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How To Travel Ha Long Bay From Ha Noi In Your Vietnam Tours
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Halong Bay - Travel Tips

Transportation between destinations is a problem that travelers always face many difficulties. Therefore, technology development has contributed to solving this problem. It offers a lot of choices to meet the needs of all travelers.

In Vietnam, one of the most popular tourist transport routes is Hanoi - Ha Long. Hanoi is the only major city near Ha Long Bay. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to allocate time, balanced in the most appropriate way. You can also take advantage of the distance to enjoy a short day trip during your Vietnam Tour Package.

Below is a list of vehicles with the most convenient transportation route from Hanoi to Ha Long.


The cheapest way to travel from Hanoi to Ha Long is by bus. Like anywhere in the world, coaches are cheap and affordable vehicles. This option allows you to learn more about the daily life of Vietnamese people. However, like Vietnamese public transport, passenger cars have many disadvantages. This makes foreign tourists seldom choose.

•    Starts from My Dinh bus station or Gia Lam. The bus stops at Bai Chay bus station, Ha Long city.
•    Low price - about 100,000 - 130,000 VND
•    Refer and book a car at: www.vexere.com
•    Travel time: 4 hours
•    Main route: Hanoi - Hai Duong - Hai Phong - Bai Chay (Ha Long)

Traveling by coach is a unique way to experience the local culture. However, foreign tourists may find it difficult to fully understand the practices of Vietnamese coaches or exchange information with drivers. In addition, in the case of a passenger car malfunctioning or missing station, you will probably get lost. For travelers who only have one day, this is not the optimal choice. Due to having to leave Ha Long Bay early to move, your journey will be incomplete.

For travelers with a comfortable time schedule, there is no doubt when choosing this mode of transportation with bold local culture.


Taking a VIP car from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay can be very luxurious and comfortable since many of them used for longer trips offer cushy reclining leather seats as well as air-conditioning. Don’t worry that the Limousine will pick you up from any of the hotels in Hanoi Quarter and drop you off at any location you want. 

The Limousine have 09-16 seats, are air-conditioned, has reclining seats, Wi-Fi as well as USB chargers to keep your phones charged up during the transfer. Travel time of the bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay is around 2 – 2,5 hours and the price will vary among different companies and different types of buses. But the normal price will around  250.000 VND -500.000 VND ($10-20) for a one-way ticket. Make sure to book your Hanoi to Halong Bay bus ticket online to guarantee a spot via their hotline number. You will be confirmed via the operator and notified 1-2 hours before departure.

•    Some reputable garage companies: 

-    Van Don Xanh Limousine: 02033 991 991 - 02033 777 666
Website:  vandonxanh.com

-    Anh Huy Limousine: 0911863919
Website: vipanhhuy.vn

-    Phuc Xuyen Limousine:  0983.827.827 – 0888.827.827

-    Ha Vy Limousine: 0969.255.255 – 0963.385.385 – 0936.887.887


While not an option for most travelers, motorbikes may be the vehicle for those who prefer thrills.

  • Advantages:  Like cars or buses, traveling from Hanoi to Ha Long will take more than 4 hours and can make visitors tired during the journey.
  • Defect:  For amateur drivers, traveling by motorbike on this route is very dangerous. Make sure you understand the roadmap and are willing to deal with the risks.

It is not hard to rent a motorbike in Hanoi, even if you are a foreign visitor. You can find many renting stores in the Old Quarter (or the West Lake area) with English-speaking staff and owners. Depending on how long you stay in Vietnam, you can choose among monthly, weekly, and daily rental services. These rental shops provide various types of automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and touring bikes with such a brand name as Honda, Yamaha, Attila, Air blade, etc.

If you insist on this option, choose a good motorbike and protection gear, a map and a phone that can connect to the internet to google your way. It is best to go with a friend so that you have someone to rely on in case of an emergency. And remember that as a foreign visitor, you have no Vietnamese driving license so actually it is not legal to drive a motorbike around. 

Generally, local traffic officers do not make things hard for you but you need to wear a helmet and follow traffic signals to avoid any trouble.


If you do not want to share the trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay with strangers or wish to be totally flexible in your schedule, a private car is your best choice. Hiring a taxi or car will give you a more private space. A good idea for families who carry lots of luggage, a group of friends who want to sit and talk freely without worrying about affecting their surroundings or those who are on business trips and want to focus on work.

At a cost, of course: about 1,500,000 VND – 5,000,000 VND ($70-100) for a round trip. 

You can ask your tour or cruise operator to arrange this service for you or simply book a taxi. Here are some big taxi brands in Hanoi to choose from:

  • CP Taxi: (+84) 024 3826 2626
  • Mai Linh Taxi: (+84) 24 3833 3333
  • Thanh Cong Taxi: (+84) 24 3628 2828
  • Thanh Nga Taxi: (+84) 24 3821 5215


This is another public means that is used more by local people. Trains provide passengers with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views along the road. However, the train from Hanoi to Ha Long will last 7 hours. This is usually not the right choice for travelers.

From the train station, visitors will take more time and cost to catch the car moving to the city center. In addition, you will have to wake up earlier if you want to enjoy a full day in Ha Long. Besides, you should also note: the pier is about 5km from the station. So make sure you arrive on time.

The train offers guests two options, including air-conditioned "soft seats" and "hard seats" at different prices. However, the train from Hanoi to Ha Long can only have hard seats.

The train route is designed primarily for locals. For some visitors, this is a great opportunity to better understand the lives of Vietnamese people. However, the main disadvantage of the train is that the time and itinerary are not stable.


Seaplane is another luxurious aerial transport for a reasonable price that you should try. Hai Au Airlines is proud to be the only provider of sightseeing flights with seaplanes from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay.

Like helicopters, the journey with the seaplane takes 45 minutes, saving you time. Although more expensive than other forms of ground transportation, the cost of a flight with a seaplane is much lower than a helicopter and not too high compared to renting a car. Direct flights departing from Noi Bai Hanoi / Ha Long Airport cost around 275 USD to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the bay below. Hai Au Airlines offers a lot of promotional packages combining a Halong tour on the beach, a hotel and a scenic flight with a seaplane. 

With these promotion packages, the cost to fully experience the beauty of Ha Long has been significantly reduced. For travelers who do not like to travel by air or groups of tourists too large may not choose this form of travel. However, for businessmen or adventurous people, traveling seaplanes are the best way to travel between Hanoi and Ha Long.

The amount of money and time you deserve is worth the benefits when choosing transportation as one of the top concerns when planning travel abroad. All means of transport described above have pros and cons so please consider them carefully before making your decision. We hope that you can easily find your perfect way to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi after reading this post.Do not hesitate to contact local Threeland and tailor-made your Vietnam tour via email help@threeland.com or What’s App: +84342620068 or call +842439262056.