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Explore Ta Hien Street - a charming "black pearl" in the heart of Hanoi

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With a wonderful intersection between nostalgia and modernity, Ta Hien Street has become a destination not to be missed when explore Hanoi. You can fully enjoy the diversity and uniqueness of street life, experience the peaceful yet vibrant moments of the city of thousand years of civilization.

1. Introduction to Ta Hien Street, Hanoi

Where is Ta Hien Street?

This is the most vibrant nightlife district in Hanoi, with a 266m route extending from Ta Hien - Luong Ngoc Quyen - Hang Bac, connecting to Hang Ngang - Hang Dao.

Ta Hien Street has a very special history. Previously, it was called by many different names such as Ta Hien ancient town, Tay Ta Hien street and Ta Hien beer street. During the French colonial period, Ta Hien was formed from merging the old streets and was named Rue Géraud. However, people often call it Quang Lac alley because in the middle of the street there is Quang Lac theater - the most famous theater in Hanoi at that time.

Since 1945, this neighborhood has been renamed Ta Hien city, after Ta Quang Hien - a leader in the Can Vuong movement. Since then, Ta Hien has become a symbol of the vibrant and bustling nightlife in Hanoi. With the nickname "street that never sleeps" and "international crossroads", Ta Hien has been attracting many tourists and locals to explore.

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2. Discover the unique architecture of Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien old town has an opposite architecture with a clear division into two blocks, which are numbered oddly. Even-numbered houses show traditional Vietnamese architecture with 2-storey houses. The lower floor is built close to the road surface, while the upper floor is slightly back, creating a spacious and airy outside space. This architecture has existed and developed since ancient times and has become a feature of Hanoi's Old Quarter.

In contrast, the row of odd-numbered houses has the French architectural style with 2-storey houses with the same sloping roof. There are dozens of semi-detached houses built uniformly from the early 20th century. This architectural style reflects the French influence in the colonial period and has become a distinctive highlight in the architectural landscape of  Ta Hien.

3. The contrasting picture of day and night in Ta Hien street

3.1. Ta Hien Street is peaceful during the day

Ta Hien Street is a unique intersection between the typical nostalgia of Trang An and the modern and vibrant Hanoi of today. When walking to Ta Hien Street during the day, visitors will be captivated by the peaceful and nostalgic atmosphere. It feels like being lost in an ancient space with ancient houses that have undergone many years of change, but still retain the elegant and charming beauty.

3.2. Ta Hien Street at night is bustling

When night falls, Ta Hien transforms again. A vibrant, bustling and boisterous atmosphere fills the space. This is the perfect time for you to sublimate with music, enjoy unique cocktails and have fun chatting with your friends. This is really a unique feature of Ta Hien as well as of Hanoi at night

4. Experience when going to Ta Hien street, Hanoi

4.1. Dinner on Ta Hien street

What's delicious on Ta Hien Street? Ta Hien Street is a famous culinary paradise. Here, visitors can enjoy delicious drinks, snacks and Hanoi specialties, in which delicious dishes such as:

  • Ta Hien Old Town Beer
  • Grilled quail with honey
  • Noodles
  • Grilled beef in cast iron pan
  • Other Hanoi night dishes: fried spring rolls, lemongrass chili chicken feet, french fries, cheese sticks, street taro...

4.2. Watch a street art performance

Besides eating and drinking, Ta Hien Street is also a place for you to enjoy unique street art performances. From traditional folk music to modern music, from circus performances to musical instrument talent… Every performance is unique and promises to bring visitors a memorable and impressive evening.

4.3. Bars/pubs on Ta Hien street

Ta Hien Street at night is lively with the bustling atmosphere of bars and pubs. This is a very attractive place to hang out in Hanoi for a group of friends. You can enjoy exciting, uplifting performances with hot music and dances.

Some famous bars and pubs for you to explore:

  • Bar 1900 Le Théâtre: No. 8 Ta Hien
  • Funky B: No. 2 Ta Hien
  • Fat Cat Bar: No. 25 Ta Hien
  • Prague Pub: No. 38 Luong Ngoc Quyen

4.4. Take photos of Ta Hien Street to keep beautiful images

Ta Hien Street is one of the unique check-in points in Hanoi with small alleys and rows of ancient architectural houses with time-colored tiled roofs. This scene is also the ideal space to create the most beautiful wedding photos in Hanoi. Young people who want to preserve beautiful moments in traditional ao dai, do not hesitate to visit Ta Hien right away.

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5. Experience going to Ta Hien street

5.1. Instructions on how to move to Ta Hien street

Ta Hien Street is located about 250m from Sword Lake. Visitors can use many different means of transport to get to this place, including taxis, technology vehicles (such as Grab), motorbike taxis, or rent motorbikes and cars.

In addition, there are also some bus lines that stop near Ta Hien such as:

  • Route 31 with a stop at Hang Can street.
  • Route 04, 14, 18, 31, 34, 36, 40 with a stop at Tran Nhat Duat.
  • Route 04, 08, 11, 14, 18, 23, 31, 34, 36, 40 with a stop at Nguyen Huu Huan.

5.2. When is Ta Hien beer street open? Open until what time?

Ta Hien Street has two different times to visit. From about 7.8 pm is when the sidewalk eateries open, creating a cozy space for visitors to enjoy street food. After 10 p.m., Ta Hien turns into a place to enjoy exciting music. This is the right time for you to enjoy the joyful, bustling and wonderful atmosphere of relaxation with friends and relatives.

Ta Hien and some other streets are also planned to be pedestrian streets on weekends. After the food stalls close, you can search for bars or pubs to enjoy the space and music in your own style, from floor music to acoustic space, exciting live music .

5.3. What to note when coming to Ta Hien street, Hanoi?

Some notes you need to know when participating in fun at Ta Hien Street:

  • Ta Hien attracts a large number of visitors on weekends (from Friday to Sunday). If you want to enjoy a quieter space, you should come on weekdays.
  • Although the security situation in Ta Hien is quite stable, first-time visitors should also pay attention to take care of their luggage and personal property to avoid trouble.
  • If you have trouble finding your way or something goes wrong, you don't need to worry. The police force is usually on the street and ready to assist you at any time.

Ta Hien Street has a unique beauty in the heart of Hanoi, both peaceful during the day and vibrant at night. The laughter, stories and pulse of the nightlife make this street more bustling than ever. You can step into bars, unique food street corners to enjoy unique delicacies and drop your soul into the joyful atmosphere of West Street. With this unique combination, Ta Hien has become an ideal destination for tourists who want to discover the beauty and richness of Hanoi street life. Threeland Travel located 5 minutes from Ta Hien street, visit us and also explore Hanoi !