pagoda also have the opportunity to admire the lush green buds and the pure and sacred pagoda scene. At Hue's pagodas, on the 1st day there are often traditional writing activities that are enjoyed by many people as well as visitors.

Exciting boat racing festival on the 2nd day of lunar new year

As one of the most anticipated competitions during the coming Tet days, boat racing not only preserves the generations-old traditions of the homeland but also has the meaning of bringing jubilant joy to Hue tourism during Tet.

It is a racing festival that brings great spiritual values, not only demonstrating the spirit and strength of the young men in the region, but also creating a spirit of solidarity, attachment and, more specifically, a bustling and joyful atmosphere of everyone on the first day of spring.
On both sides of the Perfume River, many people gathered to cheer for the boat teams. Participating in watching boat races, visitors will understand more about the unique cultural beauty of Hue. Or enjoy the festive atmosphere at the beginning of the year at Huyen Tran temple festival, Sinh village wrestling festival, fishing festival...

In addition, visitors can also experience the joyful and bustling feeling of a traditional Tet at Gia Lac market and Phong Dien market, where apricot and peach blossom sales are concentrated. According to Hue travel experience, walking around the flower market or visiting the spring flower festival has become an indispensable habit for the people of Hue, imbued with a very unique space typical of Hue.

Enjoy Hue's Tet cuisine

Enjoying Hue cuisine is probably one of the unique experiences that everyone wants to experience once. Because Hue cuisine has become so famous with its rich flavors and eye-catching decoration that bears the characteristics of the people of the Central region.

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During Tet, Hue restaurants and hotels all serve traditional dishes with also vegetarian so that visitors have many choices for themselves. Restaurants in Hue are always open to serve diners throughout Tet. With extremely rustic dishes, the way of preparation is also very rustic, imbued with the ancient capital, so visitors can feel a very festive Tet, just like being at home.

Hue specialties during Tet include Chuong village's banh tet, pickles, pork sausage, spring rolls, pickled onions, pickled tubers... Besides, there are also sweet desserts with Tet flavors such as jam ginger, coconut, potatoes, squash, lotus seeds, green bean sweet soup, sweet potato sweet soup... dishes that have been associated with traditional Vietnamese Tet for many generations.

Hue during Tet always carries with it a lingering and impressive beauty, but when it comes, we cannot pass by indifferently. Not only because of the beauty of the buildings and mausoleums of charming nature, but also because of the natural and profound features of the culture of indigenous people for many generations. Hue in the hearts of travelers is always so gentle and pure. What are you waiting for? Take your backpack, contact professional Vietnam travel agency and hit the road to fully experience the beauty of the poetic ancient capital when spring is coming.