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Top 10 Memorable Cambodian Souvenirs for Your Loved Ones

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia is a treasure trove of unique handicrafts and artisanal goods that make for memorable souvenirs. The rich cultural history and vibrant traditions of the Khmer people are reflected in the diverse array of products handmade by skilled local artisans. From intricately woven silk and exquisite wood carvings to naturally crafted skincare and specialty culinary items, Cambodia offers something for every taste and budget. 

This guide showcases 10 top souvenir items worth purchasing to bring a piece of Cambodian culture and support its creative communities on your holidays to Cambodia. Some iconic finds include the traditional checked krama scarf, lacquered boxes bearing intricate motifs, and tempting sweets like palm sugar. Whether you seek decorative arts, clothing accessories, or edible gifts, this list is sure to inspire souvenir shopping for meaningful mementos of your Cambodian travels.

Top 10 Memorable Cambodian Souvenirs for Your Loved Ones

1. Silk Scarves 

One of the most iconic items associated with Cambodia is its silk. Weaving silk goods is a tradition with deep roots in the country, and visitors will find scarves, shawls, and clothing featuring stunning temple designs and motifs. The intricate patterns are created through a labor-intensive dyeing and hand-weaving process. Along with being beautifully crafted, silk scarves make practical gifts that will be treasured for their representation of Khmer heritage. Specialist boutiques in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and other cities offer a wide variety of high-quality silk accessories. 

2. Krama Scarves

No holidays to Cambodia are complete without experiencing the traditional checked krama scarf. Worn daily by locals of all ages, the krama is a multi-purpose piece of clothing that can be used as a hat, scarf, bag, or baby hammock. It holds immense cultural significance. Available at local markets nationwide, kramas make for a budget-friendly souvenir that encapsulates the authentic Khmer spirit. A wide array of designs and dye colors allow you to pick the perfect one to remember your visit. Best of all, it’s such a light and packable item to take home.

3. Wood Carvings

Skilled Cambodian artisans are renowned for their wood carving abilities seen in intricate temple designs. Miniature sculptures crafted from teak and other local woods depict legendary characters like Apsaras and animals. Night markets in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh offer a variety of quality pieces at affordable prices. The detailed carvings make for decorative accents that will spark conversation. Be sure to watch carvers working in Old Market on your Cambodia tour packages for an interactive cultural experience.

4. Lacquerware Boxes & Trays

Decorate boxes and trays crafted with intricate inlays featuring nature and cultural motifs. The lacquerware boxes and trays are highly skilled handicrafts made by Cambodian artisans. They are meticulously decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl designs depicting landscapes of Angkor Wat temples and scenes of rural Cambodian life. Delicate florals and symbols of Cambodian cultural traditions are also commonly featured in the intricate inlay pieces.

5. Silver Jewelry

Delicate necklaces, cuffs, and earrings made by local artisans are often set with semiprecious gems found in Cambodia. Among the most popular souvenirs are unique silver jewelry pieces showcasing Cambodia's natural beauty through gemstones. Distinctive designs include necklaces with chunks of amethyst surrounded by filigree and cuffs embedded with rose quartz. These special finds can only be discovered in the specialty Khmer handicraft shops located near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.

6. Paintings

Local artists can frequently be found painting sun-drenched landscapes and vivid cultural scenes influenced by Buddhism. Watercolors and oils render intricate details on sizes ranging from postcards to large wall hangings. Galleries and handicraft stores offer original art for decorating homes with a taste of Cambodia. Be sure to browse wares at Phnom Penh’s Old Market to discover emerging talent on your holidays to Cambodia.

7. Woven Bags & Purses

Many family-run weaving cooperatives create fashionable bags, purses, and hats from water hyacinth and other plant fibers that would otherwise be discarded. Not only do the products help sustain artisans, but they also promote environmentally-friendly practices, so be sure to take a look at these on your holidays to Cambodia. Luxe designs can be found in boutiques, helping empower vulnerable communities.

8. Spice Mixes  

Popular herbs and spices native to Cambodia like aromatic Kampot pepper are carefully blended and packaged as delicious gifts from holidays to Cambodia. The spice mixes offer a nuanced introduction to Khmer cuisine by recreating authentic flavors through skillful combinations of local ingredients. Recipes on the packages suggest how to easily add traditional Cambodian flavors to rice dishes, soups, and curries using premixed herbs and spices. The gifts of Kamrikan, lemongrass, and Kampot pepper blends can transport recipients straight to the vibrant markets and roadside kitchens of Cambodia with every use.

9. Palm Sugar & Coconut Candy

Traditional Cambodian sweets are handmade by indigenous artisans using local ingredients like coconut palm sugar. The palm sugar and coconut candies are delicious edible souvenirs that offer a taste of Khmer flavors. Bite-sized treats like palm sugar fudge and coconut brittle provide the perfect snack while sightseeing throughout Cambodia's historic temples. Their ingredients, which include fresh coconut and palm sap boiled into sweet syrup, make these nourishing sweets an authentic reminder of the countryside one can savor long after returning home.


10. Silver Tea Set

A traditionally designed silver tea set makes for a thoughtful and lasting souvenir. Crafted by skilled Khmer artisans, the high-polished silver tea set features intricate details reflecting Khmer motifs like those seen on ancient temples. Its delicate engravings transport owners back to memorable moments enjoying local tea alongside local people in Cambodia. Whether using it to serve guests or treat oneself, the tea set's traditional Khmer design style is a great way to remember your Cambodia tour packages through its high-quality construction and every warm cup of tea brewed. Its craftsmanship ensures it will offer many more opportunities to feel close to Cambodian culture long after one's visit.

11. Other special Cambodia souvenirs 

Besides the top 10 souvenirs mentioned earlier, there are many other special options available to buy on your holidays to Cambodia for your loved ones.

Recycled Paper Products

Stationery made from recycled paper embedded with flower petals and grains makes charming journals, cards, and packaging. Beyond their decorative appeal, purchases support social enterprises training disadvantaged locals in handicraft skills. Look for items stamped with the Flower Valley Workshop label.

Organic Body Products

For self-care gifts, seek out locally produced lotions, soaps, and scrubs made from sustainably sourced ingredients like coconut oil and lemongrass. Buying fair-trade items from Artisan Angkor or Casa Asia supports artisanal apprenticeships providing alternative livelihoods. Quality products moisturize skin with a taste of Cambodian flora.

Through its many talented artisans, Cambodia offers visitors a wide variety of unique handicraft souvenirs that support local communities. From traditional lacquerware and silver jewelry to culinary gifts of spice mixes and coconut candy, there are varied commemorative items to suit all tastes and budgets.

Whether seeking a decorative box, edible treat, or item of apparel, browsing the handicraft stores is a great way to explore Khmer culture while finding a special remembrance of your trip.

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