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Hue food tour - Hue sweet soup conquers all diners

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Top 10 attractive Hue sweet soup dishes that conquer all diners

1. Roasted pork filter sweet soup

Roasted pork sweet soup is a unique specialty of Hue, combining traditional flavors and culinary creativity. This Hue sweet soup has a curious name for tourists, with an impressive unique flavor, so it is loved by many people.

The dish is made from simple ingredients including tapioca starch and roasted pork. The pork is cut into square pieces, the outside of the meat will be wrapped in flour, then cooked and seasoned to taste. Tapioca starch is made from tapioca starch, has a characteristic softness, combined with crispy roasted pork, marinated with rich spices according to a separate recipe and the sweet fatty taste of sugar water, spicy from ginger slices, … All create an impressive flavor for diners. This Hue sweet soup is not only an interesting culinary experience for tourists but also reflects the sophistication and diversity of the ancient capital's rich cuisine.

2. Sweet bean soup

Sweet bean soup is a dish used to serve the King in the past. Nowadays, sweet soup appears on important occasions for Hue people or entertaining guests at home. The dish is cooked from ingredients such as: royal beans, rock sugar, pandan leaves... creating a cool and sweet Hue dessert. When enjoying sweet bean sweet soup, people also decorate it with a few pretty jasmine buds or grapefruit flowers to increase the eye-catching and stimulate the taste buds of the eaters.

3. Corn sweet soup

Corn sweet soup is one of the favorite traditional sweet soup dishes in Hue with a unique flavor. This dessert is made from fresh corn, soft-cooked corn kernels with tapioca starch, combined with sugar and coconut milk. With the eye-catching color of corn kernels combined with the gentle sweetness and characteristic aroma of coconut milk, corn sweet soup is a great choice to enjoy on summer days in Hue, giving diners a culinary experience. 

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4. Purple potato sweet soup

Hue purple potato sweet soup has the bold color of the dreamy ancient capital with a beautiful purple color. This dessert is made from purple potatoes, sugar, coconut milk and semolina. The combination of the sweetness of sugar, the fatty taste of coconut milk, and the delicate taste of purple potatoes creates an attractive dessert. With eye-catching colors, this dessert not only captivates local people but also conquers guests from far away.

5. Luc tau xa tea

This originates from Guangdong (China). Luc tau xa or Luc Dau Sa means crushed green beans. This sweet soup is cooked from ingredients such as green beans, semolina, tran bi (dried tangerine peel) and granulated sugar. Luc tau xa has a unique and strange flavor, a combination of the sweetness of granulated sugar, the fatty taste of green beans plus the earthy taste of tarragon. This is a refreshing tea that helps cool down, relieve colds and is extremely good for health.

6. Jelly sweet soup

Jelly sweet soup in Hue is quite diverse for diners to choose from, you can eat coconut milk jelly sweet soup, flute jelly sweet soup, fruit jelly sweet soup... The process of cooking jelly sweet soup seems simple and does not take too much time, but brings extremely impressive flavor. Enjoying a cool glass of jelly sweet soup in Hue on summer days will energize your journey to explore the ancient capital.

7. Lotus seed sweet soup wrapped in longan

Lotus seed sweet soup wrapped in longan is one of the famous specialties of the ancient capital of Hue. Ingredients to cook this dessert include lotus seeds, longan, rock sugar and water. The special feature of this dessert is the delicate combination of soft lotus seeds and delicious longan, bringing a unique flavor experience. After being boiled, lotus seeds will be "inserted" into the longan. Then boil a pot of water and when it boils, add rock sugar and simmer over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Let the rock sugar water cool, then scoop the sugar water and pour it into pretty small bowls containing some longans wrapped in lotus seeds, then enjoy. You will feel the delicate sweetness of rock sugar, the crisp sweetness of longan and the cool taste of lotus

8. Green bean soup

Green beans are a popular type of bean and appear in many different sweet soup dishes. Green bean sweet soup in Hue is a rustic dish worth trying when coming to the ancient capital. This sweet soup has a cool, gentle flavor, suitable for the taste of many people. There are two popular types of green bean sweet soup: whole green bean sweet soup and whipped green bean sweet soup. To add more fat and deliciousness to green bean sweet soup, people can add coconut milk when enjoying.

9. Pomegranate seed dew tea

Pomegranate sweet soup in Hue is also one of the desserts that you must try when you come here. The most prominent feature of this sweet soup is the eye-catching colors: pink, red of the pomegranate seeds, white of the water chestnuts, golden yellow, green of the jellies and even the shiny black of the soft, chewy frosting. ... The sweet taste of sugar water and the fatty taste of coconut milk create an impressive and special dish for many tourists.

10. Black bean soup

With beans such as green beans, black beans, red beans... you can prepare many different attractive sweet soup dishes. Black beans are a type of seed that is rich in nutrients and has a unique delicious flavor. Black beans are carefully selected, soaked and cooked until soft, then combined with sugar and some other spices to create a sweet, attractive flavor. When enjoying black bean sweet soup, people also add rich coconut milk but it does not cause boredom when eating. Sweet soup is often enjoyed hot or cold, depending on personal preference and is a perfect choice for cold or hot days.

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