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Hien Lam Cac - Architectural highlight in Hue Imperial Citadel

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Hue is already very famous for its massive architectural works from the Nguyen Dynasty, along with folk architectural works and temples. Each architectural work in Hue is a work of art expressing its own spiritual and aesthetic values, of which the Hien Lam Cac of the Imperial Citadel of Hue is one of the typical architectural works. This place is considered a memorial to commemorate those who founded the Nguyen Dynasty and is still one of the beautiful and unique architectural highlights in the Imperial Citadel architectural complex.

Hien Lam Cac and its unique feng shui meaning

Hien Lam Cac is located in the southwest of Hue Imperial Citadel, this project was built from 1821 to 1822 with the purpose of being a place of worship and commemoration of the founders of the Nguyen Dynasty. When built, the project was 17m high, including 4 monolithic wooden columns, 13m high and was also the tallest architectural work in the Hue Imperial Citadel. During the Nguyen Dynasty, there was a regulation that no architectural works could be built higher than the Hien Lam Pavilion in the Imperial Citadel area because the height of the Hien Lam Pavilion also showed memory and respect for the people. The ancestors were instrumental in building the Nguyen dynasty.

Hien Lam Cac also has a very special meaning when it carries Giap Moc, which means large wood, symbolizing the pillar of the royal court that will always grow strong to carry the country forever. Also because of Wood thanks to Earth, it is tall and valuable, and also shows the deep and eternal royal relationship. The red wooden pillars at Hien Lam Pavilion symbolize the wisdom of the mandarins and will bring prosperity to the dynasty.

On a larger scale, Hien Lam Cac also has a close connection with other works such as The Mieu and Nine Dinh built behind, which shows the intention to stabilize the mind of future kings. It can be said that during the Nguyen Dynasty, Hien Lam Cac was a solid spiritual pillar for the monarchs to maintain their righteous mind and sincerity, cultivate themselves and rule the country.

The pinnacle architectural beauty of Hue's Hien Lam Cac

Hien Lam Cac in Hue not only stands out because of its height among the Imperial Citadel complex but also impresses with its beautiful architecture. The design of this project is made of high-rise wood built on a rectangular-shaped high ground, paved with Bat Trang tiles, using bricks with lime mortar and porcelain pieces to build. Stepping from below to the platform, there are two levels made from Thanh Hoa green stone, the front and back of each system have 9 levels.

This architectural work has 3 floors, each floor has its own unique beauty. The first floor area is also the place with the most exquisite space and architecture with elaborate sculptures. The truss columns are all carved with images of clouds, flowers, and dragons with high aesthetic value. The architecture of the third row of columns from the front has a row of panels, in the middle of each compartment there is an arched door.

Hien Lam Cac's system of bets, puzzles, and triads are all embossed with stylized dragon motifs in the form of rolling vines and leaves. The middle door area has a very large horizontal panel with the words Hien Lam Cac, the frame is carved with 9 dragons playing with clouds beautifully painted in gold. The staircase leading to the 2nd floor of Hien Lam Cac is also extremely beautiful with the handrail divided into boxes shaped like Tho, swastika and lines. The top and bottom of the stair handrails are embossed with vivid and soft curved dragon heads and tails.

The second floor area is divided into three compartments, the front and back areas are louvered doors, the surrounding area is decorated with very sophisticated and meticulous rows. The roof truss of the 2nd floor is supported by a system of 4 main columns and 4 auxiliary columns. There are extremely beautifully carved painted figures.

The 3rd floor is at the top and has only 1 room, leading up to it by a 9-step wooden staircase. The 3rd floor space has louvered doors on both the front and back and a very beautiful, solid and impressive painting system. The roof of the 3rd floor of Hien Lam Cac is decorated with pale yellow blue wine gourds placed on clouds with very fresh and striking five-color patterns.

With an age of more than a century, the appearance of Hien Lam Cac has been somewhat affected by time, however, after the process of restoration and embellishment, this is the most complete architectural work in the Imperial Citadel and has become Unique architectural highlights fascinate visitors.

Suggested outstanding attractions in Hue Imperial Citadel

Besides Hien Lam Cac, there are many attractive check-in points in Hue Imperial Citadel with unique architecture for you to stop and admire. First of all, Ngo Mon is the main gate of the Imperial Citadel and also the place with the most beautiful architecture. Ngo Mon is located overlooking the Perfume River with 5 doors including the middle door for the king, the two side doors for civil and military mandarins, and the two outermost doors for soldiers, elephants and horses. Ngo Mon architecture has 2 floors and 9 very beautiful roofs.

Next, stop at Thai Hoa Palace located in the center of the Imperial Citadel with splendid and massive architecture. This is where adoration sessions or major events take place such as coronation ceremonies, reception of envoys. Arrive at the Imperial Citadel, you should also visit Dien Tho Palace, which is considered to have the most beautiful and largest architecture remaining today. Dien Tho Palace is the residence of the ancient Empress Mother and is also a very popular tourist attraction.

Truong Sanh Palace is located in the northwest of the Imperial Citadel with impressive architecture that also attracts many tourists. In addition, do not miss other works such as Hung To Temple, Thai To Temple, The To Temple, Trieu To Temple, Cuu Dinh or Phung Tien Palace.

Hien Lam Cac and other architectural works of Hue are always the pride and symbols of the golden age of the ancient capital. Traveling to Hue and admiring Hien Lam Cac to enjoy the magnificent, ancient beauty built by our predecessors is a fascinating experience worth experiencing once in your life. Hue in travelers' souls is always mild and pure. What exactly are you waiting for? Take your backpack, call an experienced Vietnam tour service, and hit the road to fully appreciate the lyrical historic capital's splendor as spring approaches.