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Hanoi Travel Guide to visit Hanoi Old Quarter where time stands still

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We've all heard of the Hanoi Old Quarter or the 36 streets in Hanoi. Guide to travelling Hanoi old quarter is one of the most popular and attractive tourist spots that people cannot avoid is the old town, with its historic homes and streets marked with historical recollections of the capital formerly. Visitors that come here will have the chance to discover more about the history, way of life, and people of Hanoi, as well as to savor various delectable cuisines and discover a wealth of other fascinating things. Threeland Travel is giving you Hanoi old quarter travel guide to begin your exploration of this area 

Introduction to Hanoi Old Quarter

Where is Hanoi Old Quarter located?

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is located to the east of the Hanoi Old Quarter, according to everyone who describes Hanoi. It is now situated in the heart of the Hoan Kiem neighborhood, close to Hoan Kiem Lake. Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Hang Thung, and Cau Go Streets are in the South; Hang Dau Street is in the North; Phung Hung Street is in the West; and Tran Nhat Duat Street is in the East. The ancient town is made up of 72 streets and 10 wards, with a total area of around 76 hectares. Small business owners and artisans established in this area beside the Red River wharf. They converged to create a crowded, active commercial district.

The Old Quarter is also known as "Hanoi 36 streets. Each street is named after an item sold on the street. Through many stages, this neighborhood has changed but is still crowded with buyers and sellers. Become one of the most beautiful places that everyone wants to visit when traveling to Hanoi.

How to travel to Hanoi Old Quarter?

The bus is one of the safest and most affordable ways to get to the Hanoi Old Quarter out of all the many modes of transportation available, including taxis, motorbike taxis, motorbikes, and buses. Visitors can pick from the following inner-city bus lines to go to the old town:

You may go to the Hoan Kiem Lake side by using bus lines 09, 14 or 36.
Bus lines 03, 11, 14, 22, 18, 34, and 40 stop at 81 Tran Nhat Duat and O Quan Chuong, respectively.
Dong Xuan market is on bus route number 31.
Bus number 31 to Hang Luoc exit 22c.

If you think that using the bus would take too long, I recommend renting a motorbike in Hanoi, which is convenient and allows you to travel anywhere you like. Or you may choose to take a cab, which is quick but extremely pricey.

How to move in Hanoi Old Quarter?

You can choose to use a tram to move on the street because, in general, the streets and alleyways are relatively narrow. If you wish to independently navigate a lot of lanes, hire a motorcycle (rental costs around 150,000 VND each vehicle per day) or the cyclocycle rickshaw, which many visitors from around the world find to be incredibly fascinating (price is about 200,000 VND for a passenger), but don't forget to inquire and bargain the price beforehand!

The most fitting form, in the opinion of people who have visited Hanoi's Old Quarter, is walking. Because there are so many historic stores and eateries around, it's easy to get about the old town and eat anything you like. 

Places to visit in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter stretches over a wide area, so there are many beautiful tourist attractions, so when you come here, you can combine to explore some of these places.

Hoan Kiem Lake - a beautiful view point of Hanoi's old quarter

Anyone visiting Hanoi should go to Hoan Kiem Lake, which is situated in the city's center and is a lovely tourist destination in the old quarter. This location is not only known for its wide-open spaces and beautiful surroundings, but it is also linked to several revered and heroic historical tales. Other popular tourist destinations around the lake include the Ngoc Son temple, the The Huc bridge, the Turtle tower, the Tran Ba community house, etc.

Bach Ma Temple - famous temple in Hanoi's Old Quarter

This temple, which can be found at 76 Hang Buom, has been around since Thang Long's inception and growth. The temple was constructed in the ninth century, and it underwent restoration under the Nguyen Dynasty. The distinctive feature of Bach Ma is that the entire house frame is crafted from ironwood and is expertly and deftly carved. If you enjoy history, this is a wonderful place to visit.

Dong Xuan Market - the old market 

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi's Old Quarter is the oldest market in the capital, built by the French in 1889. The market sells a wide variety of items, from everyday utensils to handicrafts. Going to the market, visitors will be able to participate in the exciting trading atmosphere and find small and beautiful souvenirs.

O Quan Chuong - the remaining gate in Hanoi

O Quan Chuong is one of the five remaining temples for the golden age of the nation. It is the only gate of Hanoi after the impact of the war and still standing until now. This place is located on O Quan Chuong street, at the beginning of Hang Chieu street, near the Chuong Duong bridge, visitors can easily move here to visit and learn about the fragile life of the land of thousands of years of civilization.

Some interesting experiences in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Taking photos in the old streets of Hanoi

When entering Hanoi's Old Quarter, the first thing that strikes you is how time has stained every part of the street, alley, home, or wall, etc., creating a new background. It is simple to make your "virtual life" photo look really great; all you have to do is stand in front of the picture or "pretend" to get lost on the street.

Hang out Ta Hien street in Hanoi's old town

Ta Hien Street, known as the "street that never sleeps," is one of the most well-known entertainment districts in the city. When night falls, this street begins to light up, and the activity becomes quite frantic and busy. Also on exhibit are stores, dining establishments, etc. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the exquisite and enticing cuisine and beverages when you visit. An active stream of individuals is weaved throughout that area. You may go to any restaurant with your friends to meet up, have a beverage, talk, etc.

Learn about traditional craft in Hanoi's Old Quarter

The old town also concentrates a lot of traditional craft villages, it is shown in streets such as Hang Ma, Hang Thiec, Hang Thuoc Bac, Hang Tre, ... this is the place to both sell and store traditional craft products. . Visitors can visit, learn about those items, ask the seller about the origin and development history of these craft villages.

Enjoy delicious street food in Hanoi's old quarter

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is not only popular for its sights, but also draws tourists with its delectable cuisine and adventurous Ha Thanh architecture. What could be better than savoring a filling bowl of bun cha, a famous bowl of fried pig belly or pho, a dish of boiling snails with a bowl of sweet and sour sauce, or a platter of crunchy fried spring rolls after a "weary leg" tour? Drink a cup of coffee, a cup of lemon tea, and if you'd like, a couple mugs of beer, after that.

Tour advice for a day trip to the Old Quarter of Hanoi

The recommended plan for visitors arriving for the first time is as follows:
 - Morning: Take a walk to Dong Xuan alley for breakfast before visiting Dong Xuan market. O Quan Chuong is followed by Bach Ma and the historic home of Ma May.
 - Noon: Enjoy vermicelli in Hang Buom, Hang Manh, vermicelli in Phat Loc alley, or fried chicken island rice on Ma May street while taking a break for lunch.
 - Afternoon: Move to see Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple. Watch puppet performances (if you like) before spending time purchasing gifts.
 - Evening: Have snails for dinner on Dinh Liet Street, explore the Night Market on Hang Ngang and Hang Dao streets, then have a beverage and chit-chat at Ta Hien Street then returning to the hotel after that

If you want to visit Hanoi Old Quarter in the near future, don't forget to take note of these tips for the most comprehensive and fulfilling trip possible. Threeland Travel hope you can have enough travel guide to Hanoi’s Old Quarter and great experiences in here !