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Top things to buy in Cambodia tours

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia is definitely a shopping paradise for handmade products. If you are wondering what to buy when visiting Cambodia, do not miss out the list of Top 10 things to buy in Cambodia as your own gifts to bring home for your loved ones!
The best things to buy in Cambodia tour package are the local handicrafts, which are designed and created by the locals themselves. The skillful weavers and craftsmen make attractive items out of silk and cotton fabrics, rattan, bamboo, wood and clay. The result is a pleasing selection of purses & handbags, clothing, furnishings, paintings and many other unique specialties.

Krama is the typical and ubiquitous locally worn chequered scarf. It is uniquely Khmer; inexpensive, and immensely practical. It is also the national symbol of Cambodia and used by everyone. You will easily spot krama everywhere you go because of its multi-purpose and various colors. The traditional Cambodian garment is used as a scarf, bandana, to cover the face, carry children, wipe the sweat on hot days or as a hammock for youngsters. It is one of the best souvenirs to buy from Cambodia and can be bought throughout the country, in varying qualities and prices. 

Betel nut boxes
If you are looking for unique things to buy in Cambodia, these boxes will be great gift ideas. Betel nut boxes are mainly made from silver and decorated with ornate design and inscribed with animal shapes. The manufacture of these boxes are mostly handmade because of the sophisticated and traditional craftsmanship skills. Beside serving for decoration, these cute containers once reflected their user's status according to its size, design and the material from which it was made. You can find betel nut boxes for sale literally every corner of city centers and night markets.   

Many visitors said that silverware is a must-buy item in their Cambodia holidays. The country is truly a treasure trove when it comes to silver, with many dedicated silversmiths creating intricately decorated boxes, plates, bowls, rings and jewelry. Silver has been considered valuable since the eleventh century for religious and ceremonial purposes. With the tourism industry expanding nowadays, numerous silver shops have sprung up selling carved decorative and practical items. The normal working material is an alloy containing 70-80% of pure silver, and prices are derived from a combination of weight and artistry, which puts bargaining skills to a good test. If you have enough time, you can even request for your own inscribing to be added. You can easily find these lovely items at many silver shops in Cambodia, especially in big cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Other stores are in the village center such as Tul Mau, nearly 30 kilometers north of Phnom Penh. 

Sculptured reproductions
Cambodia is an excellent place to look for perfect intricate carvings or sculpture works at affordable prices. The intrinsic skill of craftsmen produces sculptures of such quality that, with artificially induced weathering, have even fooled some experts. Whether in wood, stone, copper or bronze, an array of beautifully crafted sculpture reproductions is available for sale across Cambodia. From small to large Buddha’s heads, Apsaras to boxes and miniature replicas of Angkor Wat, there is no shortage of options for things to buy in Cambodia tour package. Artisan d’Angkor is a famous place for how these incredible artworks are made where you cannot choose just one to bring home.

Silk & Textiles 
Along with other traditional products, Cambodia has a long history of silk, cotton textile and other divine hand-woven items. Silk in Cambodia is still woven by hand using traditional methods with the pattern dyed into the threads before silk is woven. You can easily find scarf, cloth, dress, purse and many other silk products in eye-catching colours and designs at the markets like the famous Russian Market. For authentic handwoven textiles, visit villages in rural areas of Cambodia where items are much more one-of-a-kind. You can see weavers in action at the historic silk center of Koh Dach – a small island located 15 kilometers from Phnom Penh. Lotus Silk in Phnom Penh also produces a range of scarfs and other clothing in golden silk. Those interested in finding out more about the process, from silk worm to scarf, can take a free tour of Artisan Angkor’s silk farm on the outskirts of Siem Reap.  

Kampot pepper
As one of Cambodia’s premium products, Kampot pepper is more than just a type of spices used in any kitchen across the country, it is a typical feature in culture. Not only a special species to add flavor to the dishes, but this king of spices is also famous for a number of health benefits. Taking the name from Kampot province, this pepper is popular around the globe thanks to its sharp bite and intense flavor. Hence, there is no reason not to buy some pepper in your holidays to Cambodia when you are on the land that produces some of the best pepper in the world. It is produced in green, black, white and red varieties, with many plantations selling cutely packaged helpings to take home.

Palm sugar
Cambodia is studded with palm sugar trees – the country’s national tree, its product palm sugar is one of the most famous specialties that you could buy. The palm sugar tastes similar to brown cane sugar with more caramel notes. It is used in cooking and as traditional medicine, which makes it a special gift for friends and families. A little fun fact is that palm tree can live for up to a century, the canopy can span three meters with the tree reaching heights of 30 meters. They grow throughout the country, so if you are lucky, you can catch some of the men climbing the skinny trunks to reach the fruit at its towering tip!

Soaps & Candles
Thanks to the diversification in nature, Cambodian people tend to use lots of natural organic ingredients in creating scented products such as candles and soaps. These products have unique smells and ingredients from natural herbs like lemon-grass and Kampot pepper. Soaps and candles are ideal and perfect gift that bring Cambodia smells to your home. You can also purchase a variety of spa products from body butter and bath salts to foot scrubs and facials. These gifts are wrapped up in a cute box or reusable fabric bag, making it a special and pampered treat for you and your loved ones. Senteurs d’Angkor is the place to find one of the best candles in the area at reasonable prices. The center also specializes in other natural products made in the workshop, which are paraben free, silicon free, colour free and sulfate free. Buying their product, you are contributing to help the lives of people in difficulties because 10% of their employee is disabled people.

In your holidays to Cambodia, you can buy quilts of fabulous designs made in villages where they are a main form of income. These quilts are produced by the Cambodian women in the rural area; so not only are you supporting their living, but these quilts are also of good quality and durable for a lifetime. These quilts attract tourists for vivid colors and beautiful ornate design. Mekong Quilts is the best shop where you can find unique gift for friends and families. 

Rice paper prints
Last but not least, rice paper prints or “temple rubbings” are a lightweight, decorative, inexpensive and attractive buy. This souvenir is made by placing rice paper on a shape derived from a bas-relief carving from one of the Angkor temples, then lightly rubbed over it with soft charcoal. When framed and suitably illuminated, they will look superb. Therefore, these prints are lightweight, decorative, cheap and amazing products to buy. 
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